Sunday, September 30, 2012

Poor Jenny




While we are enjoying this glorious Indian summer weather, Jenny (Team #26 Alaska) has been fighting Mother Nature.  From what I’ve seen from her Facebook post (she is the ONLY Alaska rider on Facebook page, I think), she has even mentioned the “s” word and I don’t mean snake.  More like snow.  (Seems I have a real problem with S words.)  From Jenny’s post: 

“Where has the last month gone? It got washed away in the record amount of rain that we have had. If what is happening here had happened in America, Jim Cantore and the Weather Channel would be camped in the Mat Su Valley. Over 40 acres of our CTR trails have been under water, several miles of trail has been washed away by the Little Susitna River, and many trees have blown down. We can't even get in the river bottom to access the damage. Needless to say I have not been riding at all in the past 30 days.”

Jenny, not to make light of your weather issues as we have burned up here this year and know you pain.  But.  Now is the time to come to Nebraska.  We have this little window of fabulous weather we would like to share with you.



(John & me)

Speaking of which, John and I went over to a friend’s home near Blair today.  Mike has spent years making trails in the woods by his home.  Thanks to his generous neighbors for allowing him to expand his trail system, he now has over 8 miles cleared.  It is truly a labor of love and we are blessed to have him share it with us.  Windy threw a shoe, so I rode Fancy today.  John rode Butter-butt.



The above picture is the “other” Tammy & John:  The Musil Team (Team 21 & 22).  They rode with us today, too.  A top 10 day for sure – weather-wise & friend-wise. 




Since it is probably just a matter of timing and no doubt, short-lived, I will toss a little smack to Tim of Grabb’n Leather # 45.  I squeezed by him by a couple of miles this time moving into 7th place.  ;) 




And not to go unnoticed, Team #49 Kimes is knocking on Team #14 Messick’s door.  The way Janette’s been riding, it won’t take much for her to claim that 4th place slot. 


3 places


There is a little horse race going on at the bottom of the Leaderboard, too.  Only a few miles separating those riders and they have all been on the move again.  Which of this group will hit the 100 mile marker first?


Notable Milestones:

  • Juanita #41 at 1,600 miles
  • Christine #15 at 1,500 miles
  • Leigh #10 at 1,100 miles
  • Terri # 4 at 700 miles
  • Tammy Musil #22 at 600 miles
  • Shari #55 at 500 miles
  • Syndi #39 at 300 miles
  • Moira #72 at 200 miles


Ride on!


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Jenny/AKPonyGirl said...

Thanks for the invite. You WILL see me in the future.