Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Team 35: The Misfits


iPhone 177


Hi - I'm Dionne.  I live in SE Nebraska by Union.  My main ride is my team of black Percheron horses.  They are both turning 8 this year.  I have a "mismatched" mare/gelding team - Abby and Cole.  It's interesting to watch their dynamics and see the differences in each animal and how they work together (or don't...sometimes).  I use them for lots of odd jobs and chores around home, living history demonstrations, hayrack rides, Christmas caroling and anything else we can try.  We fill the entries at the Nebraska State Fair and do a few parades each year.  Mostly, we just enjoy cruising down the road.  Through the guidance of friends, I have found that we actually fit down many of the riding trails in our area - so I hope to frequent those more often.

My daughter has a Missouri Foxtrotter that she just received for her birthday/Christmas.  I plan to steal many rides on that sweet little mare, too.  May is also 8 and is slowly integrating in with the big horses.  She has a lot of spunk and will be an excellent mount for Daphne.

Sometimes, I am lucky enough to ride with the Musils and borrow one of their mounts.  Fast and smooth - doesn't get any better than that!




Dionne said...

It's amazing how quickly the miles can rack up when working around the house. Yesterday we drug the "creek" pasture and spread the piles left through the summer. Cold - but good to be out. The team worked up a good sweat!

I've found discrepancies with the mileage, depending on what I'm looking at. I used MyTracks on my iPhone and it showed 2.5 km. When I imported it into GoogleEarth, it read 2.14 miles. Import into GarminConnect showed 1.94 miles. I'm not sure which is correct or how to know for sure which one to use.

I need to do some more playing around with it, I suppose.

Dionne said...

I think I like this app better. It lets me save video, photos and waypoints. You should be able to watch the video and see the photo - right side of the page, next to the map.

3.27 miles - 53 min. Top speed, at a trot, was around 9 mph, average speed 3.7 mph.

Some of that was work in the yard - we spent a little bit of time walking over tarps and maneuvering through tight spaces. It was a short, but good night!

Dionne said...

12.53 miles in 1 hour 19 min. Ave 9.5 mph

Rode May - we did a lot of weaving and extra time. She is a bit buddy/barn sour! Turned out to be a great ride!

Dionne said...

2.12 mi
Average Speed: 3.3 mph - 0:17:57/mi
Duration: 0:38:09

Daphne's birthday party wagon ride last night. We skirted most of the edges of our property. We didn't stay out long because the girls were getting cold. They were bundled in the back under my recently-tanned deer hides, sipping hot chocolate and giggling/talking. Temps dropped from 28 to 25 by the time we got back in. I love my Abby mare- and Cole is really starting to come along nicely. They had to get down and scratch to get the wagon full up the hills in the north field. It was a good drive.

Dionne said...

Distance: 2.41 mi
Average Speed: 3.0 mph - 0:19:47/mi
Duration: 0:47:43

Yep - I walk slow. We did lots of stops and starts and practiced walking with me completely on one side or the other. Sunny and 45, but windy. My feet hurt - reminder to self to wear tennis shoes next time....

Dionne said...

Distance: 3.03 miles
Average Speed: 3.4 mph - 0:17:40/mi
Duration: 0:53:37

Dionne said...
For some reason it doubled my mileage... weird.

Distance 3 miles - 50 minutes

Dionne said...

Distance: 5.23 mi
Average Speed: 3.7 mph - 0:16:20/mi
Duration: 1:25:28

We went around the section this afternoon. Stopped and visited with the gal who lives across the section and let her kids pet the horses. We also went a mile on the highway! Pretty uneventful. Got a bit chilly towards the end of the trip.

Dionne said...

2.5 miles

Abby drove without blinders! We met traffic, had Peg running around her feet, May walked all around us - she was solid as a rock!!! Maybe it was me - but she seemed so much softer in the mouth today. Now to try Cole next time.

Dionne said...

Distance: 1.21 mi
Average Speed: 3.2 mph - 0:18:50/mi
Duration: 0:22:46

Got a quick ride on the team while May was eating. Funny how Abby is so bold in harness, yet so skittery when ridden.... maybe her rider needs to gain more confidence riding bareback... ;0)

Dionne said...

Distance: 1.61 mi (Change units)
Average Speed: 3.2 mph - 0:18:43/mi
Duration: 0:30:10

Stole another bareback ride on the team... I hope these little jaunts add up! Cole was solid as ever. Abby was really working moving through the mud and melting snow in the bean field. We left some pretty significant prints out there... Both horses were sweating when we got back. Every day is a bit better!!!

Dionne said...

Distance: 1.43 mi
Average Speed: 2.7 mph - 0:22:16/mi
Duration: 0:31:46

They were naughty today... I think most of our miles came from swerving all over the road. We've been taking the team out while May starts eating. She eats so terribly slow. We were gone a half hour and she is only half done! It's nice the days are getting longer - but I wish our stomachs would hold out a bit longer, too!

Dionne said...

Distance: 1.68 mi
Average Speed: 2.2 mph - 0:27:53/mi
Duration: 0:46:48

Daph had a friend over, so we hopped on all 3 today. Started out with Melissa on Cole, Daph on May and I took Abby for the first trip around. Cole is usually the solid one, so I didn't figure we'd have any problems. I was wrong! He laid down with her!!! I hear Daph say "oh no!" and I turn around and poor Melissa is sitting on Cole, who's laying on the ground! I tell her to hop off, Cole rolls a bit (I think he was pretty itchy!) she climbs back on and he stands up. I was so impressed she hung on the whole time! He was a total butt - swerving all over, trying to go home, stalling out - so we switched mounts the second time around. Melissa took May and Daph took Cole. I offered to take Cole, but Daph declined so I stayed on Abby. That wasn't going well either... So, I got off Abbs, slid her over to Cole and Daph transferred to Abby. Then I took Cole to the tree stand and we finished the ride. He was a total PITB today. May was a rock star - Abby wasn't too bad. None of them really wanted to go out today - but we finished without any episodes... well, besides the rolling!

We just passed our high of 16, it's on the downwards slide right now. Those big black bodies sure are warm! Except when you turn and face into the wind.

Naughty Cole!!! Maybe I do need another mare... ;0)

Dionne said...

Distance: 2.65 mi
Average Speed: 2.6 mph - 0:22:59/mi
Duration: 1:01:02

Anybody want a gelding?????!!!!! I am trying my darndest to like Cole, I really am - but he can be such a butt! He laid down with me today! We weren't even out of the yard... He wanted to roll again in the clean snow. I sat there and made him get back up - but still! What a PITB. He kept trying to go down again - so we went onto the road, then he kept swerving for the ditch. We made it to the cemetery and turned around. Then he stood tied to the patience pole while we swapped mounts and took the girls out.

That was a much better ride! I love my Abby mare! We even trotted a bit. She has so much power... and to feel all her muscles work while I'm sitting on her is just amazing. Daph had a good ride on May, too. The girls are not as confident as Cole - but they are a much better ride.

We were quite warm today, too.

Dionne said...

Distance: 5.27 mi
Average Speed: 3.0 mph - 0:20:08/mi
Duration: 1:46:12

Photos on the trip site.

Jess came over and rode Cole! He really liked her - she did awesome with him. It was so nice to have adult company on a ride. Thank you so much, Jess! Daph rode May and I rode Abby - it was really fun!

We did some trotting even! Jess got Cole to lope! It looked like his lope is smoother than his trot. I stayed at the trot, as I don't have a saddle to fit Abby. Jess brought Cutter's saddle and it fit Cole pretty well. Only one equipment malfunction with the girth, and that was my fault for talking her out of her normal one and going with my longer one. Sorry!

What a great way to spend the afternoon. Thanks so much, Jess!

Dionne said...

Distance: 5.38 mi

After a really crummy morning - Daph and I took the mares out. Pretty nice ride, although Abby didn't want to leave crying Cole. Very good for the soul and a nice mood lifter. I hated to come back in.

Dionne said...

Daph and I stole a quick ride before church last night. I used the MyTracks app instead, so I'm not sure how to link it to here...

started at 16:34 went for 0:42h
distance was 2.3 miles

With everything so muddy, mucky and wet - we're stuck riding the roads. Even those are bad in some places. Abby always seems to pick up some rock or something within the first 100 feet. Then she limps and gimps and is miserable. They need shoes anyway - so I might look into putting pads on, too, to see if that helps with the rocks.

Cole was a foaming, muddy mess when we got back. I had completely brushed the mud off all of them before we left. He was so worked up from being left behind. I saw several places where he rolled - probably from being so hot and itchy from running around like a fool. He's really shedding now. I was planning to take him and May out today, but with the rain-ish happenings right now - I'm not so sure. He'll be hooked to the wagon tomorrow, for sure!

Dionne said...

Distance: 5.2 mi (Change units)
Average Speed: 13.0 mph - 0:04:37/mi
Duration: 1:08:57

Mileage on the site is screwed up, but there are pics and video on there.

We got caught in the snowstorm-that-came-out-of-nowhere!!!! How weird!! The team hadn't been hooked in a few weeks, so it was time. I had another biologist friend over (we did some survey work first). She used to show Percherons with a hitch from south of Lincoln. It was fun to have her along for the ride.

We started out going south. It started snowing and the wind picked up, so we turned around. By the time we got back home (most of the trip, both ways, at a trot!) it had quit, the wind was gone and the sun was out. So we went north to the highway, then came home.

The team did pretty well - they had a lot of go, but were easily controlled. It was a great/short ride.

Dionne said...

Distance: 3.69 mi
Average Speed: 3.0 mph - 0:20:20/mi
Duration: 1:15:02

Daph and I stole a ride yesterday afternoon. The wind wasn't too bad in the sheltered spots. We went down a closed road, almost to where the bridge over Weeping Water Creek is out - but the footing became pretty rutty, and it was getting late, so we headed back. I have this fear of trespassing, and I haven't called the landowners down there so we were confined to the old road bed. The mares were a little sticky going away, but once we got on that closed road - they were ready to move out! Abby has so much power! She is such a fun ride.

Daph is out on May now - but I'm not going out in that wind today!!!!

Dionne said...

Distance: 3.3 mi

Daphne and I hopped on for a quick ride today. I took lazy man, she rode my sweet mare. We left May to fret by herself in the pen. I thought I was a goner for sure a couple times... he kept tripping! Lazy man just couldn't pick up his feet to save his life tonight. He has the bounciest trot ever! But - if I collected him back through the bit and urged him forward with my legs, he sort of started to find that sweet spot. He needs more miles. I've been spoiled by Abby. Although neither of them are polished riding horses - I like her better... maybe it's because she's my mare.

It sure was weird to ride in a saddle today. I gratefully got a hand-me-down from TM, and it pretty much fits Cole. It fits my butt anyway. Almost all my other miles were on Abby - and I don't have a saddle to fit her, so they are all bareback! Abby is quite a bit wider than Cole - and very, very flat-backed. She is so smooth though.

It's been fun to get over my fear of heights and ride the team this winter. We have to do some more driving, though, if we're going to move up at the State Fair - but I know there's a lot of time for that. It will be nice to have a choice between the 3 for the Wednesday night rides!

Dionne said...

1st ride at TM's - 1st half on Pearl, 2nd half on May
Distance: 5.16 mi
Time: 1:20:37
Average Speed: 3.8 mph

2nd ride at TM's
Distance: 3.19 mi
Time: 40:40
Avg Speed: 4.7 mph

This ride was on Voodoo or Vudu... however Tammy spells it. She is a lot faster! As you can see by the abrupt stop on the map (upper left corner) that was where I came off. Well, nicely deposited, anyway. We were out riding the waterways, etc. At one point, almost back to the Musil's, we split up a bit. I went north along that waterway. It was pretty wet, with standing water and lots of vegetation/grass covering it. I didn't know exactly how wet it was until I pointed the good mare to cross it, she started across, sunk a bit, kept going and just went down! I was still on and actually had my feet in the stirrups for a change, so I had to figure out how to get off from that angle. Well, Voodoo helped out by laying over onto her right side and placed me nicely up on the dry grass. If I fell - it was maybe 6 inches. I just stepped off with my left foot and waited for her to get off my right leg, then kicked it free of the stirrup. I sat there shocked for a minute while she kept wallering in the muck. After what seemed like hours, she got up and took off for home. Meanwhile, I was on the other side of the water - dazed, confused and wondering how in the heck I'm going to get across there to catch my horse. John and Daphne were on the road, Tammy was on a different road. Tammy ended up catching her and bringing her back to me.

In true spirit of the game - I turned off my GPS while I walked on foot to retrieve my muddy mess of a mount. I ended up taking the saddle home and cleaning it - it was that bad!

So - here's the 2nd half of my ride on Voodoo.
Distance: 3.49 mi
Time: 43:13
Avg Speed: 4.8 mph

As you can see - Tammy had my muddy mount back up on the road where John and Daphne were, so that's where my tracks picked up again. The look of shock on her face was priceless. The horse was trashed - and there wasn't a spot of nuthin on me.

She says I'll have to ride in a different saddle next time, so I can get it dirty and take it home to clean I don't mind - it's awful nice of her to let me ride her horses!

Total for 3-9-12 --- 11.84 miles (double check my math, please!!)

Dionne said...

Branched Oak ride for TV's birthday - 3-10-12 - on TM's Brooklyn.
Distance: 8.38 mi
Time: 2:22:12
Avg Speed: 3.5 mph

Brooklyn is a cute little black horse, with a very big personal space bubble (he, he, he). Soft, bold and full of attitude. Tammy brought a smaller girth for the clean saddle, but I didn't change it, thinking I had gotten that one tight enough. This was her and Slewpy's first time out in the big world of "real" trails. We had some nice walking, quite a bit of trotting (short little legs had to keep up somehow) and even some loping. A few sideways jumps, a couple bucks trying to figure out how to get into a lope - but nothing major. At one point, Tammy looks at me and says "that girth is loose." I brushed it off, knowing I had gotten it as snug as I could. I think that was in-between her telling me to point my toes forward - I guess I wing them out... too much time riding bareback or something. Maybe I'm just a sloppy rider... who knows. At least I have fun! Back at the trailer, I dismounted and looked at the girth. It was hanging 3" below her belly - still in the same fashion I had it tightened to!!! Yep - I guess it was Mary said it was either good balance or good withers. I prefer to think it was good balance. ;) Thanks to Mary and Carol for hanging back with us on the newbies, and not laughing when we were all knees and elbows trying to figure out our gaits.

How lucky am I to have ridden 4 different horses in 2 days?!?!!! Thank you so much TM!!!!

And thanks to Jess for getting my smarter-than-me phone synced with the correct Garmin account!

Dionne said...

Distance: 5.55 mi
Time: 1:31:26
Avg Speed: 3.6 mph

Everybody had a new set of shoes on - so we had to take a test drive. I took the team, Daph rode May. They were all very appreciative of their new footwear. Now I can drive the dickens out of them and not worry about their feet! Yay!!!

Jamie said...

lol, well... they may be happy with their hoof protection, but I bet they wouldn't be as happy if they knew what you intended with their 'safe feet'. lol

Dionne said...

Garmin Connect is not connecting at the moment....

Time 2:01
Distance 7.27 mi
Speed 3.6 mph

Well - today we went out for another drive. The son of the guy putting in our new septic system was here hanging out with dad - so we took him along. We went up the road to Johnson's Gas & Go and got the kids some ice cream. It was a good drive - a ton of wind - but it kept the team from getting too sweaty. We had to go along the highway for a bit - didn't phase them at all!!! I'll see if I can attach a link to the video Daph took of them crossing the RR tracks and a plank bridge. I must admit - I have a great team!

Next time, I'll have her turn the phone the other direction...

They got shoes on all 4 yesterday. It really makes you feel good when an Amishman, used to doing drafts in stocks because they won't stand still, compliments you several times at how nice your horses stand. I was pretty proud. I think, if I didn't seem so attached to her - he would have made a bid on Abby. He saw the same qualities in her that I do. Again - it makes ya feel good when someone compliments your horse. I did well!

Dionne said...

Of course - as soon as I hit "publish" it connects...

Dionne said...

Distance: 2.99 mi
Time: 53:28
Avg Speed: 3.4 mph

Mom and Dad came down for Daphne's Confirmation. They brought 3 nieces and my 94 yr old Grandmother. I gave a couple wagon rides on Sat evening. Grandma even got up into the wagon and had a ride!!! She said "it's been a long time since I traveled by horse and buggy." I was grateful for the visit. You never know when it's the last one. I'm also very grateful for a team of horses so well behaved that I was comfortable transporting such precious cargo!


Distance: 3.56 mi
Time: 1:10:32
Avg Speed: 3.0 mph

Daph wanted to take a quick ride on the mares. She went out and got them ready and I just hopped on! We had a nice ride. Met a few cars and one very fast lime spreader. I was so angry at that guy - he came barreling down the road, straight at us and barely slowed down! Those things are monstrous! Absolutely ignorant. We stopped in to visit the neighbor and chatted for a minute. Then we went across to the closed road we were heading for before the lime spreader went into that field. We trotted through the neighbor's filter strip. Abby found this sweet little jog. I love that mare!

Dionne said...


Distance 6.25 mi
Time 1:37
Speed 3.8 mph

Of course garminconnect is not connecting.....

Went to Musils and rode June. I like her. Actually, I don't think there's a horse over there that I don't like. Anyway - we went around a couple sections. Walked with Jess part-way on her way back home. It was a good ride.

Dionne said...

Never fails..... here it is. How many times do I need to refresh my view????

Dionne said...

Distance:6.79 mi
Avg Speed:3.3 mph

Kicked off the first PRR ride at Two Rivers SRA - riding Abby! She was such a good girl. It was her first time away from both Cole and May - and riding in close proximity to so many other horses/people. She did absolutely wonderful. She's so comfortable to ride.

Since she's a bit of a novelty - a few others jumped on for a test drive when we got back. Comfy as a couch...

Jamie said...

Yay Dionne and Abby!!!

Dionne said...

Fri - Apr 6

Distance: 8.33 mi
Time: 2:12:01
Avg Speed: 3.8 mph

Daph and I went for a drive. It was pretty windy, which made it chilly - so I was glad I brought a coat. Had a nice pace going down the road, so I decided to lean back and enjoy the ride...I almost ended up in the bed! Now MY seat is broken. Guess I'll have to get out the welder and put the new bench seat it.

Dionne said...

Distance: 7.34 mi
Time: 2:08:35
Avg Speed: 3.4 mph

PRR Wed ride - Elmwood to the west. I took dumb-dumb... Poor Cole-boy had to step up to the plate and put on big-boy boxers. I suppose he wasn't too bad - except for the temper tantrum(where I only lost my glasses and thankfully not my seat! - thanks Terri for picking them up for me!), weaving all over the trail, lack of respect for others' personal space, and extremely sloooowwwww walk. He definitely drives much better than he rides - but he gets more practice at that. All in all - he really didn't do bad, considering it was his first time away from home by himself, riding, not driving, and in a group of strangers. Things that wouldn't have bothered him had he been in harness were out to get him on the trail. I suppose that's the security of blinders. Anyway - he was pretty good. It was great to see everyone and have some much-needed adult time. Thank you!

Dionne said...

PRR Wed ride at Walnut Creek
Rode May - that horse wants to move... all the time!!!

Distance: 6.75 miles
Time: 1:44:01

Of course... garminconnect is not connecting.... I'd better publish this first, then it will connect and upload.

Dionne said...

4-25-12 PRR 9.01 mi on Abby

4-20-12 quick ride with my bestest girls 1.85 mi

Dionne said...

Short ride at home. Took the team for a drive on the cart, since my wagon needs new seats put in. Need to do some modifications on the cart, too. Cole kept banging his heels on his singletree. Maybe it's just Cole. He is a good horse... he is a good horse... he is a good horse... It was a good drive, though. Not as many miles as if we would have ridden with the PRR group - but I was home and unharnessed before total darkness and in bed before 11:00 pm. That's a bonus!

Distance: 5.38 mi
Time: 1:27:17
Avg Pace: 16:13 min/mi
Avg Speed: 3.7 mph

Dionne said...

The other rides that weren't in garminconnect at the time of publishing:

Louisville Mopac PRR 4-25-12

Quick ride at home 4-20-12... Peg's last ride :(

Walnut Creek PRR 4-18-12

Dionne said...

Road trip to find hay. Talked to one of the "neighbors" and might have secured my winter hay supply.
Distance: 5.38 mi
Time: 1:27:17

Joe's sisters and father came up for Joe's son's graduation party. Gave his sisters a ride in the wagon and one rode May for a bit.
Distance: 6.20 mi
Time: 1:58:23

Dionne said...


Distance: 8.26 mi
Time: 2:30:53
Avg Pace: 18:16 min/mi
Avg Speed: 3.3 mph

Took the team to Nebraska City to map out a course for the Lied Lodge carriage rides. They were hoping for 30 minute rides, to fit in two in an hour. The kid (well, he looks pretty young to me - and he is just married with a one-year-old - he's a kid, no offense to him) came with us. I sprung Daph out of school an hour early so she could be my pooper scooper, since I don't have diapers yet.

Anyway - the route he directed me on took us about 40 minutes. That won't work. We'll have to do some tweaking before fall. It was a nice drive through the Mansion park, though.

After I dropped him back off at the front of the Lodge, I called one of the gals I work with, my friend Joni, who lives in Neb City. She came over and we "cruised" though town a bit more. Ended up driving around another hour and a half. We found it rather humerous that Abby pooped in front of the Chief of Police's house! He was outside with his wife, sitting on the porch... go figure. Daph was Johnny-on-the-spot getting it picked up and off we went again.

Since she was such a trooper and had the worst job in the world - and she was hungry... she's always hungry... we braved the big main street, crossed 11th St and went through the Burger King drive through. I'm wondering how they knew we were there. Maybe they have cameras, or motion sensors, because we surely do not have the pressure or amount of metal required to set off sensors like are at stop-lights. Anyway - the kid at the window looked a little miffed. Cole was not happy about waiting in line. The other gals at the window thought it was pretty cool.

We turned back and headed to the trailer. I am always amazed that no matter where we are - Abby knows how to get home. I wouldn't have had to touch the lines and she would have brought us to the trailer. Cole, on the other hand - well, he didn't think stop signs were necessary, and he figured he had the right-of-way over anybody else. He wasn't fond of the guardrail, crossing the big wooden bridge by the Lodge, he really didn't care for the cut-out drains in the curbs - and those man-hole covers were absolute He's a good horse, a little goofy, but a good horse.

We had a great time cruising through town. Wish we could do it every day!

Jamie said...

That's so cool you took them through BK! I believe they have a sensor at the order box, because back in HS we rode the horses through DQ's drive through - and they still picked us up.

Dionne said...

Hiking 2012-05-14
14 May 2012
7.40 mi

Could not get Garmin to work on the iPhone. Said it couldn't find the satellites... don't know what that was? So - I used Trimble instead. We took the cart for a spin, since I spend Mother's Day holding tools, etc. while hubby put a foot rest onto the cart. Had to try it out. It worked well. We went down a few min maint roads. Surprisingly - there was a ton of traffic tonight. Team handled it well. Cole did not appreciate a deer out in the field... wonder what that was about. He got reaaallllyyyy taaallll. It was funny.

I seem to be slipping in my riding/driving. May is so terribly busy, trying to cram everything in at the last minute before kids get out of school. Seems almost every night is filled with some activity. Spring is also my busy time at work - so no sneaking hours away there, either. I'll be glad when school's out! 3 more days!

Dionne said...

15.09 miles

Musil's Anniversary Poker Run...

Those were some tired ponies! Had a great time on the ride/drive. Was wonderful to see so many people there - visiting and helping Tammy and John celebrate.

I cannot seem to get Garmin to connect and auto-upload to the garminconnect site. It was streaming and updating great until a couple weeks ago. I have not changed any settings... maybe something happened when I updated the OS on the phone.

Dionne said...

5.36 miles

Went for a quick trip around the section. Had to make some adjustments to the harness, and to the way we were hooked. Trying to get Cole to keep up with Abby... Actually was a pretty good drive.

Still cannot get garmin connect to upload my tracks from the garmin fit app on my phone....

Dionne said...

ENDS Poker Run
6.45 mi

Riding June
8.55 mi

hasn't refreshed yet.

Dionne said...

Wabash trail
Distance: 12.02 mi
Time: 3:16:53
Avg Pace: 16:23 min/mi
Avg Speed: 3.7 mph

TM hauled for me since my truck is down. I rode Brooklyn. Chase and I looped through some of the 4-wheeler trails and did a lot of running, until my saddle became very loose. Seems to be a thing with Brooklyn and me - loose saddles/girths.... lol. That horse is so cute - and fun to ride. She really needs to be hooked to a cart, though. She'd trot forever!

6-3-12 - June's tracks -- mileage reported earlier

Dionne said...

Distance: 5.55 mi
Time: 1:18:52
Avg Pace: 14:13 min/mi
Avg Speed: 4.2 mph

Went for a cruise with Karen in the wagon and Betsy riding May. It was short, but good.

Dionne said...

This one won't count - I am too late getting it in. One of those deals where I thought I sent it, but didn't.. Oh well.

Daph and I took a spin on May and Cole. June 25, Friday
Distance: 5.73 mi
Time: 1:35:21
Avg Pace: 16:40 min/mi
Avg Speed: 3.6 mph

Dionne said...
June 25 - last ride before surgery
Distance: 7.30 mi
Time: 1:56:20
Avg Pace: 15:57 min/mi
Avg Speed: 3.8 mph

Dionne said...

Sat - June 30
Took the team to an auction up the road. This is our trip there.

Distance: 3.08 mi
Time: 55:50
Avg Pace: 18:08 min/mi
Avg Speed: 3.3 mph

Dionne said...

Sat - June 30
Our trip home from the auction.

I am absolutely amazed at the stupid people who don't know what a slow-moving-vehicle sign is.... good thing I have a solid, highway broke team! It was hot! Hot! Hot!!!

Distance: 3.00 mi
Time: 1:01:52
Avg Pace: 20:38 min/mi
Avg Speed: 2.9 mph

Speed and time are off, as I didn't turn off the gps until after I put the team away - it sat in the wagon for a while.

Dionne said...

Otoe County Fair parade - 4.3 miles, including warm-up.

Rides at meeting for work at Eagle Canyon Campground - 2.5 miles

Rides for work - 3.7 miles

Rides 2.0 miles

Off to Nebraska State Fair tomorrow. Will log miles competing and parading for the next 11 days.

Dionne said...

OK - I'm not sure what will count, as some are older than 7 days. I didn't have my computer at NSF, and honestly, didn't have time to use it anyway! State Fair is so much fun - but soooo much work. I'm very glad to be home. Some of these tracks aren't coming through from my phone to Garmin's site - still. Also - the arena/show work in the big 5 Points Arena didn't come through very well. But, the arena work down in Thompson arena showed up fairly ok.

Fri - 8-24-12
Evening show - 3.06 miles
harnessed for 5 hours

Sat - 8-25-12
Evening show - 2.38 miles
halter classes in the am not included
harnessed for 6 hours

Sun - 8-26-12
Evening show - 2.53 miles

Mon - day off!!

Tues - 8-28-12
parade - 4.08 miles
made another trip down to the TV station/amusement park for an interview with GI/Hastings channel 8/10
pulled the hearse

Wed - 8-29-12
parade - 3.38 miles
pulled one of the Stagecoaches

Thurs - 8-30-12
parade - 3.68 miles
pulled the Grand Island Independent (newspaper) hitch wagon

Fri - 8-31-12
led the procession of pulling horses to the arena, then dropped off passengers to the parking lot - 4.12 miles

Sat - 9-1-12
Parade - 3.32 miles
pulled the Grand Island beer wagon

Sun - 9-2-12
all day show - 12.77 miles
harnessed for 13 hours

Mon - 9-3-12
morning show - 5.54 miles
harnessed for 5 hours

Pfew! I'm glad to be home. So are the horses - they were tired!

Tammy said...

You advised us in your prior post that you would be gone for 11 days so all of your miles will qualify.

Welcome home. :).

Jamie said...

WOW!! I bet the horses were tired after that week+!! Nice work Dionne!

Dionne said...

Sept 15 - AppleJack Festival
Carriage rides and parade

Distance: 19.25 mi
Time: 10:01:59

Dionne said...

Sept 23 - Living History Days at Arbor Lodge SHP in Nebraska City

Carriage rides. We'll be there for the next 3 Sundays - from 1pm - 5pm. Tons of fun. The team are rockstars!!! Cole jumped a metal grate a couple times, then walked politely over it the rest of the day. They LOVE the attention. Really enjoying the new carriage. Even picked up some Victorian clothing to play the part. I received lots of compliments on the team - they are broke, broke, broke. Park manager said we did very well and he wants us to stay with him forever! Even wants to add us to more of their events. That would be awesome. He was excited that we were black percherons, as that's what J. Sterling Morton had there at the mansion! How cool is that!!!

This is really a nice set up. They let me come in at 9:00 and park the trailer at the back service entrance. Then, they buzzed us across the park, out the front gates to where our church is. We went to Sunday School and I played organ during church, then we walk across the street to the front gate. The awesome guys buzz us back to the trailer and help me unload the carriage. When we're all done, they helped me load it back up. We even got several bags of Winesap apples from their trees! Awesome!!! They made the best pie last night. I am feeling very spoiled by their catering and help.

Loving this!!!

Distance: 8.85 mi
Time: 4:34:52

Dionne said...

Sept 30 - Living History Days

Carriage rides. For some reason, my GPS shut off half-way through the day, so I only get half the miles. We were in some professional family photos and I had Daphne take a few of us. We look pretty good! The team has really settled into a routine. It's rather funny. They know the route and just about drive themselves. It was a beautiful day, although it got a touch warm towards the end of the afternoon. Can't wait to go back in a couple days.

I had the team's shoes reset on Monday. Cole's look good, Abby came out with an abscess on a nail hole, from the previous shoeing. Soaking and packing her. She should be fine by Sunday, as it was draining when we pulled the shoe. I'll get her fronts put back on in a week or so.

Distance: 5.36 mi
Time: 2:41:10

Dionne said...

Oct 7 - Living History Days

6.37 miles
4 hr, 3 min

It was the slowest (and coldest) day yet. I was bundled in long underwear and had quilts in the carriage. We had the top down today to try to take advantage of the sun, but the wind was the chilling part.

Abby did fine with her front shoes off. I'll take her back next week to get them reset.

Dionne said...
Oct 16 - riding with Tammy & John, and Deb, Emily & Daphne
Distance: 6.55 mi
Time: 1:24:12
Oct 14 - Last day of Living History Carriage rides
Distance: 8.52 mi
Time: 4:39:17

Dionne said...

Distance: 8.04 mi
Time: 2:29:21
Sheila's ride at BO - TM hauled Penny for me. Great ride.

Dionne said...

10/31/12 - quick ride to "road" the pups on May. I absolutely LOVE being able to just jump on her bareback and take off. She does wonderful with the pups running around her, popping out through the CRP, screaming around blind corners... all of it. Sure is a good little horse.

Distance: 1.68 mi
Time: 27:36

10/28/12 - Daphne wanted to ride Cole - so we took the big ones out on the road. They both were absolute pills.... hence the short ride.
Distance: 2.88 mi
Time: 53:29

Dionne said...

Nov 4, Sunday. 7.42
Nov 9, Friday. 3.86

Dionne said...

Busy weekend doing Carriage Rides. It doesn't seem "right" that we haven't been out since the 9th??? Must be lazy. Actually, I was out, just forgot the gps.

Sun - 2 Dec - Christmas Caroling in Palmyra
3.74 miles

Sun - 2 Dec - rides in Nebraska City - Santa's arrival
5.54 miles

Sat - 1 Dec - Sip & Stroll, downtown Nebraska City
4.55 miles

Sat - 1 Dec - Crete's Winterlude Festival
12.45 miles (Garmin said 13.45 miles, but I forgot to turn off the gps when we left in the truck, so I took 1 mile off)

Fri - 30 Nov - Yule Log Lighting Ceremony, Nebraska City
5.45 miles

Busy weekend!

If my math is correct - 31.79 miles this weekend. Almost all of it heavily loaded! The team is tired!!! But what a great weekend, with lots of happy people!!! So much fun, and beautiful weather.

Dionne said...

Dec 14 - Friday - Christmas Light Tours in Nebraska City - 2 tours

Distance: 7.05 mi
Time: 2:19:33
Avg Pace: 19:48 min/mi
Avg Speed: 3.0 mph

Dec 15 - Sat - Christmas Light Tours in Blair, NE

Distance: 11.10 mi
Time: 4:22:22
Avg Pace: 23:39 min/mi
Avg Speed: 2.5 mph
Elevation Gain: 995 ft

Huge thanks to Janet for setting this one up! There were some pretty big hills, but the team did awesome. Full load each ride out! They were very tired by the end of the night! So was I.

Dec 16 - Sunday - Christmas Caroling with Church

Distance: 3.01 mi
Time: 1:30:11
Avg Pace: 29:56 min/mi
Avg Speed: 2.0 mph

Ready for a break!! But - we're giving rides to Tammy M's work on Tuesday. And - Friday we're back up in Blair for another big night (yay!!!).

That might be the end of our entries for the year - I might need a break!

It's been fun! Maybe we'll win the award for the most miles driven....

Dionne said...


Two short rides, bareback, on May. 1st is just me and the pups. We went all around our edge. I didn't go by the neighbor's or the road, because they have been a little rangy and I didn't want them to get any ideas. 2nd is with Joe (walking - don't get too excited...) and all the dogs. We went through the CRP to let the dogs try to find the nonexistent birds. But - it was a nice ride, only because it was his idea to take May back out. He's feeling guilty because he cancelled his plans, which caused me to cancel my plans to ride with Tammy M.

Not many miles - but better than nothing. It felt good to just jump on May and go. Joe says "where's your saddle???" Like he was afraid I was going to fall off or something, or that he didn't know it was acceptable to ride without one. LOL - gotta love him, I guess.

Distance: 1.83 mi
Time: 34:03
Avg Speed: 3.2 mph

Distance: 0.89 mi
Time: 26:27
Avg Speed: 2.0 mph

Today's total - 2.72 mi