Monday, May 28, 2012

“My Ass Hurts”


John Musil


This past weekend, Team 21 John Musil, was doing a long ride of sorts – riding from his home near Manley to Indian Cave State Park near Shubert.  Tonight he sent me a text making sure I received the above picture asking me to include it on his team page.  I put it there, but I think it needs to be right here, too. 




We exchanged some texts and I came across his official mileage entry in the comments.  In case you missed them, they read: 


JM Miles


And if you weren’t in the area on Saturday, the day John rode 25.7 miles, it was in the 90’s with UNBEARABLE humidity.  I really don’t know how he did it!  Way to go Blossom, his big ol’ quarter horse mare!


There were a lot of notable items in the comments last week which I hope I still have time to call out, but this ride to Indian Cave has been something John has been planning for awhile and I wanted you all to know.  You might want to head on over to his blog, Team 21 John Musil and give him a pat on the back in the comments.  Way to go, John!



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