Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools


Photo Apr 01, 2 56 56 PM


It was a scorcher today!  How often do we get to say THAT on April 1 without it being an April Fool’s joke.  Actually, it was hot and humid but the wind did make it somewhat bearable.  I worked the B team early this morning; putting in some time in the arena and around the yard before moving them to the grazing pasture.  John and I went out later this afternoon and rode Windy and Fancy until dark.  The wind finally died down after the first mile and we had a pretty quiet ride. 


Photo Apr 01, 9 40 13 PM


Temps won’t be quite as high the upcoming week.  The Platte River Rider’s opening ride is scheduled for Wednesday.  I hope the rain holds out until after our ride that evening.  I am looking forward to riding with some of the Derby riders.


As always, check my math.



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