Thursday, December 6, 2012

Distance Derby 2013




You asked for it?  You got it!  Thanks to Diane Beckham who has volunteered to administer the Distance Derby this upcoming year, we are now ready to start taking entries for The Great Horsetrailriders Distance Derby 2013!


Entries are open first to current riders.  If those currently entered in Distance Derby 2012 wish to ride in the 2013 race, you will keep your same entry number but are welcome to change your team name and update your bio.  Click over to the new site for instructions.  Some of you emailed or mentioned on Facebook that you are in so I have started the Team list over there.    


New entries are welcome.  Please click over to The Great Horsetrailriders Distance Derby 2013 for a list of rules and instructions for entering.  Please have your entries in by the end of the year so we can stop with the bookkeeping and start riding! 



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Good Hands said...

I updated my bio, I think. Left a comment anyway. How do we upload a new profile pic?