Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Update





A few items of note.  Team 41 Juanita made it past the 300 mile mark!  And today she went over 20 miles on Bling, owned by our leader, Christine of Team 15!  It’s fun to see such friendly competition.  Juanita’s comments above.  Congrats and good job!  You are closing the gap!




I also failed to mention that another one bites the dust!  Jessica of Team 3: Vallery took a dive off of Team 35: The Misfits, Cole.  Tack malfunction, they say.  Hope that tailbone heals soon, Jess.  When I broke mine, the doctor said “a year or never.”  Quite a range.  For the record, it was eleven months.  That makes three riders (at least three who have admitted) they have hit the ground during the race.  And for the record, they are all back in the saddle again! 




I also want to mention that my good friend, Kathy,  of Team 50: Zuni is recovering nicely from  knee replacement surgery.  We probably won’t see her accumulating any miles in the saddle over the next few months but her goal is to lead the Friday After Mother’s Day Ride as is tradition.  You might want to shoot her some words of support in the comments section of her bio. 


The standings are unchanged with the Top 5 on the Leaderboard.  The placings change frequently with the next ten riders.  I also noticed some in the bottom 1/2 have moved into the top 1/2.  Watch your competition; they might sneak past you!  And don’t forget to check my math closely!


Have a good week, all.





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gretchen said...

dangit. was hoping my five miles would move me up the leaderboard. but it turns out that others decided to ride too. :) lol! more miles today and tomorrow. slowly but surely, i'm gonna make it back in the top half...