Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Pacific Northwest


When I wrote my as-of-yet unpublished story of the Distance Derby, I mentioned we had entrants from quite a few states.  I counted riders from fourteen different states who have submitted hours.  As I was re-reading the bios, I thought I would call out Tammy of Team 9 Kaboom and Syndi of Team 39 DOR.




Syndi is from the Grandview, Washington area and I stumbled across Syndi’s blog, The Journey of Cactus Jack, several years ago.  Written from her horse’s perspective, I  guess that makes Syndi the “DOR” (Dope on the Rope).  Sydni revealed her age on her bio and she is the same decade as many of us.  We are so glad she joined us for the Derby. 


Sydni recently lost her dad and you may have saw her post following Father’s Day:




Tammy is from the Portland, Oregon area.  She said in her bio that she joined the Distance Derby in hopes to motivate herself when she is feeling a bit “lazy”.  I think that is a familiar theme for all of us.  Tammy had her first ride on January 2 of this year and has been consistently logging hours.  Coincidently, as of this writing, she is in 32nd place, just a couple spots behind Syndi.  Tammy, we would love to hear more about your rides in your posts.  As an aside, another Tammy from Team 22 Musil is originally from the Portland area and heading out your way next week. 


Thanks for joining us in the Distance Derby and sharing a part of your horse life. 


As a side note, Chance Ridge in Elkhorn (Omaha) offered to host our awards party come January 2013.  Thought I would put that bug in the ear of those out-of-staters who might have a hankering to visit the central states come wintertime. 




Cactus Jack Splash said...

This has been a wonderful experience for me. It is fun to follow all of the riders and see what everyone is doing. What an amazing group of people.

strivingforsavvy said...

I will try to tell you more about my rides. I love hearing about what others are doing and seeing. I have an ACTHA ride this eked and hope too do well. My last one we came in 13 out of 45 . This is an improvement for us so I hope it continues! Is Tammy coming to Portland to ride or just visit?

TammyM said...

We are just coming to visit. My Grandparents live in Vancouver and I have lots of Aunts and Uncles to see. We have a condo at Depoe Bay for the Weekend and will go deep sea fishing. My teenage boys love to fish. Thought about renting horses but it seems lame when you own them. I love to ride on the beach though.

TammyM said...

Where are you at? I will be spending Friday night it Scappoose and then going to Depoe bay. I will be back in Portland on the 10th.

strivingforsavvy said...

I am in Canby. Southeast of Portland. Have a great visit. You couldn't ask for better summer weather than we have here!