Friday, June 1, 2012

Sharing Data


It’s June 1; we’ve passed the five month mark on the Derby.  We have 61 riders on the board who at some time have submitted hours.  Some have not submitted in awhile, but they have not asked me to remove their name, so we will still consider them active riders.


June 1 _ 5


I’d like to recognize Sierra of Team Sonador.  A junior rider, she was balancing dressage lessons, a new horse, horse shows and now all the other activities teenaged girls do that does NOT include horses.  A great Derby contender, she was always in the Top 10.  However, she has of late had a hard time keeping up with logging the hours and has regrettably pulled from the Derby.  She wishes everyone good luck.  She leaves the Derby with 452.86 miles!  That’s no slacker!


Good luck to you, too, Sierra.  I hope to see a lot of exciting things from you and your mares throughout this show season.   


When I tallied today’s stats, we have now rode 14,011.91 miles.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m tired!  I had two mares tied at the barn today and never once thought about riding.  I’m on my self-imposed rest right now; it will come back to me soon.  Probably tomorrow. 


For all the rest of you who like to chew on stats, I thought I would share the following charts so you can see where you stand in the Derby.  They are all the same information, just shown in different cuts and charts. 


June 1 _ 2


June 1 _ 1


june 1 _ 4


Have a good weekend, all.



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Good Hands said...

I love looking at the charts and getting a feel for where I am in the mix of it all. Thank you for posting those!