Thursday, December 8, 2011

Questions and Answers

We are getting close to the start date and I am starting to get some questions from the riders.  I’ll start a Q & A column here in case the question is one that you have, too.  If you have a question, click “comments” below this section and enter your question and I’ll do my best to help you.

Q1)  Do I have to use a GPS?  Yes.  You have to use a GPS.  Estimating mileage could be over or understated.  Technology gives us a tool for this type of competition.  You may only record what you GPS. 

Q2)  Do I have to record my tracks in the comments?  No.  Although it would be the most fair way of recording, it could turn into a tech support nightmare for me.  There is no big purse at stake here and does anyone really want to win by cheating?  See Q1:  You may only record what you GPS.  I trust all of you will follow that very simple rule.

Q3)  Can I ride a borrowed horse?  Yes.  A team is you and whatever you are riding or driving.  It is your mileage that is being recorded. 

Q4)  Does arena riding or riding in demos count?  If you can GPS it, you can record it.  The activity does not matter; it’s the miles. 

Q5)  Where do I enter my miles?  Click on your team name in the right hand column and it will bring up your bio.  Enter the date of your ride and your mileage in the comments section at the bottom of your bio. 

Q6)  Can I change my team name?  Yes.  Some of you submitted under a name, some didn’t so I just used your name.  You are welcome to change your name if you choose to.  Just email me and tell me your Team # and what name it is under and the name change.

Q7)  What if I don't get enrolled by January 1?  The Derby begins on January 1 for those entered prior to or on January 1.  Late entries will be accepted up until January 31.  Late entrants cannot record mileage incurred prior to their entry.  No entries will be accepted after January 31, 2012.

Q8)  How do I sign up?    See Item #4 in the right sidebar under Derby Rules.  If you click on Horsetrailriders, you will get an email address. 

Q9)  Do I have to enter my miles after every ride or can I lump them together?  You can enter multiple rides at one time, however, to be fair to other participants, mileage must be entered no later than 7 days following the ride.  Miles submitted greater than 7 miles following your ride will not be accepted into competition.


Tammy said...


Anonymous said...

This is an anonymous comment.

Tammy - Team Vasa said...

This is how it looks if you enter your name.

Tammy said...

Testing Jess' idea about notifying the group when rides are noted in the comments section.

strivingforsavvy said...

I was thinking about keeping track of my rides for a week and then posting them in one comment. I can still break it down to distance I rode for each day. Is that alright with you? I just figured it would cut down on the number of comments.

Tammy said...

Yes. You can post multiple rides at one time. I probably won't get stats updated but once a week so works for me. I just ask that you post at least twice a month so that other riders know where you are at distance wise and can work to catch up :)) or know they can slow down! :))) It will make it feel more like a race that way.

Cynthia said...

WAH! I wanna play! Will you be starting a new Distance Derby sometime?

strivingforsavvy said...

I posted 7.5 miles on May 31st and don't believe it shows up on leader board. Would you please check?