Monday, August 6, 2012

Leader Board Update


Thank you for your comments on the prior post.  We’ll see how it goes by year end, look for volunteers to help with the stats or perhaps someone will come up with a program to do it for us and if that all falls into place, we could a Derby ‘13.  This year’s riders would have first dibs at the spots and then we will open it up to others after the first slots are filled.  The other thing we might consider doing is have a small entry fee so we have a budget for year end prizes. 




New Look:  The Leader Board has always been split because of my technical issues.  I just do a Snippet of Excel and make it into a JPG.  It takes all of 10 seconds.  But when we had 75 riders, I couldn’t capture all 75 in the Snippet without shrinking the print to beyond reader glass size.  I tried save to PDF and then thru Photo Shop making into a JPG.  Worked, but took way more time than I wanted to spend.  So I ended up dividing the list just to save me some time.  Now that we are down to 52 active riders and I’m able to read the font without my bionic eye, I can fit it on one Snippet.  So well go forward with one list until year’s end unless someone tells me they can’t read it. 


This week’s milestones:

  • #49 Janette reached 800 miles
  • #45 Tim also hit the 800 mile mark
  • #4 Terri passed 600
  • #22 Tammy M is now over 500 miles
  • #60 Peggy at 400 miles
  • #9 Tammy from Oregon has passed the 200 mile marker


I was totally digging the nicer temps this past weekend.  My truck was reading triple digits this afternoon after work, but its only suppose to last a few more days.  I hope that hell is it for the year!  I want my summer back!




Cactus Jack Splash said...

I would love to do this again next year and think an entry fee or prize donations would be a good idea.
This has been so motivationg for me!

Good Hands said...

I would pay a small fee, too. This has been a blast, and it ain't over yet!

Tammy said...

It's Sunday evening and I have hit a wall. Will get updates to Leader Board done tomorrow.