Sunday, January 22, 2012

You Snooze You Lose


Not that I believe anyone is hoarding miles – as nasty as its been here, bragging rights are more important - but just a reminder of Rule #7.  Get your mileage submitted within 7 days of your ride or lose them.   

7) Because this is a "race", mileage must be posted frequently; preferably following each ride but not more than 7 days after the ride. Mileage not posted within that period will not be eligible for credit.

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Here in Nebraskaland, it is suppose to get in the 40’s today; but that is also when the moisture is predicted to come.  Outlook shows Wednesday and Thursday up to 50, which will be a nice relief.  I’m getting antsy to get out there; certainly wish I were 100% but at this point, would settle for 70%.  Used lots of heat packs this weekend but if I don’t see improvement by the time I am back from Texas, I suppose I should see the doctor.  I just don’t want her to tell me anything more than I need a couple more days of healing. 



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Shoofly said...

It's pretty wet and windy here today. I'm getting anxious to get some ride time in, too, but unlikely right now.