Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sharing the Trail


I have to post these hours a little early today only because I am momentarily ahead of Pinky and the Boys.  I know it won’t last long because she is at one of my favorite places, Kanopolis State Park in Kansas and if she enjoys it half as much as I do, she will have put on some serious miles! 



Derby Riders at The Friday After Mother’s Day Ride:  Marvel (Team 70), Kathy (Team 50), Christine (Team 15), Juanita (Team 41), Terri (Team 4), Jess (Team 3), Leigh (Team 10), Sam (Team 59), Tammy M (Team 22), Janette (Team 49), Tammy V (Team 1), Brenda M (Team 14), Alice (Team 46) and Deb (Team 61)


Speaking of riding.  Oh, my.  Did we all ride this week and weekend or what?  It was so nice to see so many Distance Derby riders on the Friday After Mother’s Day Ride.  


Photo May 19, 5 55 00 PM

Tammy and John Musil – Teams 21 & 22


And if that wasn’t enough, we did it all over again at John and Tammy Musil’s (Team 21 & 22) Anniversary Poker Ride.  You haven’t lived until you taste John’s pulled pork! 


FAMDR 2012 028

Tim  (Team 45 Grabbn Leather) and Heather (Team 62)


Again, thanks to Heather (Living the Dream) for taking on the tee shirt task.  I am so happy with how these shirts turned out.  Even a non-Derby person wanted one!  Very elegant and simple and super nice quality.  I’ve had some ask if we were going to do a second order.  I don’t think we planned to, but if there is a lot of interest, we could certainly consider it.


For more pictures of both of these rides, see Horsetrailriders Facebook page) or Rich Newberg’s PhotoBucket Album. Thanks to everyone who shared the trails with me this past week.  I am tired, but it’s a good tired!




Good Hands said...

Loving the logic! Glad you posted when you did! I am temporarily ahead of John M, until they make their trek to Indian Caves next weekend! I better saddle that Ay Rab and RIDE! :-)

Janette Kimes said...

Oh No , I wanted to meet that Grabing leather Guy. I did not think he was there. He and I are always so close in miles and I don't even know him.

Livin' The Dream said...

I would be more than happy to do a second order so those people that want one can get one. Thanks again Tammy the ride was a blast It's nice to put faces with names.