Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sharing the Trails


What makes hitting the 800 mile marker so special?  Being able to cross it while riding with other “Derby girls”.  Had I known I was that close, we could have done a special toast.  Or galloped while holding hands (laughing at the thought).  Thinking back, it was probably right about the time that Christine (#15) and Tammy M (#22) and I were running our horses through the herd of cows on Saturday evening.  Most likely at the place where Windy made that abrupt stop.  It would be like her to ceremoniously dump me at 800 miles (she didn’t but almost)!  In addition to those mentioned, it was great to share the trails with Cindy (#5), Alice (#46), Corie (#41) and Deb (#61).  Leigh (#10) stopped by at camp to visit but wasn’t able to join us for a ride.




I love, love, love this picture!  It was taken this morning on the “toll bridge” of Rock Creek Station as we were heading back to camp.  The Derby Girls, left to right are:  Corie, me, Tammy Musil and Christine.  (On a Paint, a Quarter Horse, a Tennessee Walker and a Saddlebred respectively).


The ride we were at was not a Derby planned ride.  We were at a benefit ride in memory of a friend who passed away unexpectedly last winter.  It was quite remarkable that so many of us could come and be together remembering Renee Flanagin in a way she would have most appreciated.  Riding our horses. 


Reading other Facebook and Derby entries, it looks like Juanita (#41) shared the trail with Heather (#62) and Tim (#45) at a popular annual ride near Petersberg.  Tammy A (#59) and Marvel (#70) shared their ride at Turkey Creek. 


Another item to note, the top four position have been dominated by the same riders for quite some time.  Leigh (#10) is just 7.5 miles shy of moving into 4th place.  No pressure, Leigh. 


This week’s milestones:

  • Janette (#49) crossed the 900 mile marker while riding at Indian Cave
  • As noted above, among cows and friends, I (#1) hit the 800 mile line
  • While riding in Iowa, Corie (#47) passed the 700 miles
  • John Musil (#21) avoided the cracks (see his post) and is now over 600 miles
  • Tammy A (#59) crossed the 300 mile marker
  • Marvel (#70) hit 200 miles
  • and Jamie (#67) hit her 100 miles!!


Congrats to all riders.  It was so good to see so many of you.


Ride on.


Anonymous said...

I have gotten passed in the derby! Guess I better start riding more again.

Leigh said...


Why don't you triple dog dare me to do really do something.
Now quick update the darn board before Brenda rides today!