Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Catch Ya on the Flip Flop


That’s CB radio talk for meeting you on the return.  Those of you at 300+ miles…. well, I won’t be catching you any time soon.  Most likely never.  


The competition is getting fierce for those at the top.  On March 3, Juanita stole the lead from Christine of Purple but I’m not sure how long she will hold it.  There is a lot of smack going on out there between those contenders.  Water guns and rope burns may or may not have been involved.  Half-Assed Leigh Ann isn’t really too far out of their range and they should be keeping an eye on her.  Those little mules might pass the leaders when they aren’t looking.   


Consistency has been the key for Messick, Livin’ the Dream, Sonodor, and MeMe and well as Corie of Team Pinky.  Many of Corie’s hours are stolen when she gets off work in the afternoons and I know that trying to get that time with two little kids is tough to do. So big kudos, Corie.  Vallery has taken some big strides in catching up to that group.  She bought a second horse and has been binge riding (did I coin a new phrase?) to catch up to the pack.  It just goes to prove it could be anyone’s game should they get the notion. 


Having logged time and miles for Trail Time the last several years, I am way above what I normally ride.  Janette of Team Kimes put in a lot of Trail Time hours, too, and we aren’t that far apart right now.  And that John Musil works his 40 hours a week plus overtime and we are running neck and neck at the end of this first quarter.  Once again, his consistency is paying off.  I don’t know Grabbin’ Leather, but he was riding right next to us for awhile.  But he seems to be pulling ahead now.  From what I gather, he was out of commission while his horse recovered and it seems to be doing just fine.  See ya later, Alligator!


There are still a lot of riders out there who could be waiting to make their move.  We could start seeing changes once the official riding season takes off.  My Own Rendition, Chastain, Griffin and T-Rex have already started riding in Competitive Trail Rides and Endurance rides, easily logging up to and over 40 miles a weekend.  Those add up fast.  Machismo Morgan, Parys and Nore Acres are also CTRers and their season will be starting soon.  Look for more miles there.  Sue Maiwald is a trail master for a new CTR at Turkey Creek and I know when mapping trails, the miles add up quickly.  And the Platte River Riders season and camping time is just getting started for those pleasure riders.  I expect to see some major changes across the Leader Board in months to come. 


Total miles to date is 8,158. 





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hisflame said...

Thanks Tammy for the kudos! I really try to get my time in! Thank goodness for my loving husband who understands my sickness :)