Monday, December 3, 2012

Everything in Threes


I am one of those weird people who likes numbers.  I noticed peculiarities when they pop up.  When I was tallying up miles tonight, the milestones were coming up threes.


  • Janette #49 passed 1300 miles
  • Corie # 47 hit 913 miles
  • Cindy #5, Pam #25 and Marvel #70 all exceeded 300 miles
  • And Dionne of the Misfits passed 400.  And before you think she didn’t follow the pattern, she is Team #35. 





I saw this picture of Brenda (Team #14 who has rode 1,345 miles) on Horsetales.  We usually see Brenda on her big bay quarter horse, Shaggy, but today she rode one of her Rushcreek Arabians, Allie.  I thought the picture was pretty – the gray horse among the whitecaps of our Branched Oak Lake.  Cute, cute mare, Brenda.  And a great picture!


Note:  when entering your miles, the comments section will look a little different.  You will enter in the box on the right hand side of the page.  I had to make a change because some were exceeding the amount of comments on each page and this format might help them out.  (Overachievers, they are! :) 


It is December 3.  We are no longer measuring months of competition but days.  Let’s keep on riding! 


Oh, I just noticed one more.  There are a total of 3,794 comments on this blog.  Not only is there a 3, but 3794 was my phone number growing up. 




Jamie said...

And, probably after you wrote this, I hit 164.^3^4. lol

Jenny Wren said...

I so wanted to hit 300 miles, The only thing I have done in the past two months is sit on my horse in her pen. Between the wind, the cold, and today 1 5.7 earthquake there is no way I'm gonna make it.

Please please do one next year. I will forever GPS my rides and miles because of this Distance Derby but it's more fun to play with friends!!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Thanks for posting the photo of Allie and me. She is coming along. Not solid, but definitely on the way! We had a fantastic, faster ride!