Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Sky Writing




Shari, Team #55, did a little sky writing this weekend.  Very impressive!  Click on the picture and see the narrative she shared on Facebook.




We had another gorgeous weekend in the midwest.  My husband and I rode with Kathy (Team #50) and her husband, catching miles in both Iowa and Missouri.  It was youth hunting season on the Missouri trail.  Do you think anyone could see us?  Check out the socks on Zuni’s breast collar! 


Jess Vallery, #3, and her good horse, Cutter, rode into the Millennium Club this weekend.  Congrats, Jess!  You worked hard for that one!


Other notables: 

  • I have crossed the 1,100 mile marker
  • Kristy (#27) has passed 500



1 comment:

Hareford Sandy said...

I always wondered how you're able to pull off wonderful weekend breaks. Where do you even get those ideas? And because of all your exciting weekend posts I always look forward to the weekend and find out how you faired, because I might probably pick up something that I could do around my neighborhood too.