Monday, October 22, 2012





Its getting to be that time of year where we may have jackets and gloves on or we may be in short sleeve tee shirts.  Sunday here in eastern Nebraska was a warm 82 degrees.  Distance Derby Rider, Sheila from Team #7, was visiting from California and many of us were able to share the trail with her.  The above picture was taken of the Distance Derby riders at Branched Oak Lake.  (Left to right:  Cindy #5, Tammy & John Musil # 22 & #21, Deb #61, Shari #55, Tammy V #1 and Sheila #7.  Not pictured: Carol #57 & Dionne #35).





Other Distance Derby riders enjoyed a Halloween weekend at Turkey Creek Ranch.  The above picture was taken of Christine #15 on her mare, Brooklyn.  Appropriately, Team Purple was the Purple People Eater. 





This photo was submitted by Jenny #26 of their ride in Alaska.  Jenny said, “Riding horses in Alaska is a challenge this time of year.  We bundle up and head out.  This ride was from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, 8.44 miles.  We rode beside the roads on ATV trails to Burger King in town, then along the main highway for a bit and back on the ATV trails.  We crossed the road at one of the major intersections in Wasilla.  It was full dark from the midpoint on, good thing three of the riders had on headlamps.  I have come to the conclusion that my horse is not a town horse, definitely a trail horse.”



  • #50 Zuni hit 500 miles
  • #12 Bailey made 200 miles


Thank you for sharing your pictures and stories of your rides.  We have two “hard” months coming up.  Ride on!



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Looks like a great time!!! Perfect time of the year for trail riding!!