Monday, December 19, 2011

Team 29: T-Rex




My name is Tyra.  I am 11.  I like to ride on trails and sort.  I ride with my mom. I like to ride Pene more than Dancer she is faster.




Good Hands said...

You go, baby girl!!

Annette said...

13.5 total

Annette said...

15.62 miles

Annette said...

35.1 mi

Tyra was in her first CTR! She placed 4th (90pts) and Penelope placed 5th (94pts)!! The judges told us multiple times over the weekend how impressed they were with Penelope and how well she takes care of Tyra. A good horse is worth MORE than it's weight in gold.

Annette said...

Rode at Trace Trails in Athens
17.62 miles

Anonymous said...

Tarrant Ranch CTR
36.4 miles

Annette said...

Trace Trails
July 28
9.88 miles

Annette said...

Penelope at Trace Trails

18.2 total miles
Aug 11