Sunday, October 7, 2012

On Eagles Wings



2012_9_Eagle_Parade 008.docsize

Peggy (Team #60) has got to be one of the most creative riders I (virtually) know.  Check out Shadowfax wearing an eagle costume at the Homecoming Parade.

Made by Peggy, she is still looking for suggestions for the wings.  Although he does have some on, she was disappointed they did not stand out.



I am pretty sure my Blue would stroke out if he saw a horse with wings!  I don’t think my Windy would be too keen on the entire ensemble!  



Thanks for sharing, Peggy.  You are the bomb!


Rider Milestones:

  • MeMe of Team #68 reached 700 miles.
  • Cheryl of Team #13 reached 600 miles.

Enjoy the fall!  It is starting to get very chilly – especially in the mornings!



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Jenny said...

Back in the dark ages when DB Cooper was in the news, I made my cousin an airplane costume for her horse for the Oregon State 4-H horse show costume class. I used a refrigerator box for the body and cardboard cut outs for wings. They were supported by hay twine tied from the end of the wing back to the box, like struts on a small plane's wings. They bounced up and down when the class was told to jog and most of the other horses were not very happy. There were cardboard wheels attached to his feet and my cousin dressed up in a jump suit and carried a bag of fake dollars. Needless to say she won.

Perhaps Peggy could make a lightweight frame of pvc that would set over the saddle horn and give the wings some dimension.