Sunday, December 11, 2011

Team 4: MacKeogh

Royal and I at Cunningham Lake

Born and raised in mountains of Northern Cal, my pony and I earned our chops scampering up and down canyons, ravines and over knifeback ridges. Riding since the age of two, I began training my own and the neighborhood horses out of necessity and studied horsemanship out of self defense.  My love affair with horses is my earliest memory. I am a lifelong student of the horse and I will never stop seeking better ways to communicate and respond to my equines.  I have studied many different disciplines and right now my interests are Competitive Trail Riding, Dressage and I still love to chase cows!  Recently I retired my small business, Good Hands Horse Training and Sales.  I currently own two horses, a grade stock type filly and a Paint/Arabian cross gelding, both arguably the best horses I have been privileged to own.  They are young, green and I have the pleasure of bringing to them all the experience and education that I have acquired and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes us!!

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Good Hands said...

10.28 miles, Elmwood Mopac toward Eagle. Rode with Jess Vallery and Corie Rasmussen. Good ride! Wind was up a little, okay, a lot, and we called it somewhat short of the 15 miles we intended. Still, we are here and logged in!

Good Hands said...

7.03 miles on fat Quarter Pony, Junebug. Took us 2. something hours!

6.73 miles on what turns out to be NSH Royal (Cool Like That). Took us a little over an hour! :-) 4.25 avg speed, I have my forward horse back!

Fantastic day to be out riding, was so fun knowing so many of you were also out there, checking your smart phones, and gps's right along with me.

Good Hands said...

22.68 miles on Royal. Rode from Murray NE to our friends, John & Tammy Musil's house on 132nd & Waverly Rd, then back to Jess Vallerie's. Then we caught a trailer ride home. Top speed 18.55, first real gallop for us and it was a blast.

Good Hands said...

4.28 miles on Junebug. Once again, a miserable first three, (she's really not what a person could call broke and man, does it show when you take her away from home!) but the last mile. . . that will make it worth getting back on her, again!

3.11 miles and the battery dies on my ride with Royal. We missed about a half hour, 45 min worth of stats (Curses, technology!) and wouldn't you know it was that part we did the most loping!

Took my dog today. Axel had a blast and both horses got good experience riding with a dog beside them. Other than one hard spook when I called Axel back away from the highway and he came hauling butt through the weeds, Royal barely looked sideways at him.

Too short. . . but a good day! Sorry to hear about Tammy's spill. I have also been thinking about how we are riding further, harder, and taking more chances. Let's keep it fun, and safe!

Looking forward to riding in the 50 degree weather tomorrow!! Prolly won't be another 20+miler, but then again, you never know . . .

Good Hands said...

16.61 hard won, fought for miles.

Imagine curly Arabian ears, nearly touching at the tips with amaze as a piece of cornstalk floats across the road, eye level, in front of them.

It was not as bad a ride as it might have been, we left together and returned, as such. A good tour on the treeless saddle, don't know if it's the answer for me. It worked out but WAY out of my comfort zone . . .

Good Hands said...

16.2 miles on Colleen's Smore on arguable the coldest day I have ever been out on a trail ride!

Speed 23.39 avg moving speed 4.66 3:48 hours in the saddle ...

Add to that, a bestie, and a couple very fine horses, it was a helluva day!

Peggy Ann said...

I love your profile pic. Beautiful horse!

Good Hands said...

It wasn't about the miles but I will take them.

2.11 miles on Royal, in the beanfield, trying out the Bronco Billy Roper . . . and his newfound gait :-))

Out only 30 min and 15 seconds, our avg moving speed was 4.19, top speed 8.50 and I am pretty sure that was when we were gaiting. Holy cow, did we have fun in the dark!

Good Hands said...

12.03 miles

Royal, in the Bronco Billy Roper. He's getting pretty fit, not enough miles to pull much of a sweat. Avg moving speed, a nice 4.19.

Good Hands said...

Thank you so much for the compliment, Peggy Ann! I had replied on a different post, but didn't know if you saw it, and I do appreciate the kind words. I LOVE him :-)

Good Hands said...

LOL! .62 mi. I am taking it!

Not a wreck, just gave my horses what they needed, which tonight was groundwork for Junie and Riata, and hanging out at the barn with my buddy, Walt. It was a good for the soul kind of evening.

Tomorrow night I ride for the sweat pattern :-)

Good Hands said...

13.86 miles on Royal. 3.21 hours, 4.32 avg moving speed. 11.18 top

Rode the beanfield around to 12th St, up to Mills, across to 24th, down to Waverly, back over to 12th and through the beanfield again. Just to let my horse know we don't always stop when we see home, we then headed south, down 12th to the railroad tracks, over and back.

Great day!! Layered up enough to not be cold, focused on being "with" my horse . . .

Good Hands said...

3.48 tonight. 54 minutes ride time, 50 of them in motion. 4.18 moving avg. 10. something top speed, I think when he spooked from some falling snow. Wasn't much of that, at all, the spooking I mean. Neither he or I are as nervous in the dark. Hmm.

Rode the beanfield near dark to moonlight. Very cool, magickal and mystical when the horizon (about 50 yards in front of you) all blends in to shades of blues, grays and almost whites.

Watching the bay and white of Royal's neck against the snow, I REALLY wish I had a camera that would take night shots. My phone won't.

SUCH a good time, and yet another Derby/saddle quest inspired ride that NEVER would have happened, and never HAS happened prior to all this.

Still searching for a saddle . . . Juanita's is by far the best I have looked at to date.

Good Hands said...

8.58 miles today. phone died toward the end and snipped off a couple of miles. Oh well. It was a great day. Used a lot of daylight looking at saddles at Bronco Billy's. Brought one home, comfy for me, decent on the horse, but still not the saddle for the money that Juanita's is, by far . . . hmmm.

Only 2 hours out, knew we didn't have much time, so we made good use of what we had. 4.29 avg moving speed, top 18.33. Getting a little gallop on . . .

Good Hands said...


Had I looked to see that we were that close, I would have ridden another 10 minutes, LOL!

Another fast ride. Met Corie at 42nd and Mill, rode with her back to 42, and south to Waverly. We parted ways there. Royal and I hoofed it pretty good getting there and even better, going back.

Moving time: 2:23
Avg moving speed: 5.41
top speed 20.13 :-)

It's getting good and we are having fun!

Good Hands said...

16.61 miles. 23.94 top speed (dunno if that was a spook moment, we had a couple of those) or the little gallop we had up a hill on the way home, pretty fun that was), 4.44 moving speed, 3:44 hours out.

Battery on the phone chirped a warning but it held out til I got back to the barn! Didn't record the sortie into the beanfield to try out yet another saddle but we were not out there long. Trying on saddles is worse than clothes shopping for "does this make my butt look big??"

It was a very CHILLY day riding both into and away from the wind that barely gave us a break. I am pretty sure there was a 40 something degree day underneath that, fighting to peek thru . . . Thank goodness Jess had an extra ear muff!

Rode with Jess and Corie, we took out East today, even crossing hwy 75! Had planned to ride to the river but one thing or another, we didn't started til later (I changed saddle outfits three times before we left the barnyard!) and daylight was quickly running away from us. We made a neat loop, the girls got a lot more miles today than I did, as they rode more my way to start and then home again.

Feeling pretty unwonderful, I might have to take the day off tomorrow to be sick and rest. Will get in a world of trouble at home if I am well enough to ride but too sick to work!

Good Hands said...

1.71 miles. Junebug.

Yep, that's right, a whole 1+ miles. Team MacKeogh might be back, one of these days but for right now, I am concentrating on my three year old who needs a lot of groundwork and confidence building before I get on her again, and my old partner's Quarter Pony mare that I was riding today.

I also work part time at Shady Lanes Ranch in Crescent, IA, and it's time to bring the hack horses in off the stocks (might get some miles there) and time to halter break the new batch of Thoroughbred baby race horses. I have last year's yearlings to work with too, as I was too busy to get much done with them and karma has brought them right back around to me.Lots of adventures and good times ahead, just not as many with Royal and I, out there gobbling miles!

Good Hands said...


Soxie. Rode out with Jess and Corie. Showed Corie some techniques for helping to get her horse lighter in the bridle, and we had a great time with a lot of much needed laughs.

I will total tomorrow, too tired to try to go though it all tonight!

Good Hands said...


Junebug. Little mare is really coming along. Loped out nice tonight for the first time since I have been riding her. Always before, when I would ask, she would lock up, sull up and get ugly. I know I could have forced her through that and made her lope but that is not my way. I was very happy tonight when I asked nicely and got a nice reply.

Good Hands said...

2.03 miles on Royal. More miles but battery died on the phone. The new to me (Ebay) gps is junk . . . oh well.

Love my goofy spotted Arabian. Did the kind of work with him tonight that if I take the time and the discipline to do more often will help him into the fabulous horse I know he can be and we will have the partnership of my lifetime . . .

Good Hands said...

5.50 mi 3.6 moving speed 12.50 top

Junebug. We are loping nicely every ride now and greener than green is slowly turning true blue. This is her year to become a broke to the bone anybody can ride down the road kind of girl. My partner, Walt, has been fabulous to me now and through the years. This is my gift back to him.

Good Hands said...

4.61 mi
Junebug. 14.2 top speed
3.6 avg moving.

SUCH a nice pony! Put her up steep climbs, down, over railroad tracks and under a train trestle. Got both leads today. Lovin' on this sweet little gal. She would be a lap dog, if she had her druthers.

Good Hands said...

5.81 mi
Royal!! Finally!!
15.7 top speed
4.1 avg moving

This horse is my heart horse. Being out on him is like coming home. Feb 25 last time I had him down the road. Expected skitziest of loopnuts, but my good good saddle horse is who showed up.

Good Hands said...

3.25 mi

Yesterday on Royal. Stayed close to home for fear of the thunderstorm which never came. Sorted with Colleen at Chance Ridge, rode Smore and the (smokey) black colt, thought the gps was on but it was not. oh well.

Good Hands said...

1.98 mi

Big Ben, the horse at Shady Lanes Ranch I most often use as lead wrangler. We ride the horses two or three years before we begin putting the dudes on them. This will be my third year on Ben. How time flies . . . Really like that big black horse!

Good Hands said...

Royal tonight. Rode 38 minutes in the light spring rain. My saddles are both duly christened now as Ri was wearing hers back at the barn. When the light spring rain got heavier and the dusk fell early I reluctanctly ended a marvelous ride. Best horse, best dog, truly wonderful.

(200? are we there yet? I am definitely on the slow train! :-)

Good Hands said...

7.84 mi

Great but hot and windy (yes, a few posts up it was "great but icy and windy") ride with Jess and Corie. Didn't school on poor old Soxie as much as last time, but did some . . . he's still young and learning :-)

Good Hands said...

7.06 mi

Her first ride with company. Saddled up,rode out of the yard and turned north instead of south. Blew her pony mind. Went thru thriving metro of Murray, NE. Had Axel with us, which is good for the goofy little girl to get used to things happening around her.

She can be a hot little thing, which is why I quit crossing to the Welsh mares, but she did pretty good really, considering. Was totally freaked out at the sight of OTHER PEOPLE ON HORSES riding towards us. Lost her mind again, for a moment or two and had to go to school on who is directing who. It all worked out and another milestone under her still substantial girth . . .

Good Hands said...

14.9 mi AGAIN!

You would think I could stay in the saddle long enough to get that .10 of a mile to make the rounded 15! Oh well!

Beautiful day at Two Rivers yesterday, rode two laps with Jess and co, and then the last lap with the Platte River Riders. My young Arabian is growing up and figuring out that the mysteries of horses disappearing and reappearing on the trail does not have to be worthy of airs above ground, at least not always!

Good Hands said...

6.89 mi

Friday, Apr 6, led three guided trail rides on Sonny, on of the hack string horses. Beautiful day to be out on a horse, any where, doing anything!

Good Hands said...

Okay, this is a judgment call on these miles. My gps died and My Tracks calculated avg moving time and avg moving speed but did not record the tracks or the total mileage.

Multiplying avg moving speed 4.9 mph by avg moving time, 4:21 hours gives me 20.6 miles.

If you guys don't want to accept those miles that way, I understand. Damn batteries!

Good Hands said...

2.08 mi

Sonny, Shady Lanes hack horse. As our rides are about an hour long, that tells you about how fast we were going! omg, is Royal healed YET!?

Good Hands said...


Donovan, Weds night PRR. Got a fraction more than my fellows as we loped a little ways off and came to get our "lope every ride" in. Such a WONDERFUL ride on a nice, nice horse with great friends!!

Good Hands said...

2.15 very important very emotional miles


His first ride out since hanging himself upside down by his foot on a gate. I thought I had lost my dream horse, and then there was a wonder if he would be sound. Only out 30 minutes and a couple of miles on the trail but he did not take a bad step.

hisflame said...

That's good stuff there Terri! So glad he is sound and ready to ride again!

Good Hands said...

Thanks, Corie! Every step I get to take with him is one more than I thought I was going to get to . . . really changes my perspective.

Good Hands said...

2.15 mi

ahhh . . .

Rode the trails at Shady Lanes. They are indescribably beautiful this time of year. Too many different shades of green to even attempt, blacks and browns providing sharp contrast and the stillness of a world completely ignoring the metro cities only 15 minutes distant.

I love every inch of this horse. Riding him is music for me, and we played some today, just a little suppling and bending, asking, giving and taking on both sides.

Could have stayed out much longer, he feels completely sound under me but I am not going to rush his rehab, too far into the good to risk it now.

Good Hands said...

9.39 mi

Junebug! Her first big girl outing! We rode with the Wednesday night PRR - Southeast crew along the Mopac out of Louisville. I could not have been prouder of our little girl! :-)

Good Hands said...

11.72 mi


Top speed 18.79. First time we have asked him to gallop a little. He was surprised and a little excited the first time, but the second time was his normal "whatever you want Soxie". Picked up speed and slowed again with the merest of asks. Loped down the road away from the group on a loose rein. Such a good boy!

Was with wonderful company too!! Team Juanita, Pinky & one of her Boys, Team Griffin making a surpise appearance up from Texas and our friend Lori, who says her name somehow fell off the board . . . :-) Such a good day and just what the doctor ordered for this crabby frazzled girl!

Good Hands said...

5.79 nmi

Riata. Day three of the Peter Campbell clinic in Archie MO. For the details, read my blog :-) Oh yeah. I haven't written that segment yet, but I am going to . . . If you don't want the blow by blow, read Day One and Day Four.

Good Hands said...

6.38 mi

Ri AH ta. Last ride on my best girl ever. So long sweetheart, and thanks. You gave me far more than I was able to give you, and I know you will do nothing but well in your new home.

Good Hands said...

Whoops, Day three was May 5, Day 4, May 6 . . .

Good Hands said...

5.48 mi

Royal T. We are back! Man, I love my horse! this is from today at Shady Lanes Ranch.

Good Hands said...

2.10 miles


leg was swollen on Weds, so didn't ride him. Thinking his hard play and bucking arounnd Monday and Tuesday, plus our ride was more than it was ready for. Might have been just a little stocked up, too, as it looked pretty okay yesterday.

Did lots of stuff on the trail after being careful to help him get straight in the groundwork. I have not been very careful about that, either with Riata or Royal and it matters. All about the hindquarters. Front end looks stuck, fix the hindquarters and they won't be stuck anymore. Horse moving crooked, like a cooked noodle? Fix the hindquarters . . .

Found natural obstacles to play on, slow and easy. Was a great ride on my good horse. Can't wait til we can do it again. Wrangling today and tomorrow. That is really the sloooow train :-)

Good Hands said...


4 hour long rail rides, each 2.something, all with me on BlackJack, a super cool horse and one of my favorites to wrangle on. Only trouble with him,he is as mutton withered as I have ever seen a horse be, and I don't like the rig they have set up to ride him in but they say it's the only thing that's never got him sore. :-/.

Survived the rides, first two were hair raising, had a busload of special needs children that they did not tell us were special needs. It worked out, I have prayed enough in this one day to ensure at least a temporary spot in Heaven . . .

Good Hands said...



No matter how hot and tired, if there is daylight left at the end of the work day, I am going to be on my boy. He is stocking up a little, over night in his stall, but after about an hour of turn out, he looked better so we ride. Not so many antics tonight, took it easier, no crawling over logs and such. I just so badly want to get back into doing cool obstacle work with him, but I need to wait.

We did, however, more Peter Campbell clinic exercises and it's crazy exciting to me how soft he is getting, already! We have a LONG way to go, but are on our way!

Good Hands said...

5.34 mi

Led out two trail rides. one 2.78 mi, the other, 2.56. Seems I have become in the habit of shorting people about 10 minutes per ride, though most of them are plenty grateful to be done by the time I get them back . . . An hour in the saddle seems to be a long time for them! So, today, I lengthened them out a little and paid attention to the time on my phone/gps! Worked like a charm!

Rode Apache, a large striking sorrel and white overo hack gelding. He's just plain cool. I bet he had a good job, somewhere before this one. He knows stuff.

Good Hands said...

replying to myself. Finally went through and totaled up my miles on my calculator. With today's miles, I have myself at 316.11, so pretty close if not right on what TV has.

Too much going on at the ranch to ride Royal today :-(. Arron's horse, Diamond, is back so really hoping my husband will start accompanying me on some of these trips!

Tammy said...

Need an auditor to help with this.... at first I had less than what Terri has indicated. (She noted 316.11) and so I went thru all her comments and then I ended up with two different numbers.... I've gone thru them twice & I'm getting cross eyed. Can one or two or three of you go thru Terri's comments above and tally up her miles? Post your audit here. THANKS!


Dionne said...

I have 307.54 (without the 20.6 miles estimated on 4/8). I added it twice(top down and bottom up) and came up the same. 328.14 with the miles from 4/8 added in. I must be missing something somewhere.

Tammy said...

Dionne and I both went thru your comments and have each tallied 328.14 miles which includes all rides thru May 12. The next update will reflect this correction.

Good Hands said...

3.17 mi

Pete, a new gelding at Shady Lanes Ranch. Led a trail ride of 9 super nice people, had a great time! LOVE my part time job :-)

Total: 331.31

Good Hands said...

2.89 mi

BlackJack, leading a guided trail ride. Hey, I get paid AND get to be on a horse! Could be worse! :-)

Good Hands said...

3.32 mi

Royal. Started out pushy, flipping his nose at bit contact, swishing his butt around to avoid pressure. I wanted to get kinda wrangly with him about it, and then I could hear Peter's voice "Easy! Do Less!" I did, as far as the pressure was concerned but stayed right in there, asking for respect and obedience. The ride smoothed out nicely.

We played "work the cow" keeping his nose tipped toward my imaginary livestock, stepping the hindquarter over, and then bringing the front end through. Can't wait til there's a real cow!

Total: 337.52

Good Hands said...

4.30 mi

Friday, the 17th, Royal. Started out up a steep hill to avoid the hack horses who were loose grazing our normal route. Praying it would not strain his leg (good news, seems fine). Found a telephone pole down in the grass. There was a little bank and an incline to it from where we were . . . I had thoughts of riding up to it, placing the front feet over and sidepassing . . . turned out to be a challenge to keep him from impulsively tearing up the bank, and flying over the incline and the pole in a single wild bound.

After some ups and downs, literally, Royal became more willing to be aware of where his feet were being placed. We didn't get it the way I wanted it, originally, but we got the feet still and then, careful.

Saw a sick coon up one of our normal trails. I had my dog, Axel with us, and while he is normally super good, I did not give him even a chance to see that animal. We boogied! Royal was surprised and pleased at the change of pace!

More tree obstacles, over and around. More work on getting the feet to place precisely as I want them. We have a LONG way to go.

Some neat stepping the hip over, bringing the front end around, and then he is picking up a soft feel on a loose rein and we are feeling very together! It was really cool . . .

This is the hardest we have worked and fastest we have ridden since his injury. Didn't see him yesterday due to the FBMDR but this morning, his leg looked great. Attaboy, Royal!

Good Hands said...

16.52 mi

FBMDR. Sedona, borrowed TWH from fellow competitor, Tammy Musil. (oh yeah, previous note must have been THURS not Fri . . . days are running together!)

Sedona was a complete blast to ride! Had such a good time, out and about, being able to see so many of our friends!!

Gaited horses . . . I could get used to that. Our top speed gaiting was 13.20 or so the BFL GPS says. I think it was faster.

Me being me, I messed with her, getting a soft feel, asking her to rate her walk down to QH speed . . . and some other "trainer-ish" stuff. She was a good egg and tolerated me kindly.

Good Hands said...

15.30 mi

Junebug, a DIFFERENT Junebug, a tall, black TWH again, graciously loaned to me from the Musil's. We rode their Anniversary celebration Poker Run. Five years old, this mare really came through. Things got her attention, and I ask a lot of things different to her, and she still worked hard to get along. LOT of fun!!



Good Hands said...

5.85 mi

Chico. Rehabbing a renegade at the ranch. Well, actually, just a sour hack horse. SUPER nice, tall bay, elegant and really wants a better job . . . Coming around nicely.

Rode the first ride out with this young couple. The man was from Wyoming . . . Grew up on a ranch but is more comfortable on saddle broncs than saddle horses, says the broke ones take a lot more finesse to ride. He said the coolest things about how broncs and cowboys will size each other up in the chute before the go . . . it's dance, is what his dad says. Never ever thought of rodeo broncs that way. They have relationships too, it seems.

Total: 379.49

Good Hands said...

1.88 mi

Arena work with Royal. We had just ridden the high off my stall bound Araby, and the ranch folks were ready to leave for supper. My own fault. I could have been riding all day . . . kept thinking there were going to be storms. BFLWM strikes again.

I am still torn between instinctively doing what I know to do, which is not bad, and some of the things I have learned at the Peter Campbell clinics, which are better. Get the feet right, everything else gets right. I get distracted by the everything else . . .

Good Hands said...

oops, new total = 381.37

Good Hands said...

Yesterday . . .

Led out three trail rides . . .
.65 mi on Chico to make sure he was going to be civilized . . .
3.17 mi
5.54 mi. Combined two rides as I never got off my horse for those! Rode BlackJack, a really nice looking QH geldng out at the ranch. Yep! He's black!

Today . . . four rides I think, combined a couple. That means I am bringing riders in, and someone brings me a whole new crew and off we go again! Rode Chico today, and he's really smoothing out. I think he is resigned to having a job again . . .


New total

401.62! Woohoo! :-) Slowly but surely . . .

Good Hands said...


2.64 mi BlackJack. Very beginner riders, slooow loop

.73 BlackJack, up around the ridge with Arron, his first ride out on Diamond since last year . . . I was very concerned but they did great and went on to ride again, later that day, Arron's broken toe notwithstanding!

5.52 mi Chico. Combined rides, day was getting busy. Could not have asked for prettier weather to lead guided trail rides!

2.52 Chico, who is really turning into a nice horse. Wish I could do some "real" training with him, he'd be NICE! Arron and Diamond went with us on this one too . . . we went down deep into the interior trails of the ranch, heavily canopied, very beautiful. About 10 feet off the trail, a little spring buck, still in his velvet, stands and stares at us. Forever. I finally had to move him with my horse so he would explode as we went by, surely causing the spook of the year . . .

2.42 mi Daisy Mae. Last ride of the day. Darling young couple (just freshly engaged the day before) show up as we are pulling the wood. Fortunately, there were three horses left saddled, Bravo and Lester, beginner horses extroadinaire, and Daisy Mae, the draft cross mare. She and I had a pretty good time, though I had to remind her a couple of times, I am not a guest up here. When I ride, we do what I say do!

Funny how the ride length varies. Better riders, the horses step right out, we might trot some, so we take more loops. Same time out, longer rides. The beginners, we creep very carefully along . . .

Total: 415.45

Good Hands said...

7.63 mi

Royal. Training! We are pretty good at the walk, can pick up and hold a soft feel but it falls apart big time at the trot. I started paying attention to how I change when he changes gait. . . I kept thinking how the older Donnie said that Steven never gave his horse a chance to pull on him . . . When Royal would start working the bit and getting nervous like Riata was the third day I rode her at Peter's clinic, I knew I was giving him plenty of opportunity to pull on me and I started figuring out how not to do that. It took AWHILE but we found softness.

Practiced ups and downs. My young horse wants to scramble up hills and sprout wings going down them. I am no fan of the leaps and lurches, so I got off at an opportune time, sent him up and down some banks til he started to figure out how to keep his feet under him. Then, when I added myself to the equation, he handled things a lot better. We still had a few attempts at joyously bounding down the trail after completing an obstacle but by the time all was said and done, we leveled out and had a nice ride.

2.70 mi

Led out a nice family on a guided trail ride. Started to sprinkle a little heavily about 3/4 through. I gave my group the option of heading in early to avoid getting wet or staying out for one more loop. They enthusiastically voted to keep on ridin'! My kind of folks! :-)

425.78 me!

Good Hands said...

uh . . . that should ride MI! :-)

Good Hands said...

Friday, June 1

3.30 mi BlackJack. Chico is sold, good for you big bay boy! BlackJack is round round but he is a fun ride and I don't mind him at all.

2.58 mi and that was it for Friday. Did groundwork on a pali two year old and messed with a couple of the TB baby racehorses . . . was a good day.

Yesterday started dead slow. Gorgeous morning, there was a string of horses saddled when I got to work at 10:30. We saddled a few more, including Arron's half draft, Diamond . . .

Sat on our hands, and Charlie said, well might as well ride the young ones. I started on Jake, a flashy paint who has been with us a couple of years. He's just had wranglers on him, no one has really taught him anything and he's sat all winter. Time to go to school!

I took him up on the ridge, and even with the nasty Tom Thumb bit, developed communication with his mouth. Can't get him too light or sensitive or he won't work as a hack horse. I could sure see him as a super cute 4-h horse though . . . 1.03 mi

Next was Little Miguel, who Iam told was a reiner when they bought him. He is stiff as a board, has no idea how to turn around properly or even really turn. I don't think much of his early "training" at all. I had little steering and next to no brakes. Snaffle bit on him and I worked at the top of the ridge for awhile. Heck, I figure I better or on the return trip to the barn it would be nose in the air, jaw locked and katy bar the door!

Was pretty cool as I got him to slowly trust me enough to unlock his jaw, his poll, relax his neck and let me place those hind feet a little. His way of moving changed, his topline changed and the look on his face, that really changed . . . he could be SUCH a nice horse, hope I get to ride him more . . .

2.33 mi for Miguel

Back to Jake for guided trail rides. I was on him from 1 - 4, didn't get off, mi totaled 9.01. Arron came out and rode Diamond with us on the last one.

444.03 new total :-)

Good Hands said...

4.83 mi

Darling little new bay at the ranch. Had not planned to work yesterday. Was having one of the worst birthday weekends on record, got a call from the ranch that they were swamped and one thing I do know is that everything looks better from the back of a horse! I rode drag on two rides, much less stressful than leading, that's for sure, and my battery died somewhere on the second, but this is what I have.

New total: 448.86

Good Hands said...

Yesterday, again, another day I hadn't planned to work at the ranch and I get the call . . . can you come? Don't need you to ride, but we are cutting hay and we need someone to saddle and send the riders out. This is more important than you might think, the trails are hilly and the horse's backs need to be super clean and the saddles placed exactly right. Then we have to size up our riders (everyone can ride, doncha know) and match them with the appropriate mount for an enjoyable experience.

Okay fine, no problem.

Then we have more riders. There is a couple that wants to go out for three hours. They pay in advance and Charlie has me take them out for two.

I ride Pete, who is a very cute 14.1 or so hand bay gelding. He is new to us, and has a little more life in his step than the average guest will want. I really like him.

We get 5.79 mi as it's too hot and muggy to do anything but walk.

454.65 :-)

Good Hands said...

7.33 mi


Rode out at Cunningham Lake, took shortcuts as the sun began to set and we were on the slow train. It was Royal's time out with other riders since he was hurt. Pinky was with but on someone's else's boy who is just coming off a hoof surgery. We did it slow, easy and it was a relaxing ride that was good for the soul.


Good Hands said...

8.84 mi

Jake and Waterboy . . .

Led out three rides today. First one, a pair of couples that could ride and wanted to pick up the pace. I am allowed to use my judgement about such things, and pick up the pace, we did! FUN!


Third ride wasn't supposed to be mine. On the way back to the barn, our youngest newest guide was leading out, and one of the guest horses turned and came back down the hill with ours. The gal had never been on a horse before and she wanted to be done with the ride. I talked with her a little, gave her my credentials and she agreed to ride, if I took them out. Turned out fine, and this is why I give mini riding lessons on every ride! I jumped off my horse who had already been up the hill in the heat twice, and took Bob's little Waterboy. We ended up having a good time, lots of smiles. That's how I like to leave them :-)

Good Hands said...


3.06 mi Big Ben, leading trail ride of 10 guests
1.66 Little Miguel - training
.83 Diamond training
5.81 Diamond & Little Miguel, leading trail rides, stepped off on onto the other, no break
3.37 BlackJack, needed a broke horse to take out the last ride, I was beat!

14.73 miles total yesterday

12.37 mi today on Soxie, headed down south and rode out with Corie. We had planned a bigger, faster ride but considering the heat and wind, we had all we came for! Took my dog, he is out of shape too, now laying gratefully with his head on my feet under the desk!

27.10 mi + 470.82 . . . 497.92. Dang, had I known I was that close, would have jumped on another horse and taken another couple miles, somewhere!!

Good Hands said...

5.27 mi

One of our coolest rides to date. Quiet horse allows me to set feet. Where I like, when I like. Go down narrow shoot off the trail, approach small fallen log. Stop, settle. Right front foot over. Stop. Left front foot over. Stop. Settle. Sidepass to the right off of the log. Sidepass to the left to center. Stop. Settle. Proceed. Larger log sets up on a bank. Has been the subject of more than a few enthusiastic leaps and a couple mad scrambles. He starts to rush it. We stop. Settle. Walk over with brains, dignity . . .okay, brains, and exuberance. That will work.

Found out, down in the deep trails under the heavy tree cover, My Tracks doesn't pick up. Watched my traveling speed change from a 4.05 walk to 0 . . . we hadn't changed a thing . . . oh well. This puts me over 500 and it was a really fun ride.

Came back down the hill, played at the pond. Royal is afraid of frogs. Sigh. They are some scary big eyed boogers. Oh wait, that was him . . . Played in the arena some too. Footing was very heavy so limited to walking and a little trotting, in frame, nice cadence, me weighting the outside seat bone to help him get his hind up under him on the corners. Worked on the gate. We are not beautiful there, but the stop and settle are happening and that's been a long time coming, for us.


Good Hands said...

3.32 mi

Another "accidental" trail ride. Went to the ranch, thoughts of repeating yesterday and working with babies again . . . They were short handed as they often are during the week and had a family coming to ride, two would be doubles. That's a lot for our young Bob to handle on his own and I was happy to fill in and lead out the ride. Nicest couple, from Utah, in town for College World Series. Three kids, everyone did fine. Made a nice tip :-)

Start my new job tomorrow. That is a very good thing and if the worst of it is that it impacts my mileage, oh well :-). It will allow me to pay for my horse!


Good Hands said...

Saturday, June 23
2.61 mi
Slippin, and some other clinic horses. Not the longest stretch of miles but extremely gratifying. I taught the first clinic I have attempted since I started riding with Peter Campbell last year. Thanks to some tips on not horsemanship but how to teach it that I got from him, this clinic was amazing!!


5.73 mi


Forgot to turn my gps on for the riding part of the second day of the clinic, but after we rested up, the crew and I set out to ride the fabled Anthon pasture. For those of us who know and love Turkey Creek Ranch, it's a lot like that, then add a wonderful creek with a sandy bottom you can walk along for about a mile . . . Fantastic way to finish up a trail/horsemanship clinic! Put the arena skills to test in the real world!

Good Hands said...

whoops, forgot to total . . .

514.85 :-)

Good Hands said...

Saturday June 30

2.60 guided trail ride on a new horse at the ranch. Cute little black. Too much attitude to hack. . . he wants to move out and was zero happy creeping along behind. Can't say as I blamed him!

2.91 BlackJack. Took out a young couple. He called ahead and rented the terrace, his mom stocks it with champagne and goodies as he intended to ask the young lady to marry him upon our return. I think things must have turned out, they were still up there by the time I left . . . :-)

Total: 520.36

Good Hands said...

Saturday July 7.

Another day of guided trail rides at the ranch. Rode the little black horse for most of it. He is extremely pleasant. The ranch is going to sell him but they already have their own waiting list to from which to choose.

Rode a fat new sorrel on one of them. Guess he used to hack at the ranch before and has been out on lease. I didn't think a ton of him but he will probably work.


15.73 mi total for Saturday. Had planned to hit the Trail Challenge but my ride bailed out on me. Oh well, had a good domestic day at home. Hope to be riding this week after work as the temps are looking decent finally!

536.09 total

Good Hands said...

4.99 mi


Now that I am finally getting a handle on the new job, I don't come home feeling like I have been beat with hammers! The heat broke and yesterday was the day to get back into the swing of going to the ranch in the evenings. I still have another set of babies to halterbreak and polishing touches for the fancy one slated for the big sale.

Royal and I had the best ride since he's been hurt. There was a sparkle to him and a lift in his step that has been missing. I didn't even really realize it was gone until yesterday when it was back.

He had some excitable moments, I play on downed trees and different things off the trail that he has to step down, over, sidepass, and up. He wanted to rush them and dash exuberantly down the road. Nope. We stopped, settled, and did it right.

Then we had some serious fun. Riding the warm up round (the trails loop, to get any miles, you have to ride them at least twice) I envisioned us tearing along the narrow winding path, bending around the close set trees, leaning into the hairpin curves.

And so we did. We didn't blaze along but it was faster than a lope and it was FUN. Best yet, I sat up, thought "time to slow down." He did and walked off on a happy but steady loose rein.

We worked some, but we played most. It was just so good to be back in the saddle on a beautiful evening on my heart horse.

541.08 total

Good Hands said...

3.72 mi


Got a late start to the evening as I helped with a two year old they are starting, out at the ranch. Wish they would just let me do it, hard to watch, what they do, and then hard to help the horse, in the few minutes when they say, hey go . . . whatever it is they think the horse needs. Oh yeah, I don't have time to start a colt . . . guess it will just be what it is.

That over, had about as perfect a ride on Royal as we have ever, to date. I had planned to work on stopping and settling as he gets fussy when he wants to proceed and I say no. Has been a root issue for us.

Not yesterday. Of course, the heat slowed him down a little, but he was calm and thoughtful. No rushing through obstacles, up or down the hills, or through the tight places I put us. Early we stopped on a steep down, and I asked him to settle. He did not see the point, but complied. Then I asked him to back up the hill. That, he did not care for and got a little sully at first. I was careful to moderate my pressure, put just enough to get a try which was more than I wanted to, but then got butterfly light as soon as he shifted his weight to respond. We ended up backing up the hill, nose tucked, loose rein.

Worked on transitions from the seat, Gretchen Ahrens has inspired me to continue to refine where we are at so she doesn't get TOO terribly far ahead of us :-)

Worked circles, framed in a lovely manner. Worked on our reining spin, he's getting the idea of what that is about, gonna be fun!

Once, I was getting ready to ask him to bring his hip over and while I was preparing myself, he slows his forward motion and glides the hip over perfectly to bring us perpendicular with my imaginary wall. I almost stopped him, it was almost anticipation, but not quite. What I did was stay out of his way and let him do what he could already feel I was going to ask of him. Staying out of the way is a big deal. I had him wait for me to ask for the shoulder to come through, it was clean and crisp. So nice.

Couldn't ride as long as I wanted, there's a baby TB that would not let them trim his feet last time and he's slated for the biggest sale. I have been working with him, and the farrier comes tonight so last night was no night to miss. He stood like a little saint, I draped his halter rope over his back, walked around, picked up and cleaned all four. Hope it goes as well tonight!

Total: 544.08

Good Hands said...

6.03 mi

Dakota, pretty young Paint gelding out at the ranch. Led out a trail ride and had two more brought to me at different points, so didn't get down off the hill til I brought the last one in. Closed early due to the heat and we won't open tomorrow. Not even tempted to ride in triple digits.

550.3 total

Good Hands said...

Last Sunday whatever day that was . . .

3.16 mi on Big Ben. Only took 1 ride out, a dad and his little girl. Repeat riders, they love the place, I love the place. We went early, at nine and it was still nice. Zen ride if there ever was one. Then we closed up shop and went to the races!

Total: 553.46

Good Hands said...

tonight, July 27,


Royal. Sure seemed like more than that, but I don't think we get signal down in those deeper trails and we played in there a lot. I tried to get video of us playing foxhunter, or outlaw escaping posse or some such game as we tore along the narrow windy treed trails. Two goals, don't crash into a tree and don't drop your phone. Got those accomplished. The video? Nope, somehow I managed to shut it off or it quit on me or some darned thing. Too bad! Would have been cool!


Good Hands said...

Big day at the ranch yesterday!!

Led out 6 rides and followed one. GACK on that one, some of the heaviest dust I have ever ridden in! Had to breathe through my shirt a few times, even! Felt so bad for the horses, and the riders in the middle to the end could not have had a good time. Was slooow riding . . .

2.71 Big Ben
2.65 Little Pete
5.28 (two rides back to back, never got off my horse) BlackJack
2.73 Dakota
2.76 BlackJack
2.74 BlackJack

We don't normally use a horse as much as we did BlackJack but he had an incident yesterday and earned himself a day of wrangler attention. I completely blame the rider, a woman who thought she knew everything, go figure, and eventually upset him enough, he pitched her. Big ride, she was at the end, I would not have allowed her behavior had she been close enough to me to talk to. The guy riding drag has grown up on that ranch and they don't believe you should tell the people what to do. Had that gal bucked off which spooked another horse back there. THAT guy didn't even have his hands on the reins, had his little girl on with him. Horse comes tearing past the other 11 riders (and thanks to God that THEY all had THEIR hands on the reins and the horses all held steady.

I am on Little Pete and the horse that was running was Apache, a big dominant Paint gelding. Petey held his ground, I am hollering at the guy to pick up his reins and pull back. He is too scared to do anything. I say "Whoa 'Patch", his ears flick forward and he slows. I easily grab his rein as they approach. All is well. Even the gal who was thrown was okay.

Too much excitement and thankfully very RARE excitement out there! If one good thing came out of it, the other wrangler's daughter was out with us. She has been known to make very snotty little commnents about how I don't need to give "riding lessons" out there (just repeating stuff her elders have said, no doubt). Well, the next ride, she led, and I followed. I heard her use my words, almost verbatim. Guess she learned the value of "riding lessons."

18.87 for yesterday. Feeling it a little today!

577.15 total

Good Hands said...

Great day to ride yesterday! We didn't have near as many guest riders as we thought we would, we saddled nearly everything in in the yard, but only 16 showed to ride. Still it made for several trips up and down the hill for me and BlackJack.

3.11 Saw a skinny puny looking coyote heading for the water hole.
5.93 Came down, dropped my group off, picked up another and headed back
2.78 Sloow boat . . .
6.12 A couple drove clear from Des Moines to come ride with us. They booked two hours to make it worth the trip. Got to take them down on some of the cool interior trails and move out a little. Saw that sickly looking coyote again, this time on the ridge coming down to the barn. Thinking he is either in poor health or stalking the wild turkeys that hang out around there. Was odd to see him twice, and so close, that is for sure.


595.09 total

Good Hands said...

6.86 mi yesterday


Got to get out and ride with Pinky and her Boys! Has been too long! We will do it again soon! Hope this promise of decent weather sticks with us!

601.95 :-)

Tammy said...

On this one, total should be 544.80. Numbers transposed.

Tammy said...
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Tammy said...

Found 2 math errors in July in your favor. New total should be 602.48. Please use that number going forward. Thanks!

Good Hands said...

Loong day at the ranch yesterday!

I turn My Tracks off between rides, and yesterday, other than to get off one and onto another, and a 15 minute break at 4 p.m. I was steady in the saddle from the first ride at 10 a.m til our last one at 5pm!

It was three trips up on Dakota, the tall elegant young Paint, two trips up on Brody who belongs to the daughter of one of the ranch hands. She has lost interest so he is getting a new job. Mouthwatering pretty dark bay . . . a little soft in front, too bad about him. One trip up the hill on an old fat sorrel gelding who spooks and blows at every shadow, not as fond of him, and last trip of the day back on Dakota, who'd had a good rest.

It is fun riding these different horses, and doing what I can to make their jobs good for both of us. Chase Musil, youngest son of two of our Musil Teams came and helped out. He did a great job and I hope we make him a regular up at Shady Lanes!

Total for the day: 19.32

621.07 and off to spend the day riding with Team Purple!

Good Hands said...

9.93 mi today.

Wonderful visit with Team Purple!! AND - knocked a first off my bucket list, I rode a mule!! Christine's Taz mule is a total sweetheart. She put up with me and was just an angel to get along with. Even did a little gaiting :-)

Christine rode her lovely Brooklyn, that is one magnificent bit of horseflesh right there! They are well matched :-)

Pierce Creek was next on the agenda but I opted to play with Christine's lovely Arab cross, Skye. She has been well started, and with a little prep work to get her ready, she handled her first ride beautifully. Sure would like to bring her home if I had a home to bring her to!

It was a truly great day! Love the countryside Christine has to ride in! Miles and miles in any given direction . . . Troy made us a to die for pot roast and yes, home cooked chocolate pudding for dessert. Someone should have told them not to feed me, now they will never get rid of me! :-)) Can't wait for next time!

631.63 new total

Tammy said...

You were at 602.48 and adding 19.32 = 621.80.

Tammy said...

621.80+ 9.93 = 631.73

Please use 631.73 as the number going forward. :)

Good Hands said...

4.32 mi


Only rode an hour or so, after work and before working the TB babies. Did everything we do, walk with soft feel, long trot with posting (for me, ugh), canter, every ride. Stop on soft feel, back up same way, soft loose rein. Worked on hip and shoulder control. Royal was focused on the direction the barn was, so I upped the ante until I got his attention. Then he worked nice.

He was hoping we would spaz around the trails and play fox hunter. Noo, tonight we use our brains :-) Love my horse. Goofy beast.

New total:

631.73 + 4.32 = 636.05 I HOPE, LOL!!

Good Hands said...

2.98 at Shady Lanes last Saturday. Took one ride out before the awesome and most welcome rains began! Was a very fun ride, nice young couple who even tipped me sweetly before they left! Me on BlackJack.

4.97 tonight

And dang it, we came in early so I would have time to work the TB babies as is one of jobs out there. Turns out, chores were done late as they are busy chopping wood for the upcoming hayrack ride season and the kids were still eating dinner. Man! I could have had another hour!

We did all the things we do on our rides, walk trot, loose rein, and soft feel, alternately. Canter, this time we picked up the pace and flew around the trails! Only had an hour and I was determined to make the best of it. Royal always likes those kinds of rides, and he has learned to settle beautifully on a very simple ask.

I cannot video off my phone. It looks like it is working but when I go to play it back . . . about two seconds and it shuts off :-(( We would have had really cool footage of that tearing through the trees bit.

Worked on reining spin, hip and shoulder control, straightness, responsiveness. Man, I love my horse! :-)

644. new total!

Tammy said...

From Terri on the main page & yes, it will count since it was posted to the Distance Derby group.

I don't know if this will count but I messed around and didn't post my miles from last Sunday.

12.53 (I can't get to my part of the blog from my phone).

Good Hands said...

4.18 mi

Last night on Royal. Had not planned to ride, didn't even take a saddle with me, was a baby night. Have not seen my horse as we were out of town for the weekend. Of COURSE I stop by to have a a look, squeeze his neck, all that.

Bad scare! He is dragging both back feet! Leaving trails behind. My heart sank to my feet and a sick feeling rose in my stomach. Oh God, not Royal! I was thinking EPM, WNV, or that dang Herpes thing. Something.

I go get Charlie, he comes immediately. Points out most of the horses are doing it . . . I scowl a little, as I am asking Royal for more movement, he isn't doing dragging anymore and now Charlie thinks I am nuts . . . Oh wait, he isn't doing it anymore! Dunno about why, maybe played hard and was lazy in the sun. They were all sloughing around and we moved them out just to see. They all quit.

Had a glorious ride. My big guy is growing up. Trotted, cantered, loose rein, transitioned down to a walk from only my seat . . . did all the stuff we do, and it felt like magic.

Found a stretch of road that I know I get gps and opened up a little. 24.61 top speed, and it was grand! He was very proud of himself for being such a fast pony, hahaha! There is more where that came from, will be interesting to see what we do as we gain confidence in speed . . .

660.71 is the total I get . . . :-)

Good Hands said...

Good day at the ranch yesterday. Started slow, to my surprise. Weather that pretty, I thought they would be lining up out the gates. By 11 a.m. not a single call.

Then, a gal shows up, wants two hours. After that, it was steady in the saddle til I led the last ride out at 5.

Even got to lope a little when I brought one ride down and had to go find another already in progress.

The Monarchs were out in full force, swirling in teams of two, three, four and more. I tried to snap a shot as several times they cavorted close by my horse's ear. No such luck tho.

Rode Dakota all day, tall elegant young Paint. I think he is going to come up for sale, he won't get along with a couple of the older hackers. If that's the case, someone wants to sit up and take notice . . .

6.30 the two hour gig
5.47 a ride, and then the one I caught up to
3.16 nice couple I have taken out before, cool to have repeat customers
2.76 oddest ride yet. Woman throws a fit at the yard, as she doesn't like the saddle on the horse they put her on. They put her on Shiloh, the SLOWEST horse on the planet, we make maybe 50 yards. She thinks he is lame. No, he is just slow. Again, the fit. I don't think I want to ride a crippled horse, says she. Not at all crippled, says me, he is fine or we would not use him. I think I am going to take him back. Okay, do what you have to do.

I am now riding with the guy she brought, turns out to be her ex, and two kids I thought were with them. Turns out, he has nothing to do with them. So, I think they are hers. I call down to see if they are sending her up on another horse but no they are all put up. She waited for us, had to be thrilled about that as she had called her ex to take her riding . . . oh well. It all worked out. Kids were a totally separate deal, after all and they had a blast. Such is life on the ranch.

17.69 for the day
678.40 new total

Good Hands said...

Last Saturday . . . umm September . . .?? something not 7 days ago . . .

Rode Dakota all day, what there was of it. Such a beautiful day, and so disappointing so few people showed up to ride. Got off to a good start with five riders at 10 a.m. In fact we hustled and saddled three more upon our return, thinking we might be in for a slam dunk day.

And sat. Til 3pm (post Nebraska game sigh) and then led out three small rides. Made a few miles, very much enjoyed that young Paint horse. I could own him.Not literally. Well maybe not literally. Last Saturday was the 15th.

3.07 first ride
2.84 2nd one
6.05 last two, didn't get off my horse, just traded one group for another.

Led a crazy ride tonight, 19 riders, maybe one could really ride, two some, the rest from once, twice or never been on one in their lives. One near scare back toward the back, one horse snarled at another, he flinched back into Arron's Diamond who said "not today" and in the process of escaping THAT threat, backed into a ditch and sat down. The hapless rider stayed on through the entire thing. The only dismount was a frightened Asian girl who screamed (nothing was happening to her, she was not even that close to the action), jumped off her horse and started running down the trail. Little Dave, my drag rider had to go after her and let her know that walking back is not allowed, so mount up, Buttercup, and off we went.

Other than that, we were incident free. It was what I call a very spiritual ride. I pretty much prayed the whole way out and the entire way back. Had a pretty good time with the group that was up close enough to talk to . . . they were good sports.

3.39 mi on that one. Dakota again.

15.35 for this week's riding. Blew out my bad knee and have been babying and doctoring it, as Peter Campbell is this weekend, I am riding both sessions, and by Epona (Celtic horse goddess) I am going to get through it!

678.40 + 15.35 = 693.75

Good Hands said...

3.34 mi

Quiet relaxed Royal. There are fundamental changes taking place with us, following Peter's clinic. He would have been better served in Foundation than he was in Horsemanship but Peter still helped him.


We also went fast :-)26.17mph. fastest yet and way more to go, as we both get braver. Best part was coming back down and walking at a brisk but head down and loose reined walk.

Good Hands said...

9.37 mi

Super busy morning at the ranch yesterday. So busy, I stayed back and saddled the herd. We started a new girl yesterday and I think she is going to work out. Could use a fill in for the super busy nights in the car parking crew if you know anyone close enough to make it worth the trip.

Got to take three rides, the first two were little girl's birthday parties. I thought they might be nightmares (12 ten year old giggling girls? TWICE?) but no, each ride was a delight.

Big slow down in the middle and another group at 4 . . . had a gal show up to ride with her little girl. Mom is wearing a dress that brushes the tops of her thighs . . . she figured out about halfway through the ride that might not have been the best call. Sweet kid, and she hung tough. Just didn't know any better. There's a lot out there like that. I am glad we have a place people can come and get some idea of the reality, the wonder, the smell, sweat and feel of a real flesh and blood horse . . .

Rode Dakota. Man, I like him. There's four at the ranch I would take home in a New York minute . . . the pain of boarding!

706.46 Next Centennial! Woohoo!!

Tammy said...

What/Where is Centennial?

Good Hands said...

2.91 mi, Fri 10/5. On Royal, parking cars for the hayrack rides at Shady Lanes Ranch. Stressful job for a horse. Lots of noise, people in all directions, and heathen devil-children that can come racing at you unexpectedly from atop a hill. My horse was the calmest under pressure he has ever been. First night of the season for us, went smooth as silk!

10.07 mi. Yesterday. Can't hardly think the mileage is right, used my gps instead of my phone, but it is what it is. Led four rides, and then parked for an hour on Royal. Just turned the thing off between rides, and I think I lost some, but oh well. LONG day, started saddling at 8:30 am, unsaddled mine at 7:30 pm. Going to go ride today for fun! No, I don't seem to be able to get enough :-)


Good Hands said...

This week it is the case of the dead batteries!

2.11 mi Friday night on Royal. Parking cars, battery dies.

5.61 mi Saturday. Was in the saddle from 4:30 to after 9, parking cars for an approximate 3600 guests. Yep. Cars, tractors, lightening, thunder, rain, mud and a mutant Bobcat. Machinery, not animal. Scared the beejeezus out of my animal. Battery on gps dies.

4.23 mi yesterday. Royal, high as a kite from the night before but we had a chance to settle and steady before being the sole car parking crew for the day. Had an 11 year old kid helping me that was worth more than most of the ground crew I normally have. And yes, phone battery dies.

11.95 total captured miles.

731.39 new total.

Good Hands said...

6.13 Fri night parking cars on Royal. Had a drunk almost hit us, come speeding down the lane. Royal leapt sideways off the road and there is a sharp bank there. Damn good thing he is athletic and kept his feet . . . Had some wild Arabian moments but we got our job done.

13.98 Led trail rides at the ranch on Black Jack, who has put on his winter "fluff". Mutton withered and round anyway, he is like riding a 500 gallon barrel drum. I am sore today and pretty sure it's thanks to him. Took a few out on Ben as well, my favorite black horse. He's a good egg.

Dismounted the ranch horses at 4:30, saddled Royal and parked cars til 9:00 or so. Had some breakthrough moments with Royal. Kept him calm longer, and when his mind would start to leave, my timing was finally good enough to keep it from going. We had a GREAT night! Finished up coming down off the big terrace, him happily stepping in time to Marky Mark's "Good Vibrations." My coworker laughed admiringly and said "too bad he can't do that, sideways," Huh? Well, of course he can and we leg yield TO THE BEAT across the yard. Pretty damn fun, that horse. Next weekend I work both days, then the ranch closes for the season and Royal moves to his winter home. Have to say, I am ready.

751.50 new total. Wonder if I will make the millenium mark?

Good Hands said...

Oh, the 13.98 mi was yesterday Saturday the 20th, for clarity. Sorry!

Good Hands said...

Too many weeks of too many hours work, and I didn't get my miles in for last weekend. Oh well, rules of the game. I can put them in for Sunday and this weekend and so I shall

Last weekend was supposedly our last before closing down for the winter, last carparking, last guided trail rides. I parked cars on Friday, saddled and led rides Saturday,parked cars Saturday night and was back first thing Sunday morning to do it all over again.

Milestone: Fiday night was a spook free, do your job with a cheerful good attitude night for Royal. Our first error free. It was cold, not a lot going on and he hung in there like a champ. Boredom is his undoing and for once, I kept him just occupied enough, had just the right timing when he'd start to jack around to help him keep his head. It was a great night.

Sunday, the last thing I was scheduled to do was give a presentation for a troop of boy scouts and lead them on a ride. Man. It was the last two hours of a 68 hour week and I will tell you I was not at my best. They will get their badges, but I had an opportunity there, and I feel it was mostly lost.

Led rides yesterday, the weather so lovely the phone was off the hook with requests. Next weekend I am in GA, teaching horsemanship clinics down there, and I can't wait!

Royal is staying at the ranch for the winter after all. I will have use of the hunter/jumper barn's indoor arena and can ride those incredible trails. I will miss the social atmosphere of the boarding facility, but all in all, it is a very good deal for us.

14.76 miles on Sunday, last week. Parked cars on Royal, led rides on Ben and Little Miguel (stocky cowpony I would not mind owning, either)
9.1 mi yesterday, on Big Ben.

775.36 new total.

Good Hands said...

21.77 mi today

Rode with Corie (Pinky, without her Boys) and Christine, Ms Purple. Corie and I drove down and Christine did us the honor of allowing us to play musical horses with her nice nice herd. I did roughly half the ride on Brooklyn, the gorgeous black saddlebred and the other half on Bling, the gorgeous sorrel saddlebred.

It was a great day! Laughter abundant, I got to bring my dog, who is sore footed but happy tonight, and I hope we get to do it again SOON!

The Distance Derby has been a complete blast! Thanks so much Christine and Tammy V for hosting!!

New Total: 797.13 (Woohooo, starin' down the barrel at the 800 mark!)

Good Hands said...

8.25 mi. Last Friday . . . was not Black for us! Royal. Great ride, and another exercise in "he gets easy in his skin when I do . . ." Bundled up, took my dog, rode the trails at the ranch.

Good Hands said...

805.38 new total. How could I have forgot that, LOL!

Good Hands said...

.69 mi last . . . Tues, maybe? Turns out, my gps does not work inside the indoor either. That is apparently how far it is to ride down the lane and back from the barn where the indoor is . . . Good schooling ride on Royal T. If we don't grow old and die first, he will become a broke horse.

3.00 mi before my battery died. Today, riding Soxie while Corie rode Charlie. We played arena games then took a tootle down the road. Pretty cool, Corie's first outing on Charlie away from the arena. They prepared correctly and things went beautifully.

2.18 JuneBug. Walt asked if I would come down and put a little ride on Junie as the grandkids have been riding her. Corie and I zipped over before the sun went down and grabbed a couple miles there, too. What a great day!!

811.25 new total. That 1000 is looking pretty far away at this rate, but who knows :-) Might have to ride outside in the dark this next few weeks!

Good Hands said...

17.7 mi. Soxie

Rode out with fellow DD'er's, Corie (Pinky and one of her boys), Jess Vallery and Brenda Messick. We all remarked on what an incredibly gorgeous day it was, and so it was . . . for awhile. Then the wind picked up (WHY is that such a familiar theme?) and it got nippy!

Oh well, still a great ride, tons of fun, good friends and fine horses. Just canNOT beat that combination!

828.95 (C'mon 1000!!)

Good Hands said...

12/0/12 4.62 mi

Royal. Seemed like more! Was brisk today, but we've been out in worse! Bundled up, headed out. Looking forward to time spent on the trail, me, my horse and my dog. Much to my joy, the gates to the back 80 were open! We don't get to take rides back there very often during the season and the gates are shut to prevent a possibly loose horse from escaping to . . . well, the back 80!

Cut it short as Arron wanted to do some holiday shopping today only to come home and find out his one appointment has turned into at least two and the entire afternoon . . . Oh well, never a bad time to make money but I could still be riding!

Good Hands said...

833.57 new total. No way I will reach that desired 1000, maybe not even 900 but it has been one heck of a great year and I have new goals and strategies in place for TGDD of 2013!

Tammy said...

okay, so what do you do when there is no more space on the blog to post a comment? Seems to me for my last entry there was a box on top over to the side but it's not there now?

2.45 anyway, new total; 836.15

(It's there - just over in the right hand margin now. Had to make some adjustments because of all the comments - thus another reason we started a new site. I added these for you to make sure it was working okay.)