Monday, May 7, 2012

Zero to Two


The weather was kind of funky all weekend long.  Too hot, too windy, storms…  but it didn’t stop everyone from riding.  My goal was to cross the 400 mile marker and if I really wanted to make the effort, I could probably have done it.  But I didn’t.  There will be other days.


Vicki of Team Ay-Rab, one of our Texas competitors, shared her ride experience at Pole Canyon Ranch.  In case you missed it, here is a recap – you can almost ride along:


“5 easy hours of hauling West to Pole Canyon Ranch, right next door to the famed Caprock Canyon. There are no words to describe any of it - the canyons themselves, the riding, the feel of desert southwest. I'm filled up. I left home on empty, came home overflowing. I rode the slowest miles I've ever ridden in my life, that expedited by riding with a friend who says, "in a world where everything is measured in how fast you can go from 0-60, go 0-2. And see it all. Then he made like a little zero with his thumb and forefinger, then the two was the V (like for Victory) sign, done fast like a pitcher and catcher talking to each other. Motto for the week, motto for life - zero to two - and see it all. This is the husband of a couple that has become our family here in Texas, great lifetime horseman.

We tied horses up and sat on creek banks with our feet in the stream with canyon walls at our back - bullfrog tadpoles came and hovered on my feet - you'd think it would be creepy, but it was just cool. Covered more ground, tied horses up and walked to explore funny drop-offs, or to eat lunch under a mesquite tree overlooking a 360 degree view of the most amazing earth I've ever seen.

Rode Lucy bareback with a snaffle over the land until sunset, where we climbed the mesa for that - and to watch the moon rise. I've never gotten to stop and live in the land that I saw - I was always to busy moving. So blessed to have gotten to see it this way.
Wild hogs in the yard of the house every night, black-tail deer, jackrabbit, horned toad, lizard that starts with a "c" and changes color, I just can't remember how to spell it. Owl, buzzard. Big sky. Heaven.”


Chameleon.  Thanks, Vic, for sharing. 


Please check your miles.  I hit a wrong key when I went to sort and the formula kind of went whacky for a bit.  Excel sometimes gets funny about “undo” and this was one of those times.  I think I got it corrected, but just in case… check yours.



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