Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Team 15: Purple

We are Bling, TAZ & Sky(hopefully soon)  & me~ Christine

Originally from California, I grew up doing a lot of beauty pageants. My mother had high hopes that it might take me far in life & maybe I would eventually have a nice career in entertainment or something.... My Aunt had ponys/horses at her place in the country & that was where my heart was!! I couldn't wait for the weekend or a holiday vacation  when my Aunt would watch me & my brother, it meant I could spend time around the horses!! All I ever wanted was a family of my own & HORSES!!

I'm a 'stay at home' empty nester & have had my own mini herd of horses & a mule for 12 years now. Get's a little lonely out here, but I can always ride! Any reason to ride is a good one!! :)

Dabbled in a bit of everything from mule/horse shows, driving, fox hunting & long distance/endurance ridin

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 Distance Riding is where it's AT!!!!
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Christine said...
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Christine said...

1/1/12 13.60 miles

Christine said...

1/2/12 13.11 miles

Christine said...

1/3/12 11.58 miles

Christine said...

1/4/12 TAZ: 13.12 miles

1/4/12 Bling: 8.83 miles

Christine said...

1/5/12 13.09 miles

1/5/12 4.04 miles

Christine said...

1/6/12 11.32 miles

Christine said...

1/7/12 14.09 miles

Christine said...

1/8/12 5.68 miles

Christine said...

1/9/12 12.42 miles

Christine said...

1/10/12 19.30 miles

Christine said...

1/13/12 3.04 miles

Christine said...

1/16/12 10.27 miles

Christine said...

1/23/12 18.34 miles

Christine said...

1/24/12 13.73 miles

Christine said...

1/25/12 Bling: 10.78 miles
1/25/12 TAZ: 7.32 miles

Christine said...

1/27/12 19.08 miles

Christine said...

1/29/12 TAZ: 7.09 miles

Christine said...

1/29/12 Bling: 9.42 miles

Christine said...

1/30/12 Bling: 16.03 miles

Christine said...

1/31/12 (part 1)TAZ: 13.57 miles

Christine said...

1/31/12 (part 2)TAZ: 5.41 miles

Christine said...

2/1/12 Bling: 10.65 miles

juanita said...

Ride like the wind, Christine today, it may be the last best day and I am at work, but I do have a cell phone,lol.

Christine said...

2/2/12 Bling & TAZ: 15.77 miles

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Huge congrats on 300!!! Brenda

Christine said...

2/14/12 TAZ: 11.09 miles

Christine said...

2/15/12 Bling: 10.04 miles

Christine said...

2/17/12 TAZ: 15.90 miles

Christine said...

2/19/12 TAZ: 20.58 miles
(Team Juanita rode Bling & they accumulated a little over a mile more than TAZ & I) ;)

Christine said...

2/22/12 TAZ: 16.52 miles

Christine said...

2/25/12 Bling: 7.45 miles

Christine said...

2/26/12 TAZ: 13.32 miles

Christine said...

2/27/12 Bling: 6.31 miles

juanita said...

Christine i checked out your distance derby page to see if you beat my 100 plus miles but i see that you didn't, lol

Christine said...

3/4/12 TAZ: 6.2 miles

juanita said...

christine you lil bugger, I can trust you to stay off those animals while I am at work, have you no shame.

Christine said...

TAZ: 20.70 miles

TAKE THAT Juanita!! lol

Christine said...

3/6/12 Bling: 14.29 miles

Anybody agree that riding in winds like today should count as DOUBLE MILEAGE? :D

Christine said...

3/8/12 20.65 miles

Me on TAZ, Juanita on Bling, Kally joined us also on her super nice mare Savanah. Great day! Even if I did end up with a case of extreme stomach cramps, night long visits to the bathroom after eating Juanita's cupcakes...

Christine said...

3/11/12 TAZ: 17.72 miles

Christine said...

3/13/12 Bling: 17.19 miles

Christine said...

3/16/12 TAZ: 13.10 miles

Christine said...

3/16/12 Bling: 4.08 miles

Christine said...

3/18/12 TAZ: 5.15 miles

Christine said...

3/18/12 Bling: 9.99 miles

Christine said...

3/25/12 TAZ: 11.42 miles

Took last week off. Waiting to tweak a couple things on Bling's new saddle before putting more miles on with her.

GREAT Sunday! Bob's Annual Trail Ride never disappoints!!

Christine said...

4/1/12 TAZ: 18.52 miles

Gettin a lil too WARM out there!!

Christine said...

4/2/12 Bling: 4.69 miles

Miles to date: 565.59

Christine said...

4/3/12 TAZ: 17.58 miles

50's starting out, 70 when I arrived back. Now THIS is riding weather!! A lot easier on me, that's for sure! So you're probably thinking why does it take me SO LONG to do 17 & a half miles? TAZ & I like to call it 'free groceries' riding. We just go a nice leisurely pace & TAZ get's to do A LOT of stopping & eating!!! She LOVES it & she truly deserves these kind of days.

Miles to date: 583.11

Christine said...

4/7/12 Bling & TAZ: 16.51 miles

Rode at Corie's in Plattsmouth, NE. THANK YOU Corie for having us all out!! I rode TAZ, Larry rode Bling.

Miles to date: 599.68

Christine said...

4/11/12 Bling: 5.97 miles

A fun ride at a new place. Looking forward to going back to finish the trails at Wilderness Park. Always worth the trip to see my PRR friends! (Sorry I missed out on seeing you Sheila)

Christine said...

4/12/12 13.39

Caught in the rain w/o my Frogg Toggs... Wasn't suppose to rain til the later part of this afternoon. Got wet but still had a good ride! Any ride is a good ride!!

Miles to date: 619.04

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Congrats on the 600!!!

Christine said...

4/21/12 Bling 7.54 miles

ONE ROLLER COASTER RIDE!! Heard of Juanita's slow/fast train rides? Well this was the CRAZY TRAIN!! Hell of-a-lot-a FUN! ...Maybe Juanita hired Jess to 'disable' me...HaHA!! Didn't work! (this time...) WHEW!!

Christine said...

4/21/12 TAZ 3.98 miles

come on Jess... REALLY?? lol that I know you like to move out! Giddy up!! :D

Christine said...

4/22/12 TAZ 8.65

Indian Caves with Jess on Red.

Christine said...

4/22/12 Bling 10.30

Indian Caves with Jess on Cutter.

Miles to date: 649.51

Christine said...

4/25/12 TAZ 8.90 miles

PRR Mopac Louisville, NE

Miles to date: 658.41

Christine said...

4/24/12 TAZ 7.45 miles

Pierce Creek w/ Pauline & Ruth Ross, etc.

Miles to date: 665.86

Christine said...

4/26/12 Bling 7.25 miles

Waubonsie with Juanita, MeMe & Kally

Miles to date: 673.11

Christine said...

4/28/12 Bling/TAZ 4.61 miles

Test ride for Gail & her new mule, also rode with Sandy. Congratulations Gail!!

Miles to date 677.72

Christine said...

4/30/12 Bling 10.32 miles

Ride beside the Wabash Trace. Beautiful ride. Team Purple IS BACK!!

Christine said...

5/1/12 TAZ 13.47 miles

Miles to date: 701.51

Christine said...

5/1//12 Bling 5.29 miles

Tuesday night @ Pierce Creek.

Miles to date: 706.8

Christine said...

5/2/12 TAZ 16.50 miles

Miles to date:723.3

Christine said...

5/8/12 Bling 19.28 miles

Missouri & back with Team Juanita!

Miles to date: 742.58

Christine said...

5/8/12 TAZ 6.69 miles

10 riders tonight @ Pierce Creek (:

Miles to date: 749.27

Christine said...

5/9/12 TAZ 15.92 miles

Another great ride with Pauline. Thanks Pauline!!

Miles to date: 765.19

Christine said...

5/12/12 TAZ 16.37miles

Miles to date: 781.56

Christine said...

5/13/12 Bling 8.64 miles

Beautiful Mother's Day morning ride around the Coin countryside. Love my Bling Bling!

Miles to date: 790.2 miles

Christine said...

5/13/12 TAZ 10.70 miles

Made my Mother's Day goal! Not a bad day at all!!

Miles to date 801.1 miles

Christine said...

5/14/12 Bling 8.50 miles

Should have started sooner~ got a lil warm (for me) Bling is gaining more confidence in going out alone with no horse buddies & no truck following her. I'm enjoying the bonding time, just ME & HER....

Miles to date 809.6

Christine said...

5/14/12 TAZ: 5.13 miles

Lost train... Well, not really 'lost'. Derailed?? TAZ & I went on a lil adventure & went exploring around some woods. Rode up up up a steep hill & decided it probably would not be safe to ride back down. Walked a lil ways & could not find another way down. I panicked and called Danny to come get me down off this hill!! We walked to the other end & there was a safe route down & out. WHEW!
It was fun to see how excited he was to come to my rescue. Even rode TAZ for a few minutes. I didn't think I'd get my mule back!!
He says he wants to ride more & his own horse... :) THANKS Distance Derby!

Miles to date 814.73

Christine said...

5/15/12 Bling: 7.29 miles

Tuesday evening ride with the group at Pierce Creek. Beautiful night as always. Cute seeing a mother duck & her ducklings swim across the lake. Have to say I love, LOVE those Mustangs on the ride! Rode up on a 'couple' who later expressed their unhappiness about us riding up on them. They shot off their pistol for about 10 minutes, but all the horses handles it like champs!! I love riding at Pierce Creek!

Miles to date 822.02 miles

Christine said...

5/18/12 TAZ: 17.28

Friday (AFTER) Mother's Day Ride 2012

...I will blog about this later... Just want to get my miles up for now... :)

Christine said...
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Christine said...

5/19/12 TAZ: 5.27 miles

Oak Creek Trail~ Found Camera!!

Christine said...

5/19/12 Bling: 11.73 miles

Musil's Anniversary Poker Ride.

Miles to date 856.3 miles

Tammy said...
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Tammy said...
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Tammy said...
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Tammy said...

Truly - I have an optical migraine right now and my total is right but for some reason I keep looking at the wrong screen and typing. (Calculator plus a split computer screen.

Total after Poker Run should be 856.10 and that's my final answer.... (I think)

Christine said...

5/22/12 Bling: 9.01 miles

Tuesday evening ride @ Pierce Creek. 10 riders. Spent some time visiting with JoAnn, who I first met at a PRR. She is moving to Red Oak & hopefully we will get together & ride again. Beautiful night.

Miles to date 865.11

Christine said...

5/29/12 Bling: 7.51 miles

Another lovely Tuesday night group ride at Pierce Creek. Watch out for the 'Jack Attack' along B Ave. If your horse is not used to a jack donkey running up along the fence & HEEHAWWW-ing at them, be ready for it!!

Miles to date 872.62

Christine said...

6/2/12 TAZ 5.15 miles

Pony Express~ Poker Ride. Easy paced, laid back kinda ride. Didn't win anything, just good seeing friends.

Miles to date 877.77

Christine said...

6/5/12 3.21 miles

Set the alarm to get up at 4:am... Made some coffee & sat there & TRIED to wake up so I could get out there & ride some before it warmed up. Well, I just wasn't feelin it & went back to bed. By the time I got back up & finished all the chores, it was already starting to warm back up. Lot was in full shade, so I decided I would just ride TAZ around in the lot. She could use some fine tuning any way.... Let me tell you, I remember arena work being pretty boring & it was!! An hour was about all I could stand!! Well maybe I'll get to go ride with the ladies at Pierce Creek this evening. Now that will be some NICE riding!!

Miles to date 880.98

Christine said...

6/9/12 TAZ 11.22 miles

Nice slow ride. Sure glad there was a breeze!!85 now & I was just starting to get warm, so that's pretty good for me! Wore my jeans. I did't have as much of the heat rash as usual, but some. TAZ & I ALMOST walked right onto a sleeping doe that had just given birth to twins!! (ofcourse I didn't bring my camera today....) Scared doe & she ran off a lil ways. One fawn was standing (still wobbly) & the other was just trying to figure out how to stand up, I guess. Felt bad to have disturbed them, but glad I didn't STEP on them!! So many nice Summer time flowers starting to bloom out there, but just barely. We really need some rain!

Miles to date 892.2

Christine said...

6/10/12 TAZ 17.11 miles

Started around 7AM... NEED to start earlier!! Nice, 70's & nice breeze. TAZ & I having a good time exploring new territory & ended up out toward Pauline's. So I called her & we met up & rode together for a lil over an hour. Then the ride back home. Was getting warm, but not bad with the breeze. When I came back inside I was surprised to see the temp at 93 degrees!! A new heat record for me!! Heat rash is worse, but worth was totally worth it.

Miles to date 909.31

Christine said...

6/12/12 Brooklyn 10.05 miles

First ride on Brooklyn. Joni came out & we rode around Coin. Beautiful morning, on a beautiful well behaved horse!! I think I'm in LOVE!

Miles to date 919.36

Christine said...

6/12/12 Brooklyn 7.22 miles

Second ride on Brooklyn, her first time @ Pierce Creek. She did PERFECT!!

Miles to date 926.58

Christine said...

6/13/12 Brooklyn 11.66 miles

Evening ride with Heather (aka~Livin' The Dream), Dankika & Renee. Nice surprise, great ride & Brooklyn ROCKS!! LOVE this horse!

Miles to date 938.24

Christine said...

6/17/12 Brooklyn 16.31 miles

YES... I rode Brooklyn AGAIN... Met Juanita & Ray at Pierce Creek & brought Brooklyn because I have been so excited about her & wanted Juanita to see her. Good first ride with both Juanita & Ray. Ray is getting stronger & looking so much better & even getting his sense of humor back. Juanita & I went out for another loop, as she wanted me to show her where this 'attack jack' was. We went all the way out there, & NO JACK! But Juanita's zipper fairies were out there for sure!! Lost my camera AGAIN!! Grrrrrr!! So we back tracked & luckily found the dern thing AGAIN. It was getting pretty hot by then, but Juanita & I were laughing so hard & having such a good time we hardly noticed. Margaritas & Coronas never tasted SOOOOO GOOD after a ride like today's! Thank you Juanita & Ray for coming out!!

Miles to date 954.55

Christine said...

6/19/12 TAZ 16.14 miles

Another great ride with Pauline. Early start to beat the heat!!

Miles to date 970.69

Christine said...

6/19/12 Brooklyn 7.79 miles

HOT & WINDY, so not as many attended tonight's ride with only 5 riders. Thank you Pauline for hauling me out every other week!! :)

Miles to date 978.48

(putting up these posts just to torment Juanita!!) lol

Christine said...

6/21/12 Bling 14.04 miles

Lovely day! Rode to Pioneer Park & watch everyone fish for a couple hours & rode back. A lil warmer coming back & Bling was a trooper!

Miles to date 992.52

Christine said...

6/21/12 TAZ 9.17 miles

1,000 MILES!! I can not believe it! Thank you EVERYBODY for routing me on! :D

Miles to date 1001.69

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Christine! It's been fun watching you AND Juanita on the chart this year!!!! Ride on! Marvel (Team: Follow Your Dreams)

Christine said...

Thank-you Marvel!! :)

Christine said...

6/22/12 Brooklyn 7.13 miles

Early morning message from Pauline to come out & ride. Beautiful morning, no breeze, so it felt really warm!! Brooklyn was NOT happy with the idea of being in the lot & didn't want to be caught, but we worked it out & she was totally fine once saddled up. She's gonna test me, it's natural... Still LOVE this mare! Pheasant flew up & startled both Leroy & Brooklyn, but we managed to stay on!! Boy I could use a nap!

Juanita is up at Turkey Creek this weekend... So... :)

Miles to date 1008.82

Christine said...

6/23/12 TAZ&Bling 9.03 miles

Melinda drove out to ride w/ me. She rode TAZ & I rode Bling. Early rain helped to cool things off & there was a nice breeze. I think she had a good time. I know I did!!

Miles to date 1017.85

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Huge congrats!!!

Christine said...

6/26/12 Brooklyn 8.01 miles

Pierce Creek Tues evening ride. Wasn't as hot as everybody thought it would be. 9 riders. Joyce's knee wasn't doing so great & she had to turn back early. Hope she heals quickly & we see her again next week! Brooklyn was of course her perfect self! I LOVE THIS HORSE!!

Miles to date 1025.86

Christine said...

6/29/12 Brooklyn 3.89 miles

Glad I opted to take only ONE horse with me to LTF (Lake of Three Fires, Bedford Iowa) It was HOT & HUMID by the time we arrived Friday afternoon. Set up camp, then headed out for a quick ride w/ Juanita before dark. Made it around the dam & headed back. Lots of deer!

Miles to date 1029.75

Christine said...

6/30/12 Brooklyn 12.25 miles

Saturday, LTF w/ Juanita. This 12 miles was done in two laps. First lap it was cool enough for Ray to ride along with us. It was a very warm day, so we took 2nd lap slow & easy! (every mile counts, fast or slow...) :) Juanita even took the time to get off & pick some wild raspberries!!

Miles to date 1042

Christine said...

7/1/12 Brooklyn 8.21 miles

Sunday Morning ride around LTF w/Juanita. Cool start, warmed up pretty fast! Buzzards buzzed us, (nope we're not dead yet!!) And we had LOTS of good laughs!! :D

Miles to date 1050.21

Christine said...

7/10/12 TAZ 8.90 miles

Another lovely Tuesday evening ride at Pierce Creek. 9 riders. Weather co operated & was almost perfect!! Renee's first time joining the group, on her new Tenneesee Walker horse. Terry's horse bucked him off HARD, hoping he's going to be okay. :(

Haven't been riding at all!! I am just not motivated AT ALL to ride when it's been so hot & humid as it has been....

...Enjoy your time at the top Juanita! It won't last long!!

Miles to date 1059.11

Christine said...

7/13/12 TAZ 3.08 miles

Don't be fooled by these 3 miles! There ARE some challenging hills up there at Turkey Creek!! A lot of work for the equines, especially when it's been so hot! Still, a very lovely evening ride & lots of wildlife. Thank you Sherry Stone for being my trail guide!!

Christine said...

4/14/12 TAZ 11.19 miles

Saturday at Turkey Creek Ranch~ Morning ride out to the pond & around with Sherry & Colton. Warmed up pretty fast! For the evening ride & joined up with Sue Maiwald & Mary as they rode around mapping out miles for an upcoming CTR ride at the end of September. Those two gals & their horses can really move out! Both rides were GREAT!!

Christine said...

4/15/12 TAZ 6.56

One more morning ride at Turkey Creek Ranch~ with Sue & Mary. I tagged along as they rode around mapping out their CTR ride. Warmed up way too fast & was sad to have to pack up & head home. Looking forward to some cooler weather & will surely be back to explore remaining trails another time... Thank you Brenda & John for having such a wonderful ranch open for us to ride!!

Miles to date 1079.94

Christine said...

4/27/12 TAZ 3.98 miles

Stephens Forest~ First I've ridden in two weeks, it's just been much too hot!! A nice late evening ride, coming back in the dark.

4/28/12 TAZ 16.64 miles

Saturday's rides at the forest.

4/29/12 TAZ 9.76 miles

Sunday ride in the forest. Look at those Max speeds!!

Miles to date 1110.32

Christine said...

8/4/12 TAZ 10.11 miles

Morning rain storm brought cooler temps & a nice breeze. No excuse not to get out there & ride for a bit! Ahhhh.... I almost feel human again!

Miles to date 1120.43

Christine said...

8/7/12 Brooklyn 10.34 miles

Good friend & riding buddy, Pauline hauled over here this morning. Decided riding in the morning would be a cooler/better ride than going to Pierce Creek tonight, w/ the chance for storms any way... Nice ride. Brooklyn was a pill, think she wants me to ride her more!! Wants to GOOOO! :)

Miles to date 1130.77

Christine said...

8/10/12 TAZ 11.36 miles

Weather this morning was unbeatable! Crisp & WONDERFUL!! Explored a bit of new territory... (haven't been yelled at by any farmers yet!) Big Bull snake sunning it's self on the dirt road & scared up some young turkey. OH & TAZ & I fell in a deep hole! I almost came off, but didn't & she got back to her feet & was fine.

Miles to date 1142.13

Christine said...

8/10/12 Bling 8.11 miles

Ride #2 on a beautiful day! Called Pauline, then hauled over to ride for a lil bit out around her place. She has such a nice area to ride & is great company! Should've rode home, but Pauline offered to haul me home. Thank-you Pauline :)

Miles to date 1150.24

Christine said...

8/11/12 Brooklyn 9.30 miles

JoAnn Houser hauled out from Red Oak to join me for an afternoon ride, she brought her beautiful young Morgan. JoAnn is really good company, hope she'll feel welcome to come out again!

Miles to date 1159.54

Christine said...

8/12/12 Brooklyn 9.74 miles

What a fantastic day! I'm not very good with words, sometimes hard to express how grateful I am to have had Terri come out. We rode some, we played some... All in all, a very productive FUN FUN day! Lots of pics~ That will show everyone the fun we had! THANK YOU - THANK YOU Terri for driving out & can't wait to do it again soon!

Miles to date 1169.28

Christine said...

8/15/12 Bling 8.02 miles

Pierce Creek~ Felt like it had been forever since the last time us ladies all got together to ride. 10 of us showed up. Nice cool evening, perfect! Pierce Creek has started to add a 'horsey playground'. There is now a teeter-totter. Fun fun!!

Miles to date 1177.3 miles

Christine said...

8/16/12 TAZ 13.50 miles

Exploring new route around Coin. Thought I had found a private lane/road that would loop around, but it DID NOT. :( Could see the road I was aiming for just yards away... But ended up stuck & rode along a field where beans meet up with corn. Still a fun ride though... Always fun riding TAZzy!

1190.8 miles

Christine said...

8/17/12 Brooklyn 7.34 miles

Met up with Gerry & Connie at the Nodaway Valley Park in Clarinda. What a fun place to ride!

Miles to date 1198.14 miles

Christine said...

8/18/12 Brooklyn 10.08 miles

My first ride at Rock Creek Station for the 1st annual 'ride to remember Renee'. Beautiful place to ride, great friends to ride with. Weather was perfect!

Miles to date 1208.22

Christine said...

8/19/12 Brooklyn 8.50 miles

Quick ride Sunday morning before heading back home. Wish we could have stayed longer~ Fun swapping horses with the Musil boys. Love those gaited horses! Hope to see you all again at next year's ride!

Miles to date 1216.72

Christine said...

8/21/12 Bling 8.28 miles

Another Tuesday evening over at Pierce Creek. Warm to start, cooled off nicely once the sun started to go down. Occurred to us ladies the days are starting to get shorter... :(

Miles to date 1225

Christine said...

8/22/12 TAZ 9.05 miles

Around 7:PM it finally cooled down enough to saddle up. Sun set fast, TAZzy & I arrived back home in the dark.

Miles to date 1234.05

Christine said...

8/23/12 Bling 10.06 miles

First morning in a long while that I've been able to take Bling out for a ride. Rode alone.

Miles to date 1244.11

Christine said...

8/23/12 TAZ 8.01 miles

Evening ride on TAZ, warm to start but cooled off. Got back home in the dark. Glad I can trust TAZ to get me home safely!

Miles to date 1252.12

Christine said...

8/24/12 Brooklyn 10.73 miles

Pauline hauled over & 8:am we took off! Sun was up & it was a bit warm to start. Clouded over fast & had a nice breeze going. Turned out nice & comfortable. Thank-you Pauline, so much, for joining me! We have some very good rides!!

Miles to date 1262.85

Christine said...

8/25/12 Bling 13.21 miles

Rain stopped long enough for me to saddle up Bling. Brought along my Frogg Toggs because there was a good chance for more rain... AND RAIN IT DID!! (not complaining one bit!) Some people dance in the rain, heard of 'Singing in the Rain'?? I RODE in the rain & loved every minute!!

Miles to date 1276.06

Christine said...

8/26/12 TAZ 13.21 miles

After getting 5+ inches of rain, there were plenty of opportunities for playing in the water with TAZ! Water, water (and MUD) everywhere!! ...For the record, Juanita should not be allowed to call & check up on me. She just wants to try & find out when I'm riding... lol

Miles to date 1289.27

Christine said...

8/27/12 Bling 15.53 miles

Rinsed the mud off Bling & headed over early this morning to ride with Pauline. Warm & humid, took it slow. NO HEAT RASH... YAAAAAY!!

Miles to date 1304.8

Christine said...

8/27/12 TAZ 7.28 miles

After riding with Pauline, had a bite to eat & a quick nap.(Yup, a nap!) Headed back outside about 5:30pm, hosed the mud off TAZ, then headed out to ride til the sun set.

Miles to date 1312.08

Christine said...

8/28/12 TAZ 15.01 miles

Up & outside right as the sun was rising. Beautiful morning with all the fog along the river. Purple Morning Glorys in full bloom routing Team Purple on all along the way!! Seen another coyote & several turkey. TAZ is getting better about not worrying so much about them. Love exploring new territory!

Congratulations to Leigh making the 1000 mile mark!! GO MULES!

Miles to date 1327.09

Christine said...

8/29/12 Bling 17.30 miles

Another up n out riding around sunrise. So worth it! Juanita called during my ride, we probably talked 30-45 minutes. We were virtually riding together & visiting :) Felt good to laugh. Slowed my ride down some, which I think was part of her plan! lol 17 miles, Bling must have thought we were lost!

Miles to date 1344.39

Christine said...

8/30/12 TAZ 19.35 miles

TAZ is never excited about taking the 'let's ride into Missouri' route. She starts out SOOOO pokey.... Troy met us out there, but couldn't follow us very far, as he was driving a rental car & I was riding some muddy dirt roads. Well, when he turned around to leave- TAZzy decided to be a bit pissy. She really woke up for the rest of the ride!! We took a different, very nice, route. I love the roads down Missouri's way! A LOT of dirt roads, or if they turn into gravel, there is almost always a nice wide, mowed path of grass along side on which to ride. TAZzy's speed had picked up & that was a good thing, it was starting to warm up fast!! I love getting that lil mule lost! If it wasn't going to get up to 98 degrees, we would have wondered around a lot longer!

Hopefully will have some good quality rides on Brooklyn over the holiday weekend. Everybody have a good one! Be safe!!

Miles to date 1363.74

Christine said...

8/31/12 Bling 8.03 miles

Morning ride w/ Troy as company. He wanted to see the pond & old barns he's seen in my pictures lately. Also thought it a good idea to show him the new routes I have been riding, just in case there were ever an accident & I needed to be found.... Tropical morning~ hazy, hot & humid!!

Miles to date 1371.77

Christine said...

8/31/12 Bling 8.04 miles

Evening came & it cooled of a bit. Set out in hopes to watch the sun go down & the Blue Moon come up. Sunset was totally worth seeing! ...No such luck seeing the moon, too cloudy. Bling was a total SPAZ during the first half of this evening's ride. Probably 'my bad'. I had given her a lil extra Ultium/grain mixture to try & help her not loose any weight/condition. She was high as a kite!! Everything was out to get her tonight!! First it was a pile of grass, then it was the windmill with vine growing up it. Took several minutes for her to calm down so that we could move on. Arrived back into town at dark. I was glad to have stuck it out & finish the ride. Welp, one more thing just HAD to scare poor Bling. Someone had run over a 'sn-k-' (rhymes with cake) on the corner where I turn to go up our drive. Was hoping Bling didn't see it, as it was dark, but no such luck or she could smell it?? That was the last straw for her!! 1000 feet to the house I had a hopping/ jumping/ want run home crazy horse! But we made it!! WHEW! And all I wanted to do was see the moon......

Miles to date 1379.81

Christine said...

9/1/12 Brooklyn 8.27 miles

Set Saturday aside to ride with JoAnn. We worked with Ruby a while in the round pen & later headed out to ride. Very warm & humid. They only thing that saved me was the breeze! We had good conversations & even discovered that she had been interested in Brooklyn when she was for sale! (Wow, what a small world!!) I think we are both very pleased how things worked out, she adores her Ruby & I LOVE my Brooklyn!!

Miles to date 1388.08

Christine said...

9/3/12 TAZ 12.61 miles

Humid morning, so I knew as soon as the sun got up in that sky it was going to get hot fast!! So I stayed as close to the shade as possible & we took things slow. Stopped every now & then to let TAZ munch on some dewy grass. Chased a badger (GOOD TIMES!)& saw another coyote & several deer. Storms expected tonight, so we'll have to wait & see if I go back out this evening....

Haven't rode past couple days, just too darn hot & humid!! & discovered that Sky has a bad case of rain scald, so I've been picking off thousands of scabs & giving baths...

Miles to date 1400.69

Christine said...

9/7/12 TAZ 1.79 miles

A quick ride with Gail & Jan. Had an 'opps' moment with Libby, so we headed back. All turned out OKAY :)

9/8/12 TAZ 5.18 miles

Trail Challenge time!! And what fun it was! All obstacles were challenging & TAZ placed 8th! ...Not bad after dq-ing on the Gorilla Obstacle :)

9/8/12 TAZ 3.12 miles

Evening ride with the group after the Trail Challenge. Nice Sunset! Campfire time ROCKED!! (Thanks Tammy & John V.)

9/9/12 TAZ 8.60 miles

Sunday morning ride with the Trail Challenge group. Fun getting our 'galloping fix' with Tammy V & Deb! 17.6 mph! I think that's a new top speed for ol TAZzy!! lol

Miles to date 1419.38

Christine said...

9/15/12 Bling 22.60 miles

OUTSIDE ALL DAY, me & my horse, enjoying the cooler weather, nice easy pace.

Miles to date 1441.98

Christine said...

9/18/12 Bling/TAZ 20.51 miles

Lots of laughs, Juanita drove out to ride w/ me. She rides Bling so well & makes her look so good! I had planned to ride Brooklyn, but she had slipped while crossing over the wet bridge & was a little gimpy. (She was walking jut fine when we got back!) So, I had to brush off a very muddy TAZ & ride her. We had a blast & wonderful weather! Thanks again Juanita!!

Miles to date 1462.49

Christine said...

9/20/12 TAZ 21.58 miles

Beautiful cool weather~ Just a little loop around the block ;)

Miles to date 1484.07

Christine said...

9/21/12 Bling 6.40 miles

Two hour loop. So nice to be back riding some of my favorite fields. River is low low.... Scared up around 25+ turkey! Bling didn't spook, just looked. She surprises me all the time. Some of the silly things she spooks at, but not at all them turkey!! Gotta love her!

Miles to date 1490.47

Christine said...

9/25/12 Brooklyn 8.10 miles

First time in a while to ride Pierce Creek. Pauline & I left earlier than previous Tuesdays & were riding by 4. It was just the two of us & we did a lot of talking & catching up with one another. Later ran into two other riders, but that was it. 4 riders total for the Tuesday night Pierce Creek group. Rode Brooklyn in the treeless saddle & everything seemed to fit just right. Brooklyn is getting a belly on her.....

Miles to date 1498.57

Christine said...

9/26/12 TAZ 12.33 miles

Beautiful morning. Finished the mowing, then headed out on TAZ. Love that most of the fields have been harvested, except for beans. Time to get out & start exploring new territory!! Ash trees are starting to turn a bright yellow, gorgeous!

Miles to date 1510.90

Christine said...

9/29/12 Brooklyn 7.86 miles

Another great ride with JoAnn & Ruby. Lots of field riding to be done, it was hard to decide which direction to go! So we rode along the river... Colors out here are so beautiful right now!! Thank you again JoAnn :)

Miles to date 1518.76

Christine said...

Date should've been 9/28/12 Opps!

Christine said...

9/29/12 Bling 11.52 miles

Another gorgeous day! Easy pace~ to enjoy all the colors. For such long legs, Bling sure can walk slow.... :)

Miles to date 1530.28

Christine said...

9/30/12 TAZ 19.85 miles

Another beautiful day of riding around Coin. Temps perfect, colors gorgeous! TAZ was a bit of a pistol, so... since I had plenty of mule power left... we stayed out a wee bit longer. :)

Miles to date 1550.13

Christine said...

10/1/12 Bling 15.35 miles

Miles to date 1565.48

Christine said...

10/19/12 Brooklyn 4.73 miles

10/20/12 Brooklyn 6.77 miles

10/20/12 Brooklyn 5.02 miles

10/21/12 Brooklyn 6.32 miles

Miles to date 1588.32

Christine said...

11/1/12 Brooklyn 4.76 miles

11/4/12 TAZ 7.80 miles

Miles to date 1600.88

Christine said...

11/7/12 Bling 16.90 miles

11/8/12 TAZ 14.33 miles

11/9/12 TAZ/Sky 4.62 miles

Miles to date 1636.73

Christine said...

11/16/12 TAZ 16.62 miles

11/17/12 Brooklyn (according to Corie's GPS, as mine had gone dead) 13.11 miles

11/18/12 TAZ/Bling/Brooklyn 21.00 miles

Miles to date 1687.46

Christine said...

11/20/12 Bling 17.36 miles

Miles to date 1704.82

Christine said...

11/21/12 TAZ 18.45 miles

11/24/12 Bling 6.81 miles

Miles to date 1730.08

Christine said...

Opps! Bling's ride should've read 11/25/12...

Christine said...

11/28/12 Brooklyn 2.31 miles

Brooklyn's first ride AWAY from home. Short, but ahhh so sweet!! Brooklyn has tensed up on me before when I've tried to ride off on her without any buddies along. I stayed relaxed & focused on my goal & did not get frustrated with her. Just kept encouraging her on, petting her & talking to her. She did a lot of that blowing ' clearing herself of all her stress' after we were a lil way from home, she settled right down. She's always been fearless & I've learned that she's too lazy to expend too much energy to fight with me... 2 miles, I'd call that SUCCESS!!

Miles to date 1732.39

Christine said...

11/29/12 Brooklyn 2.70 miles

11/29/12 TAZ 11.58 miles

Miles to date 1746.67

Christine said...

11/30/12 Bling/Brooklyn 20.50 miles

Corie rides in Coin! What an absolutely FUN day!! Tho the sun could have stayed out a bit longer, we where happy there wasn't any wind like the last time!! Great conversation & lots of laughs! Keep it up Corie & you WILL meet your goal! Go for it girl!!

Miles to date 1767.17

Christine said...

12/1/12 TAZ 18.70 miles

Tried to NOT let the hunters slow 'Team Purple' down. But today, Sunday 12/2 was a totally different story! Sounds like a war zone out there!! It's been foggy too... We'll see how the rest of the month goes...

Miles to date 1785.87

Christine said...

12/3/12 Brooklyn 14.34 miles

12/4/12 Bling 20.28

12/5/12 TAZ 19.65

12/6/12 Brooklyn 11.71

12/7/12 Bling 18.25

Miles to date 1870.1

Christine said...

12/8/12 TAZ 20.37 miles

One more ride before the cold hits!! Race is on Juanita! ;)

Miles to date 1890.47

Christine said...

12/11/12 Brooklyn 13.16 miles

1900 mile mark!! Woohooo!!

Miles to date 1903.63

Christine said...

12/12/12 Bling 14.03 miles

No hogs/pigs could keep us from meeting our riding goal today! NICE TRY 'fairies'! Oh... And have I ever expressed how much I DISLIKE wind?! Survived today! Yay!!

Miles to date 1917.66

Christine said...

12/13/12 TAZ 18.47 miles

12/14/12 Brooklyn 14.61 miles

12/15/12 Bling 8.40 miles

...may go back out again today. Had to quit early because family was came out to pick up puppy.

Miles to date 1959.14

Christine said...

12/15/12 Brooklyn 8.43 miles

Good riding today! I guess you can say the cooler weather agrees with me. TAZ was MUDDY, so I chose to take Brooklyn out for round 2.

Miles to date 1967.57

Christine said...

12/18/12 TAZ 11.47 miles

Cold breezy start, wish I had packed my gloves. Warmed up & could have rode another hour, but three hours of riding was enough. Really enjoy riding along the river...

12/19/12 Bling 11.77 miles

Snow storm a coming!! Wasn't too bad, toes got a little cold. Wind picking up now.... Took it SLOW, as I didn't want to get Bling all hot & sweaty. Not a damp spot on her when getting back. :)

12/19/12 TAZ 13.83 miles

Wind, a lil rain & sleet... but we finally made it!! 2000 mile mark!

Miles to date 2004.64

Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you!!! IMPRESSIVE!! MOTIVATIONAL!!! JUST PLAIN AWESOME!!

It was fun watching you put on more than 200 miles this month and it's only the 19th! WOW!!

Congratulations on a job well done!!

Marvel Rahn

Christine said...

12/21/12 Brooklyn 8.00 miles

Gorgeous day! And I mean absolutely beautiful!! No wind at all & temps between 25-29 degrees. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE & ADORE Ms Brooklyn?? She is rock solid, nothing bothers her. Pheasant can fly out of no where & she doesn't even blink! Only had about 2" of snow, so navigating around the fields wasn't difficult for her at all! Had a bald eagle fly past us while we rode along the river. He landed in a tree I've seen him in a couple of times before. Thought for sure he'd fly away, but he didn't. He must be getting used to seeing us... Life is good! :)

Miles to date 2012.64

Christine said...

12/24/12 Bling 13.02 miles

Cold COLD day, that breeze was C.O.L.D.!! Rode this in two laps. Very surprised I managed 13 miles!

Miles to date 2025.66

...WELL Juanita? Is the race still on?? (nudge)

Christine said...

12/26/12 Brooklyn 9.81 miles

Brooklyn, she's such a good girl & I fall more & more in love with her with every ride!! No non-sense mare! & I'll never have to worry about not finding my way home... she always knows which direction home is! :) 10 degrees... burrr!

Miles to date 2035.47

12/26/12 TAZ 9.17 miles

Good ride, TAZ behaved herself for the most part. Scared up the usual deer & a coyote. Even rode up on a opossum. Are they usually out this time of year? Decent ride temp wise, just a slight breeze. Really felt it riding into the N. Burrr!!

Miles to date 2044.64

Christine said...

12/27/12 bling 11.61 miles

The only place to ride where the trees actually helped shield us from the wind! Everything was frozen hard & it snowed heavily for about a 1/2 hour. Wind was worse heading back... Called it a day! WHEW!!

Miles to date 2056.25

Christine said...

12/28/12 TAZ 9.84 miles

24 degrees, not much of a breeze, but thank-goodness for hand & toe warmers!! Toes STILL got cold on this ride!

12/28/12 Brooklyn 12.63 miles

Round two. Still decent & most importantly, no wind!! Used Wintec saddle on Brooklyn & she seemed to like it. Wasn't planing on being out for 3 hours...

Miles to date 2078.72

Christine said...

12/29/12 Bling 5.05 miles

Beautiful morning & probably should have started earlier! But I was going by what the news report on the weather & it sounded COLD! A quick loop around, rode up on a hunter.... YIKES! Gave him my huge apology & headed home to get my orange vest & use the ladies room. TAZ was up in lot, so grabbed her for loop 2.

12/29/12 TAZ 11.02 miles

Temp was perfect (well, I thought so any way!) No breeze & never had trouble staying warm. Scared up lots of deer & a couple huge buck. Lots of turkey tracks in the snow... My loop didn't go where I had planned, so was out a lil longer... Good ride tho!

Miles to date 2094.79

...I HOPE all the math is right!!... WHEW! I'm feeling light-headed & think I might faint!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Okay so I have to ask (but please don't answer) ... did you have to use the ladies' because of the hunter? or because of the cold? LOL

I felt light headed when I saw your total miles. Oh wait, part of it might be because I have the flu and couldn't go out and ride. ugh

Heading to see if Juanita has posted. Cheering both of you on ... and everyone else who has the fortitude to ride outside, or who has an indoor arena to ride in.

What an awesome year!

Christine said...

12/30/12 Brooklyn 4.53 miles

35-45 degrees most of the day, but WINDY!! ...Every mile counts, right?? Rode Brooklyn bitless for the first time & she did WONDERFUL!!

12/30/12 TAZ 5.66 miles

Still windy as all heck, round 2 on TAZzy....

12/31/12 Brooklyn 5.42 miles

No wind... YAY!! 24 degrees & NO WIND feels so much nicer than 40+ degrees & 20+ mph wind! Promised Brooklyn only a short ride today. Had to get a few more miles in... ;)

Miles to date 2110.40

It's been an absolutely fun year! Meeting new people & riding with some of you. Thanks again Tammy V. for putting this on. Good luck to all of you in 2013!!