Sunday, July 29, 2012

The End of the 7th


I don’t think anyone is going to be disappointed to see July end.  Especially if it takes these awful hot temperatures with it.  And if it doesn’t, we are all going to be trailering to Alaska and riding with Jenny (Team 26).   Those frequent flier miles are burning a hole in my pocket, Jenny.  I may just surprise you next year for the CTR!  (I know, I tell you that every year – but maybe this time I am serious!  : )


Way back when I wrote the rules for the Distance Derby, I included that any miles riding or driving your horse would count in this race.  I knew Dionne (Team 35 Misfits) would accumulate most of her miles driving her team of Percherons but I am surprised there are others who are driving for miles.  They include Leigh of Team 10 Half Assed, Carol of Team 57 Lee and now Tim of Team 45 Grabb’n Leather. 


Milestones this update include:

  • Heather of Livin’ the Dream #62 crossed 1,000 miles!  Way to go!
  • Jess of Vallery Team #3 is now in the 800 mile club.  She sold her second horse so Cutter is having to do it all on his own now!  What a team!
  • Windy and I (Team #1) crossed the 700 mile marker while on vacation this past week.  She bucked me off just prior to hitting that number; do you think she was protesting? 
  • Shari of Parys Team #55 crossed 300 while working with her 4H group.
  • Syndi of Team #38 DOR broke 200 miles and her toe!  Ouch!
  • And Jenny of Team #26 Alaska is coming up from behind, crossing the 200 mile marker and then some!  And she is laughing about our triple digit weather!


WY 2012 200


I just returned from the most wonderful vacation in Wyoming.  This was our second visit to the area and I think we finally got our sea legs for it.  I hated to come home and can’t wait to go back. I had hoped to log 100 miles, but came in just over 80.  We had rain some evenings which cut into ride time, but doubt it would have changed things.  Our horses did great for the miles we rode, but by week’s end, they were done.  We traveled with friends, but no other Derby riders.  John was game for my goal, even putting in the last few miles with me to take me over the 700 mile marker. 



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Jenny said...

You know you are always welcome to come ride with me! CTR Alaska hosts the Bald Mountain Butt Buster in Wasilla only in even numbered years. There is a CTR in Fairbanks on the odd numbered years but our trails are so much nicer! If (When!) you come up you will need to stay for at least a week. Then you can help us flag, time, safety ride and de-flag. That is so much more fun than just riding in the CTR.

Thanks so much for setting this up. I am having such a good time that I have neglected to put in my hours for the Ride America program for APHA. I like the Distance Derby because it's based on miles, not just hours. Are we doing this again next year?