Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ride or Shop?


There was a tack sale in the area with over thirty vendors.  A good opportunity to shop and socialize with other like minded people.  So I didn’t ride.  Thought about it on the way home but by then the wind was so strong and the air cut like a knife.  Kudos to those who braved the wind and got out there and rode.   




Good Hands said...

I spent the nicest part of the day, dinking around with saddles at the barn! By the time I met up with Corie and Jess, it was a whole 'nuther day but by then, it was TOO late! :-) Great ride, tho, and more wonderful memories for when we are old and can't believe how crazy we all were!

hreilly said...

I went to that tack sale too! It was crowded in there and lots of good stuff! I may have brushed shoulders with several of you in the distance derby yesterday and not even have known it!