Saturday, March 3, 2012

I B Slackin’

I haven’t been on a horse since last Sunday.  When its 40 degrees in January, it’s a gift.  When its 40 degrees in March, its windy and cold.  I was off all day yesterday and it was – you guessed it -- windy and cold.  It is 8:00 AM and its still windy and cold.  I am quickly dropping out of the Top 15.  My new goal is to stay in the Top 25.


Team 69: Tennessee came out of the gates this week!  Good to hear from you!  I am sure your weather will improve before ours and we will see many miles under your saddle in the weeks to come.


And another one bites the dust.  This week’s Eatin Dirt Award goes to Tammy of Team 22: Musil.  I am pretty sure it was her husband’s fault (wink).  

As always, please check my work for any missing miles....  

tack swap meet

To those in the Nebraska/Iowa area, check out our Tack & Horse Sale coming up March 31 at Chance Ridge in Elkhorn.  Reserve your space and sell your unwanted tack.  Horses can also be sold at this event.  Not an auction; just a good ol’ swap meet.  For information, visit An Old Fashioned Horse & Tack Swap Shop



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