Monday, February 27, 2012

Around and Around We Go


round pen

Recently I mentioned the Distance Derby to someone who is not “in the know.” Intrigued that such a game was on the honor system, they asked how I know a rider didn’t just tie the GPS to the saddle horn and send the horse out to pasture or lunge it in the round pen. I kind of laughed to myself at that suggestion as I do recall the day I did ride in the round pen and yes, I have the GPS tracks to prove it, but only my word that my butt was in the saddle. And it was.


I explained to this person there is no big bag of cash awarded to the winner so there is nothing to cheat for. If the goal is to outdistance another rider for bragging rights, that can only be done by really riding, not by saying you did and don’t. Integrity and trust is as much a part of this game as the miles traveled in the saddle. I’m not sure I convinced this Doubting Thomas with my Pollyanna ways but I know how I feel about it and truly believe the others riders feel the same way.


After I finished that conversation, I quickly went online to make sure I didn’t promise a wad of cash to the winner. Whew! I didn’t. 


jamie blue clue


We all have reasons that we are doing this Derby and it isn’t just about winning.  I wanted to share Jamie’s (Team 67: Blue’s Clues) remarks above.  Most of you in this area know that Jamie is a young mother with a very small baby.  In addition, she has MS.  Check out her goal:  to stay in the Top 50.  And I bet she will.  Keep riding, Jamie.  The baby alone would be enough to stop many riders. 




Tammy said...

I forgot to mention that Christine passed the 400 mark and Leigh passed the 300 mile marker, almost exactly 100 miles behind her!

gretchen said...

so dang close to the top half of the board. i WILL get there. :) this week! i can get 20 miles in this week right? yes, yes I can. If only everyone else would QUIT riding! :)

Jamie said...

Awe, Tammy, you made me tear up by posting what I wrote down quick before getting offline! This is such a great idea and motivational thing to get us all out and riding. I enjoy being able to keep tack of my miles I ride and my tracks - SO wouldn't have thought to get the Garmin if it hadn't been for this ingenious, fun game. LOVE IT!!

Gretchen, I don't even know your team name... start remembering your GPS too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've thought about taking a picture of what my GPS says, so I could prove it was really on there and I'm not making it up (since I haven't mastered the tracks at this point, don't even know if my GPS can do that), but I guess that still wouldn't "prove" I was on my horse! haha
I'm glad it's a game by honor system, it's good to exercise that part of horsemanship, too: Personal integrity.

(If I was willing to lie I would be much higher up in the rankings! ha)
The game has been a good motivator to get out there, has even made me learn how to use my GPS a bit makes riding a faster pace seem much more enticing!