Thursday, February 2, 2012

Neck n Neck





In looking at the Leaderboard, it is interesting how close some of the riders are to each other.  Like within less than a mile!  Take MeMe and Messick, for example.  I bet Brenda is kicking herself she didn’’t ride an extra .18 of a mile today. 


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And I am getting very close to Pinky & The Boys, although Corie hasn’t reported yet tonight so she may have moved farther ahead than it is showing today.  If I would have gone a 1/2 mile farther tonight, I would have moved into the 7th position.  (I knew I should have rode Windy instead of Fancy!)  I don’t think about that when I am riding…. well, until tonight.  I might have to start thinking about it more. 


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If Kristy (Hetzel) would have ridden .6 miles more, she would be in that coveted 36th position rather than 38.  See, Kristy?  You need to do another furlong on Wolfie; stretch that boy’s legs a bit more! 


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It must be noted that Christine of Team Purple crossed the 300 mile marker.  Juanita is running a respectable 73 miles behind Purple.  I had to double check the entries today because Juanita didn’t report in except to note that she found her cell phone!  You may not have heard that Christine and Juanita have started riding together.  I wonder what Juanita’s strategy is here….  if we don’t see Christine post a ride, we might want to check Juanita’s back forty.  (Wink.)


Storms are brewing.  We might all have to turn into real endurance riders to keep racking up the miles this weekend. 




Good Hands said...

I am frothing at the bit to ride!! A teenager is nipping at my heels for Heaven's sake, and you ahead of me . . . well, you are getting further ahead!!

If I can drive down there on Saturday, I WILL be in the saddle . . . hmm, wonder if they are still predicting 45 mph wind gusts . . . that would not be as much fun!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Congrats to Christine for the 300 Mile and Juanita and Leigh Ann for the 200 mile mark. Way to ride!!!