Monday, May 14, 2012

Ride the Ride, Get the Shirt!


This Friday is the Friday AFTER Mother’s Day Ride and the first opportunity for many Distance Derby riders to get together.  I would love to have a group picture of all who is riding on Friday.  Let’s plan on meeting in front of the church in Loma for a picture at 12:30 PM; no later than 12:45.  It will take you about two hours to get from Valparaiso to Loma. 


Photo Mar 03, 1 22 34 PM


Heather has the Distance Derby shirts for those who ordered them and said they are really nice.  I can’t wait to see them.  She’ll have them at my trailer in the morning.  My truck is a dark brown Dodge Ram 2500 4 door with a 2 horse Sundowner Gooseneck (pictured above).  Both have 6 county plates.   (To those out-of-staters, it starts with the letter 6). 


Following the ride, there will be a potluck/social hour at the Valparaiso trail head.  Bring a covered dish to share, your own drinks, a camp chair and table service.  It’s a nice time to unwind and share stories of the trail. 


I am working on a story about the Distance Derby to submit to a magazine.  Much of the material I get from comments you make when you record the miles.  If you would like to share your thoughts of this competition, you can also comment to this post.  I’m won’t be able to use everything posted but it many times help stimulate an idea when writing an article. 


I am looking forward to meeting you on the trail on Friday!


PS:  Its really important when I post your miles to check my work against what you have posted and let me know if there are errors.  It would be even more helpful if you always put your year-to-date miles with each post  because my formula on Excel will check it right away and usually can correct it on that same day.  (See Messick, Juanita and Half-Assed – they are my star submitters!)  I’m not whining; if I don’t ask, you won’t know.  With more riders reporting more miles, I want to catch it before it becomes problematic.  Thanks in advance for helping me out. 




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Good Hands said...

SO BUMMED!! Signed up with a new staffing service and sure enough, the first assignment they offer me is for TOMORROW. Can't start off by telling them no . . . :-((

Ride well, Derby-ers, ride well!