Saturday, January 7, 2012

Team 69: Tennessee




My name is Christy, I'm from West Tennessee,  I'm actually  just getting back into riding after a 6yr break basically you know kids, injuries, new baby.  My two main mounts will be "Fancy" my 22 yr old working bred Quarter horse, don't let her age fool you,  and the new kid on the block "Trouble" my 5yr old ( as of today) running bred Quarter mare.   I enjoy trail riding, and going to discover new trails.  I know I won't have the most miles logged but I'm hoping by signing up and participating in this I can go find my "big girl panties" and get back to riding and barrel racing.  Happy trail riding :)



shadowlake2005 said...

Welcome, Tennessee!

Whoapony said...

Thank You Shadowlake05 I'm looking forward to this. got my techie son putting a gps app on my phone until my "real" one gets here :)

Whoapony said...

okay I bet you guys didn't think I was ever gonna ride :) well I finally did today on Trouble just 10 mins or so. just around my pasture, traffic was a little to crazy to get out on the road plus I'm a weenie when it comes to heading out by myself, need to work on that, but anyhoo my miles was .51 so it wasn't even a mile but I guess its a start :) I did ride Fancy Sunday before last, but dummy me didn't start my gps thingy on my phone, so it doesn't count :(
I have been following ya'll and I have to say you guys are some very dedicated riders :) And to who is going to Arkansas at the Bar 50 it is really nice there haven't been in years, but we used to the spring break thing there. You will have a good time. oh and a question how do I send the tracks thing or post it here, I'm a serious technotard

Whoapony said...

I think I might have figured this gps thing out LOL
Or maybe not LOL