Saturday, February 4, 2012

Horse Names


Some days when entering miles, I simply breeze through the comments looking for the number so I can quickly get them posted.  It doesn’t take long, really, but time is a commodity these days.  I much prefer when I can go through and thoroughly read your posts and click over on your tracks and see where you ride via Garmin Connect tracks.


Since “the weather” has returned, I have been reading through the comments more closely and Team 23 Reilly caught my attention obviously because we both have mares named Windy and spelled the same as my Windy, rather than the traditional spelling of Wendy.  So I jumped over to Reilly’s bio and found that her Windy is a four-year old Morgan filly.  And if that is her being ponied in the picture, she is quite pretty.  Those Windys are nothing if not pretty, you know.  Would love to hear more about Team Reilly’s Windy.





My Windy was named after the weather conditions on the day she was born.  She was not due for a couple of weeks so we had not separated Ginger, her dam, from the herd yet.  That morning as we were making coffee, John glanced out the window and in the corral he saw a little baby standing next to Ginger barely standing as the wind was blowing so hard.  That was our Windy. 


Without going through all the bios, I wonder how many of our horses have repeat names.  I know Vicki of Team Ay-Rab and Shari of Team Parys both have Lucys and I believe they are by the same sire. 


snow 008


We got the predicted snow here in Saunders County.  Its deep and wet and heavy and quite pretty, really.  Its not terribly cold and if weren’t for the wind, I might have considered grabbing my jingle bells and dashing though the snow just to add a few winter wonderland miles.  But for now, I’ll hunker down. 




Shari said...

Good memory! Yes, my Lucy does share the same sire as Vic's. I don't know of many horses named Lucy so thought it was interesting they have so much in common. I hope mine turns out half as nice as hers!

hreilly said...

I had noticed your mare is named Windy also! And yes that is Windy being ponied in my bio picture.

What a good story for the naming of your Windy!

As for mine, her name is a derivative of her full sister's name, Whiskey. Whiskey is owned by a very good friend of mine who lets me borrow her a lot. When riding Whiskey, my boyfriend would often accidentally call her Wendy. Well, when I decided to buy my mare (Whiskey's last remaining full sister) as a yearling she came with the name of April, and I knew I had to change that name. After brainstorming names, I settled on changing the spelling of Wendy (didn't like that name) and called her Windy. This good friend of mine (who owns Whiskey) said Windy is a very good name to choose, for the hill upon which Windy lives is, well, very windy! Windy lives on my parents' place where I grew up, and where my good friend also grew up herself many years ago. So she knows that yes, it is a very windy hill. And a good place for a horse named Windy.