Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Heat Is On!


The temps here in eastern Nebraska are back in the nineties and doesn’t look like any break from it in the next 10 days.  I had the horses shod this morning at 8:00 and I think the farrier would have cracked a Budweiser after the first horse.  It was that hot!  It’s July.  It is what it is and I am thankful for air conditioning and that I don’t have to work outside.   


The heat is also on the Derby riders.  Riders passed some new mile markers:

  • #14 Messick is over 900 miles even with a horseless vacation to Pennsylvania
  • #47 Pinky crossed 600 miles as they vacationed with horses in Colorado
  • #68 MeMe snuck past the 500 mile marker while at the Black Hills
  • #13 Taylor hit 400 miles before she left for her horseless vacation


I was hoping by late fall, we could get together as a group and ride.  But others thought perhaps there are earlier dates which work for some of the riders.  I have put together a poll on Doodle.  If you are interested in riding as a group, please note those dates you are available.  Location will be determined based on who is available to ride.  Could be a day ride or camp trip; to be determined.  To indicate your availability for a ride, the poll is shown here:


Many of us will be riding in the Renee Flanagan Memorial Ride at Rock Creek the weekend of August 18.  Distance Derby riders are invited to attend that ride and it might be another opportunity for us to ride as a group. 






Jenny said...

Heat? What's that? :) We had termination dust on the mountains last week. At least I'm putting on the miles while the rest of you have to stay in the ac!

Janette Kimes said...

Tammy I think you forgot a few of my miles last time you posted.