Saturday, December 24, 2011

Team 33: Blitz




My name is Brenda and I live in Southwest Iowa outside of Glenwood.  I am originally from the UP of Michigan.  My husband and I own three horses and enjoy trail riding and camping with friends.  I will be doing this challenge with my best friend Blitz, a 15 year old breeding stock paint, who is the most perfect and irreplaceable horse in the world!  Blitz and I have been sharing the trails together for the last 9 years.  I have really never had a life without horses since my grandparents purchased my first pony when I was in the 5th grade. My backup horse will be Kisses.  Kisses is a flashy 7 year sorrel overo mare that needs wet saddle blankets.  I look forward to riding with you all!



Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...
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Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

5.58 miles in 1:45 min.

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

Just a few miles today! Even as windy as it was it felt so good to be riding.

Distance: 2.97 mi
Time: 1:09:08
Avg Speed: 2.6 mph

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

Fabulous day riding with Team Rio today! We ventured down to Honey Creek in Missouri, one of my favorite places to ride. We had the entire park to ourselves except for some turkeys we encountered on the trail! Great day with Team Rio while they racked up their first miles for the distance derby!

Distance: 7.10 mi
Time: 2:25:14
Avg Speed: 2.9 mph

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

Elmwood MOPAC with Alex and Corie!

Distance: 8.43 mi
Time: 2:32:46
Avg Speed: 3.3 mph

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

Beautiful ride with hubby today at Pierce Creek!

Distance: 6.61 mi
Time: 2:28:28
Avg Speed: 2.7 mph

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

Weekend at Kanopolis! I was out half the rides though as Blitz decided to bruise his heel bulb on the rocky terrain:( This place is amazing!

5/18/12 12.8 miles
5/19/12 6.05 miles

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

Beautiful ride with Corie, Chris and Kathy at Pierce Creek in Shenandoah. Saw a group of other gals out riding and enjoying this beautiful Memorial Day as well! Our horses thought they saw a boogieman when a braying little donkey came running up to a fence. Grilled some hotdogs, had lunch and called it day!

Distance: 8.39 miles
Avg Speed: 2.9 mph

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

Had a great time riding with Pinky and her hubby at Indian Cave. We rode in the morning, broke for lunch and then did another 6 or so after lunch! Lots of people out enjoying the trails on Saturday. Boy scouts hiking with back packs, families tenting up on the ridge in tents! Only two other couples riding in the park.

Distance: 12.64
Avg Moving Speed: 3.2 mph
Max Speed: 8.6 mph

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

Had the most wonderful weekend with Corie of Team Pinky and her husband Chris up at Turkey Creek! So many laughs and good memories. Finally I have reached 100.....

5/15/12 5.93 miles

5/16/12 8.17 & 8.26 miles

5/17/12 10.63 miles

32.99 miles total at Turkey Creek (TOTAL TO DATE 103.56)

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

8/10/12 8.80 miles
8/11/12 10.61 miles
8/12/12 9.12 miles

Beautiful time at River Valley Horse Camp/Shimek Forest with Team Pinky and the Jackson's. We pulled in Friday afternoon and after a heavy mexican lunch we all hit the trail! Shimek is beautiful, all within the woods and nice trails. There would have been some very nice water crossings but they are affected by the drought too and they were all dried up. River Valley was one of the nicest campgrounds I have visited! Clean, highly decorated bathroom/shower house complete with "Happy Trails" playing overhead. You could buy ice and shavings right on site. Nice covered stalls, a roundpen, outdoor arena and an area with a horse playground complete with teeter totter and all the usual fun obstacles. I think we all did more eating than riding on this trip but am anxious to go back and explore more trails. I would highly suggest your horse being shod. River Valley is an old sand/rock pit and the campground is covered in medium size round rock. It made it hard those two miles into the park riding on some of this stuff. Blitz had shoes on and had a hard time with it still. Hoping to make it back out to this place before winter!

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

5.98 - 9/1 am ride
5.12 - 9/1 pm ride
8.12 - 9/2 am ride
3.22 - 9/2 pm ride
4.42 - 9/3 am ride

Beautiful weekend at TC with the Jackson's! Was a bit hot and hard on the horses. Campground was packed!

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

12.41 - 9/9 MOPAC (Elmwood toward Eagle)

Weather couldn't have been more perfect today for a ride with Team Pinky, Pinky's husband, Alex and my friend Jane. We rode about 6 miles out and then decided our butts had enough and turned around and rode back. I am sure Pinky could have rode out much further though. Had dinner and ice cream at the Elmwood gas station.

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

9/30 - 4.79 miles

Not a very long ride at Pierce Creek.

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

Rockhaven was just as beautiful as Tammy described it and it is again on our list for next year!

10/21 - 6.77 miles 2:27 hours
10/20 - 8.28 miles 3:02 hours

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

I finally broke 200 miles! Great time riding with friends today at IC. Took the new pony Dinky out and he did fairly well being his first trail ride. A group of 8 of us enjoyed this beautiful day today!

11/17 - 9.31

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

Decided to just ride Dinky around the yard and try out a different bit on him. He responded much better to this one than the one I used yesterday. Think I am going to like this little guy. Certainly a lot easier to throw a saddle on a short horse!

11/18 - 1.98 miles 54 min.

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

Met up with friends at Pierce Creek for a morning ride. Fog was thick on the way out this morning!

12/2 - 6.2 miles

Brenda T. - Team Blitz said...

Posting my first miles in my cart with Dinky. Thermometer reads 42* and couldn't pass this up. Too slick to go out of the yard yet since we are just learning each other but opened up the pasture to drive.

2.10 miles in 43 minutes