Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Next 100 Miles


I enjoy looking at the Leader Board – not just to see where people are at but to see how close they are to hitting a new milestone.  Juanita and Christine are getting very close to the 800 miles range while Heather and Leigh are closing in on 600 miles.  I am less than ten miles away from 400 and hope to get those under my saddle this weekend.  MeMe is right ahead of me and will probably beat me to it.


Terri and Tammy Musil are within spitting distance of the 300 mile marker while Etsy and Sheila are nearing 200.  Sue and LeaAnne are heading for their first one hundred miles.  And to those who have just crossed into the next “century”, it was not without notice. 


Ride on.




Shoofly said...

Planning to hit that 200 mile mark before we leave for vacation on the 18th! I need about 12 miles... wonder who would be willing to do a 4-hour ride with me??

Good Hands said...

I think I am just about exactly there, or a smidge under, LOL!! Leading trail rides and riding Royal, so today will see that smidge and then some!

This is a very fun game! :-)