Monday, July 9, 2012

Mile Markers



When I am tallying up the miles, I try to keep up with who hits some milestones with their last ride.  After adding up today’s miles: 


  • #41 Juanita crossed 1,100 miles
  • #49 Kimes exceeded 700 miles
  • #1 Vasa (me) finally passed the 600 mile marker
  • #23 Reilly hit 500 miles
  • #8 Griffin passed 300 miles


Are you happy with where you are in the Derby?  Are you riding more or less than you thought you would?  Has the Derby motivated you?  Have you noticed any changes in your horse?  Are they more willing?  Do they look better?  Or (gasp!), are they souring to the rides?   


From my perspective, I had hoped I would log more hours on some of my other horses.  It’s just hard not to take the easy route and ride Windy.  I do try to take Fancy if I am riding with others but just not comfortable putting solo miles on the others like I do with Windy.  I might try to do more of that the second half of this competition. 


I just wanted to say that I am having a blast with the Derby.  It if fun to meet you, albeit some just virtually, and “share” our rides. 



Good Hands said...

I am having a fabulous time! I am a little frustrated that I am not riding my own horse more, but I will be. Adjusting to the new job has taken it's toll but I will be heading to the ranch after work, starting tomorrow.

I have had to deal with my own competitive nature, my desire to win, and my need to balance those things with what is best for my family, my horse and myself. Good life lessons all the way around!

Royal has benefitted greatly, we have pushed past many a milestone . . . not the least of which was that first ride out of the pasture and down the road! More to come, I am sure :-)

Janette Kimes said...

I love the derby I am having a blast, and am probaley riding more. Cash loves it as much as I do, He is ready to go all the time. He looks real good. Truck on the other hand is a little hard to catch, but he is also lazy.

JUANITA said...

I switch out with enough horses I don't think any of them would get sour. I used the derby in the beginning for stress relief, like the lil old lady that pulls the handle at the slot machine. You can tell my stress is less because my miles have gone down, lol, thank goodness for less stress.

Leigh said...

I am having fun with it too! I ride alone so much of the time I at least get to be virtually connected to others and am enjoying their stories as well as your (Tammy's) commentary. I have found it has been a motivator to ride and I am getting the younger ones out and getting their road miles on them. The ones I ride the most are still meeting me at the gate. It's been great enjoying the outdoors.
P.S. I hate heat and humidity, so that is my whine to counter balance the whines from those of you who hate the cold.

Jess Vallery said...

I've had a lot of fun with the derby! I keep trying to chase those at the top and will never catch them but having fun in the mean time. Cutter looks amazing and is the same steady ride every time.

Tammy said...

FYI. On the next update, I will be deleting the bottom five contstents. Three haven't posted since January and the other 2 since March. I think it's safe to assume they aren't competing anymore. That will leave 54 active. We lost 20, a little more than 20%. Not too bad.

crazy4appys said...

When will the Derby entries open back up for newbies?