Sunday, December 11, 2011

Team 8: Griffin


My name is Annette Griffin and I live in Texas with my daughter, our 2 dogs and herd of 8.  One thing I can say about myself is that If it's a challenge/competition I'll jump in wholeheartedly!  I may not win a thing but I can pretty much guarantee the experience will be interesting and usually fun.  I wish I could say I'm an accomplished and knowledgeable horsewoman but I'm not.  I'm just your everyday run-of-the-mill trail rider and novice team sorter.

My Paint, Bella, sustained an injury that has her sidelined for at least the first half of 2012 which has forced me to explore partnerships with some of my other horses.  My dream horse, Tally, is a Spotted Draft.  She is a blast to ride and boy can she cover ground without even trying.  My goal is to ride her in at least a "B" (one day) ride at a CTR in the upcoming season.   My handsome bay QH, Hank, will see a lot of pleasure trail time and will probably be my main man in the sorting pen but my number one mount is going to be Ginger, a plus-sized Red Roan mare.

Ginger has "tude" and reminds me of Bella in a lot of ways and has a way of making sure her opinion is known so I'm sure 2012 is going to full of "learning experiences" for both of us.
So, come along for the ride, I promise it won't be boring!


Annette said...

Testing..... 1 2 3....

Tammy Vasa said...

Testing Annette's comments....

Anonymous said...

I'm finally out of the starting gate!

Total Miles 4.23
Max Speed 10.1
Average Moving Speed. 2.6
Total time. 1:37

Anonymous said...

Ride 1 jan5 - Ginger
Total Miles 12.075
Max Speed: 11.3
Average Moving Speed. 3.45
Total time 3:31

Ride 2 jan5 -Ginger
Total Miles: 4.12
Max Speed 12.1
Average Moving Speed. 4.223
Total Time 1:06

Gorgeous and 70 Degrees. Working to keep Ginger in a smooth little prance jog I found she had today. Don't know the proper term for it but it is sweet and nice to ride for distance!

Annette said...

What a day!!! Sunny and perfect today although it's supposed to turn rainy and cold in a few days so Tyra and I took advantage. I have to say that my daughter and her horse are on their way to becoming quite the team. They helped push Ginger and me today and we ended up with:

13.5 total miles
11.1 max speed (I accidentally let her break gait)
4.1 Moving Average
3.7 overall speed (not too bad for our first day of real training)

Annette said...

Jan 19th
6.78 miles

Jan 28th
15.62 miles

Total Miles

Annette said...

Had a slooooow ride today with the Saddlebags but the company was fabulous so it's all good. The only out of the ordinary excitement was when Ginger and 3 of her compadres all decided to start bucking at the same time as we were trotting along the trail. Not sure what caused it but it was over soon enough and no one became unseated. Ginger did decide that a black board box was the scariest thing on earth and did a huge sideways spook. TWICE! The weather was 70 degrees and balmy!!

7.34 miles

Annette said...

Mar2 3.3mi
Mar3 24.3mi
Mar4 16.8mi

Total 44.4mi

Max Speed 14.0
Overall Avg Speed 3.6
Moving Avg 4.7

Annette said...

March 13.
1.11 mi

Just made a loop around the pasture to try out a different saddle.

Annette said...
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Follow Your Dreams said...

Hi Annette!

Annette said...

March 22
6.8 mi
7mph max

Slow and relaxed just out for a stroll

Annette said...

Trace Trails: Orange Trail and most of Red
18 miles
Max Speed: 12.1

Anonymous said...

Mar 30-Apr1
44.43 miles
14.2 Max Speed
4.35 Avg Moving Speed

Annette said...

April 21
21.65 miles
13.8 max

Ginger was my hero. We found ourselves in a bog up to her belly (actually about 2inches below her belly) and she got us out. She did throw in a few half hearted bucks when we first started out when we went into a canter. Beautiful day today. oh yeah, we ran up on a herd of really big wild pigs!

Annette said...

April 22
11.54 miles
4.25 mph avg

Annette said...

with all the drama surrounding my return trip from visiting up north, I forgot to post the miles from my fun ride with Corie, Terri, Lori and Juanita. Those miles will not be recorded on the Derby logbook but they are definitely in my memory. It's good to be back home though and here are my current week's miles.

May 6
12.44 miles
7.2 max speed

To save fuel costs we decided to meet and ride the back roads. The weather was in the 90's but there was a constant breeze so it made for a very pleasant afternoon. The only wildlife we encountered was a dead coyote on the side of the road and two dead snakes on the road.

Annette said...

June 21-23
Total Miles 30.01
Avg moving speed 2.28

Spent weekend doing recon and prep for my first

Annette said...

Took Ginger and Penelope to Trace Trails in Athens, TX to work on GPS'ing each trail to get an accurate mileage with details on water locations, etc for the first Annual WITHOUT A TRACE CTR which will be held Sept. 22-23. Since I am the Trailboss for this ride, my s--t better be together! Ginger and I repainted faded trail markers and rode lots of miles. Penelope didn't have to do as much.

Red Trail 6.5
Blue Trail 11.3
Pink Trail 16.4
Miles spent OFF trail looking for the correct markers 3.34
Miles spent just goofing around 4.08

Total Miles 41.62

Annette said...

Did what I had hoped to be my last GPS tour this past weekend but alas NOT. The PINK trail at Trace has become my nemesis. For some reason I cannot get it to download all in one piece And what's worse, I deleted the 3 part map I did have of it!! grrrrr
All in all it was another wonderful weekend of riding, riding and more riding with wonderful friends and very cooperative weather.

Teddy and Penelope

Red Trail 7.26
White Trail 6.25
Orange 8.30
Back half of Pink 6.86
To and from marking areas 4.55

Total for weekend 33.22

Annette said...

Temps remain in the upper 90's

July 15
Rode the roads on Ginger
8.64 miles

Annette said...

Left at 6am to beat the heat. On the way came upon an accident. We stopped to render aid so didn't get that early start we had been shooting for. Didn't get started until 9am

July 28
Rode Ginger, with Tyra and Frank

Total Miles 9.88
Pink Trail front half and then cut back to camp from the red gate at the pasture
Was 100* when we got back to the trailer

Annette said...

Aug 11-12

Total miles. 29.8

Annette said...

Aug 31-Sep 2
Ginger and Ginger and poor Ginger
High temps and high humidity
Re-riding and double checking markers, doing last minute things for the CTR coming up. This is my first as a Trailmaster and I'm nervous that I'm going to leave something out or miss an important marker.

Total miles 26.2

Annette said...

sept 15-16
Trace Trails
18.3 mi

Annette said...

October 14, home ride 11.4
October 13, home ride 8.34
October 11, home ride 6.55
October 9, MNP, 15.7

Total 41.99