Tuesday, October 16, 2012





The Distance Derby riders are a mixed bag of talent.  All good, of course.  I don’t know how many of you follow the comments from other Derby riders or their stories on Facebook, but Dionne of Team 35 The Misfits has picked up quite a gig this fall at Living History Days at Nebraska’s famous Arbor Lodge in Nebraska City.  From the comments on her bio:


“Carriage rides.  The team are rockstars!!!  Cole jumped a metal grate a couple times, then walked politely over it the rest of the day.  They LOVE the attention.  Really enjoying the new carriage.  Even picked up some Victorian clothing to play the part.  I received lots of compliments on the team - they are broke, broke, broke.  Park manager said we did very well and he wants us to stay with him forever!  Even wants to add us to more of their events.  That would be awesome.  He was excited that we were black percherons, as that's what J. Sterling Morton had there at the mansion! How cool is that!!!”


When I saw the above picture on Dionne’s Facebook page, I was in awe.  She exudes confidence and grace.  Dionne, you wear it well.  Yes, rockstars!


This past weekend, I entered a competitive trail ride at Indian Cave State Park.  I was in good company with other Derby riders either entering the competition or volunteering:  #2 Shannon, #14 Brenda, #55 Shari, #56 Robin, and #58 Sarah.  Unfortunately, the drought ended when the competition began and the hills of Indian Cave were treacherous.  The second day of the ride was canceled; I didn’t make it through Day 1.  None-the-less, it was good to hang with other Derby riders and we’ll try again next year. 


Notable Mile Markers 

  • #41 Juanita now over 1700 miles
  • #14 Brenda & #49 Janette are at 1210 and 1205 respectively
  • #59 Tammy A crossed 400
  • #57 Carol crossed 300


Anyone else dreading the end of Daylight Saving Time?




Peggy Ann said...

Dionne, that carriage & team of yours are AWESOME! All you need is a Dalmatian or two at the wheel! :)

Leigh said...

Wow! You are always up to some of the neatest things!
Y'all are beautiful!

Tammy said...

I think there were 7 Derby riders in our group thru out the weekend. The weather was a gift as was the company. Sheila #7 team was home visiting from CA which was good enough reason to get out and ride. Will update miles tomorrow. Seeing lots of reports coming in!

Dionne said...

Awww - thanks!!! It really is so much fun. Peggy Ann - I have two Gordon Setters that I'm grooming to take a seat. Although a Dalmatian would be neat... It was great to ride with and see everyone on Sat!

Jessica said...

What a beautiful photo! Looks like so much fun!