Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Riding Fools!


11 weather


Here it is February and the weather is still holding.  For maybe One. More. Day.  The weekend doesn’t look too good and if you believe the Big Fat Lying Weathermen on television, it is going to be even crappier.  John heard on of them mention “a foot of snow!”  Panic mongers!  Or so I’d like to believe. 


11 weather2


And here I go being a weather monger. Just sayin…. next week doesn’t look too good. 


We have more riders hitting the 100 mile marker – me included.  I blogged about my ride on my personal blog; Horsetrailriders.  There are three riders now in the 200 mile club and 58 riders out of 74 reporting.  If you are on the Distance Derby Google Group list serve, Leigh (Team 10) and Cindy (Team 5) have a lot of good ideas for other prizes.  


Enjoy tomorrow.  Panic, panic!  Might be the last nice day we see for awhile. 


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