Monday, August 13, 2012

A Change for the Better


First off; weather report.  Those of us dying of heat stroke in the Nebraska/Iowa area had our reprieve:  five days of decent weather.  Unfortunately, I had things to do and couldn’t haul out but did take advantage and rode quite a bit here at home. 




The drought is pretty much ruining all the corn crops.  This field next to our home is not irrigated.  And it looks better than a lot of which I see when driving to work.  As we rode through the waterways of the field, I felt like I was riding near harvest time, not early August. 




I think they must be fairing a little better over in neighboring Iowa.  This is a shot of Christine’s  (Team #15) mare, Bling.  Her elegant neck overlooking the green landscape made for a stunning picture and I thank her for letting me share it with you. 


This week’s milestones:

  • Leigh (Team #10) was on Lilly-mule as she crossed the 900 mile marker
  • MeMe (#68) and Hollie (#23) are now over 600 miles
  • Sarah (#58) is now over 500 miles


Ride on…..



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allhorsestuff said...

Whoops..missed out here, but track miles at my blog!
Ride on