Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mid Year Thoughts


I believe I got everyone’s miles captured this time.  Please double check the Leader Board and let me know of any corrections.  The human element has goofed a few times lately and I won’t see it again unless you tell me. 




If you are curious, I see the comments in one long dialogue as shown above, rather than on each of your bios.  If my numbers don’t match up, then I go to your bio section and run a quick tally from the last reporting time.  Usually I can fix it there.  But sometimes, Blogger thinks your comments are spam – not sure why – and puts them in another file.  I try to remember to check the spam file, but sometimes I forget.  So keep an eye on your number and let me know if I goofed. 


New milestones:

  • Juanita #41 is now over 1,200 miles
  • Christine of #15 Purple is not far behind crossing 1,100 miles
  • Hollie of Team #23 Reilly on her Windy & Gus have made it past 500 miles
  • And Kristy #27 said she has put a lot of miles on her truck this past week to cross the 300 mile marker on her horse.   


Are we having fun yet?  Starting our eighth month, those still in the race have logged 19,106 miles so someone is either having a good time or suffering miserably but keeps trudging on.  I hope it is the former.


I have been asked on this blog and via email if we are doing this again next year?  What do you think?  Are we?  Do you want to?  What have you liked about it or what would you change about it? 


I enjoy seeing all the miles come in and I really don’t mind the bookkeeping, but if we do it again, I would need a back-up.  I enjoy writing the blog and can usually find something from your posts that is fun to share.  And I want to log miles in Alaska next year marking trail.  : ) 




Jamie said...

Heck yeah it'd be cool to do again next year! I may not be a 'contender', but it's fun to see what everyone else is doing and see how many miles I get.

Jess Vallery said...

I think this is a great idea! Plus it's so fun to see how many miles I truly put on when I ride. Makes me really appreciate my horse. ( and my dog that goes with me most of the time) Tammy I really hope you decide to do this derby again. It give us all another reason to go out and enjoy our horses!

Laura said...

Tammy, for next year I think I can set up something that will automatically log the miles, tally and update your leaderboard. You might still want some help to prevent any spam issues, but there's no reason to keep it so laborious for you, since you're providing us with so much!

... and I will start logging again soon... when I put my phone back in my pocket, at least, for some lessons...

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Ditto everyone! And I thought the same as Laura, doing something that automatically logs in. We're all on our honor system. I like the extra incentive that this Derby gives me to ride. I like keeping track of how many miles or time I put on each horse, and Garmin Connect does that for me, so no bookkeeping there either. It's been a fantastic idea. I want to ride new places too. I'm enjoying reading your recaps of everyone's rides too.
Thanks for doing this!
Team 14 Messick

Good Hands said...

I would do it again in a heartbeat! This Derby got me out riding farther and longer than probably anything would have since I don't "have" to ride anymore! It's brought new friendships together, and who knows where it will all lead from here! Has been a very good time, and I am sure hoping for another mild Fall/Winter to make up for these hot summer weeks!!

Tammy said...

That would be great, Laura. If you want a test blog to practice on, let me know. I have one I use for that purpose. I know nothing about automating anything. If there isn't a template, I can't do it. :))

Tammy said...

I thought I would get miles updated yet tonight but just ran out of time & energy. I'll try to get them updated tomorrow. Hope you had a great weekend with this mile weather; heatwave returnth on Monday.

Shoofly said...

It is a good motivator (though for me at my slow pace Trail Time is probably more rewarding). The GPS part has been a little frustrating for me, being a totally non-techy sort, sometimes it loses miles, sometimes the batteries die on me, sometimes I forget to take it. auuugh. But, yes, it would be a great thing to continue, if you're up for it! Whether it's logging hours or miles, it's nice to feel like others are 'riding along with me', even when I'm doing it alone!