Monday, June 4, 2012

Rule 7 Amendment–Riding Vacations


moon 015


I had someone on the Derby email me that they were going on a horse riding vacation and it would be longer than 7 days from the first day they ride while on vacation until they could get home to post the miles.  I can totally understand how this can happen as many of us ride in remote places without internet access or have no smart phone or laptop which would enable posting. 




Rule 7) Because this is a "race", mileage must be posted frequently; preferably following each ride but not more than 7 days after the ride. Mileage not posted within that period will not be eligible for credit. If a rider is going on a horse riding vacation and the length of the vacation prevents them from posting one or more days in the 7 day period, rider must post on their comments prior to leaving that they will be unable to post from (specify date) to (specify date) due to a riding vacation or event.  Rider will have 7 days from the last date specified to post their total mileage from the trip.


Note:  This only counts for riding vacations.  Your should have your mileage up to date prior to any non-riding vacation. 


Thanks for asking.  Good question and one that may apply to others, as well.  


That is tonight’s full moon posted above.  It is breathtaking. 


Remember, check your miles for accuracy.  Thanks for including YTD numbers.  It really helps move things along a little faster for me. 



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Peggy Ann said...

Awesome moon shot! I've done a ride under the full moon a couple of times; lots of fun!