Thursday, July 5, 2012

Half A Year

Peggy 4th
In the spirit of the recent holiday, Peggy from Team 60 Montana Spots shared the above picture from a parade in Lambert, Montana.  She said:  “They have a nice parade with lots of classic cars & antique tractors & farm equipment. People come from far & wide. The city feeds everyone barbecue at the park for free after the parade! I ride sidesaddle with a red skirt, red & blue tack, & the dogs have R W & B collars. Lots of fun!  Like I told Tammy Alexander, it takes me about 1 1/2 hours to "dress" for the parade; 40 minutes to drive there, and my part in the actual parade lasts about 15 minutes!” 

Thank you for sharing.  It makes my posts much more interesting if there is a little color to go with it.  And there most certainly is in this picture!

The weather bug on my computer says 98 degrees.  It is “orange” which means there is a heat advisory.  Today and tomorrow are suppose to be awful and then we might see a cool down this weekend.  We’ve had family obligations so probably wouldn’t have had much saddle time, but I am growing quite weary of this heat wave. 

We have crossed the six month mark in the Great Horsetrailriders Distance Derby, logging over 17,000 miles.  Seeing a few of you cross that 1,000 mile marker and another few right on their heels, makes me want to reach 1,000 miles, too.  It will be tough because we have some tough months ahead.  July and August are notoriously hot and humid and mid November through December are a crapshoot weather wise.  But then so were January through March and I came this close to hitting 600 miles.  Another 400 shouldn't be so tough.  So wish me luck.  Anyone want to join me come December at the 1,000 mile marker?



Jess Vallery said...

What an awesome picture!

Tammy said...

The picture is beautiful, Peggy.

Ronna Hill said...

Very cool Peggy! Thanks for making those spots look so good!

hrsdrv said...

Neat photo. I love the stars on your horse.

Tammy said...

As near as I can tell, our sister-"derby" is into its 7th month. They still have 16 riders still competing. They have 2 divisions and their leaders as as follows:

In the Calvary Division:
#9 Kerrie leads at 574.84
#5 Caitlin is on her heels at 500 miles!

Pioneer standings:
#4 Aurora 728.3 miles
#1 Deanna 314.75 miles

Its not an easy site to navigate and I wasn't able to find a totals board, but we have 60 riders competing so it is not really comparing apples to apples. Our top 12 competitors are over 500 miles, top 7 over 700 miles.

Anyway, just find it interesting to follow.

Jessica Ridgeway said...

Absolutely adorable!