Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Rules

The purpose of this game is to encourage you to get out and ride. Any equine, any time, any speed.

1) You must have a horse (mule or other equine) or access to one and a GPS device to record your mileage. Please note that many Smartphones have GPS capabilities. Sample apps include Runtastic and MyTracks. Find the app that works best for you. You are responsible for the operation of your unit. Technical support here is not available. :)

2) The Great Horsetrailriders Distance Derby (aka Derby) begins January 1, 2012. The Derby ends at 11:59 PM on December 31, 2012. All eligible mileage must be accumulated in that time period. All participants must be enrolled by January 1, 2012. Late enrollees can still participate if they are enrolled by January 5, 2012, however, mileage begins on the date of enrollment. Mileage is not retroactive. All mileage accumulated in accordance with the Derby rules must be posted by January 3, 2013 to be eligible for Derby credit.

3) A team is one rider and one or more horses. To enroll, you must be a member of this blog. You may do so by Following this blog, shown in the right hand column.

4) Submit a brief bio to Horsetrailriders. You will be assigned a team number and your bio information will be shown on the Great Horsetrailriders Distance Derby blogsite. You might also consider submitting a picture of you and your favorite equine.

5) Anytime you ride or drive your equine, record your mileage with your GPS device. Enter date & mileage and commentary (optional) in the comments section shown at the bottom of your team's bio. It is up to you to keep your own log and check for accuracy. It is also up to you to keep it honest. A summary of mileage will be posted periodically in the right sidebar.

6) The person with the highest mileage in the Derby will receive a yet-to-bet-determined award. Don't get too excited, it's about winning not the award, right? The rest of you will end the year with a well-conditioned mount and well-honed riding skills.

7) Because this is a "race", mileage must be posted frequently; preferably following each ride but not more than 7 days after the ride. Mileage not posted within that period will not be eligible for credit.  (Amended 6/4)  If a rider is going on a horse riding vacation and the length of the vacation prevents them from posting one or more days in the 7 day period, rider must post on their comments prior to leaving that they will be unable to post from (specify date) to (specify date) due to a riding vacation or event.  Rider will have 7 days from the last date specified to post their total mileage from the trip.

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