Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last Weekend in the Longest Month

Yes, I know February is really the shortest month, even though it gains a day this year.  But has it not seemed like it has been February FOREVER and there is still six days left! 


Spotlight on Team 38:  My Own Rendition.  Etsy lives in Louisiana and from the sounds of it, is doing some endurance riding.  She will be racking up the miles at that pace!  Team 14: Messick made it to the 200 mile marker and passed Team 68:  MeMe.  As a group we are right at 4,150 miles.  There are still 16 riders not reporting. 




Tammy said...

I just noticed that Sierra (Team 44) and Corie (Team 47) are tied at 149.61. That surprises me that we can actually get a tie when people are using GPS which takes them down to the 10th...

Esty said...

Awww, thank you. Lark is my champion... Team Purple met us last year, we are waiting for the opportunity to ride together again later this year.

We will be taking the next few days / weeks off; Lark needs to recover and we are also waiting on the arrival of our first foal. I bread Daizy (my only Arabian) with Eric Nelsons' Shagya Stallion "Max".

I am so excited I actually feel like I am preparing for my own human baby! I will keep you all posted.