Monday, January 30, 2012

Knock Knock….


Anyone out there?  Do you all really care if I write anything or should I just post the Leaderboard?   I do have important information to share and post it here, but if I am always posting, you might just think it’s the same ol’ yada, yada, yada and then miss the important details.  What do you want to see out here?

So here are the things you need to pay attention to:

  • Be sure and check your mileage on the Leaderboard with what you submitted in your comments.  Right now we have 58 out of 74 teams entering multiple miles and its not an automated process.  I rely on ol’ Manuel.  (My fingers).  Not that Leigh Ann is an overachiever or anything, but she puts her mileage down and her year to date mileage – I can’t make a mistake then.  I wouldn’t mind if the rest of you did that either – just sayin….
  • If you do not see your miles appear the moment after you hit publish, I won’t see them either.  There shouldn’t be a delay; they should be there.  So if you don’t’ see them, reenter them. 
  • If you don’t want to type in a security word every time you enter your comments, register with Google.  It only asks for security words when you go in as Anonymous.  I don’t care either way; just trying to save you a keystroke or two. 
  • And I’m going to keep nagging about this so no one says they didn’t know… (Especially those 16 who haven’t submitted miles yet).  Miles MUST be submitted within 7 days of your ride to get credit.  If you don’t submit them in that time frame, you cannot get the credit.  It’s a race – if we don’t know where you are, its not fair to the other riders. 

That’s all about that right now. 


Photo Jan 30, 4 20 19 PM


The spirit of the posts today was the weather.  And why shouldn’t it be.  We broke all sorts of weather records in Nebraska with highs in the lower 70’s.  Raise your hand if you rode without gloves and an ear band today / tonight?  I rode with neither.  Nor did I wear my poly-filled vest or neck warmer. 


There are eight teams that have crossed the 100 mile mark now.  One day to go in January!  I hope February is as kind to the Distance Derby Riders.  And Team Alaska?  We are all rooting for you!  You’ll catch up in no time once your weather breaks! 




Horses Are Our Lives said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog posts. I like to read what you post about everyone's rides, and the comments that the rider's share. I say keep sharing what you want, your thoughts, rides, news.

Leigh said...

I hate writing blogs, but like reading them so keep on keepin on.
I also like being the teacher's pet. yeah me! Trying to ride 19 miles tomorrow so I can say I made the first 200 miles in the first month. Cheer me on!

Christine said...

Keep writing! :) I'd write,but I'm too pooped! ;) lol!!

Good Hands said...

I love your posts, your own adventures and snippets you post from the rest of us. If it's not too much trouble for you, keep posting!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

good luck! I've been gone some, so I'm just glad I made it over 100! but I'm on your heels. LOL