Thursday, January 26, 2012

Time To Ride!


Fifty-seven riders have reported over 2,200 miles in the Great Horsetrailriders Distance Derby with slightly less than 17 miles separating riders in the first and second position.  With another nice weather Saturday predicted, I expect to see more miles racked up and hopefully some of those who haven’t yet logged their first 2012 miles will get that first opportunity to ride. 


I had mentioned when we started this race that the idea was stolen from another blog.  Christine and I had tried to enter that virtual endurance race, but they were not taking any more entries.  That post is the Big Bad Blogger Distance Ride.  I saw a couple of their riders in the 70 mile range and a couple others with less than 20, but not too much activity yet.  Perhaps the weather has not been as kind to them as it has been to those in the Distance Derby. 


I traveled to Texas earlier this week but the weather here wasn’t weather I would normally enjoy riding so enjoyed the trip to kinder climate.  I’m not totally fair weathered but I don’t like to be cold, either.  I did get a little over 4 miles on Windy tonight and happy to say that besides gaining some weight sitting on my butt and doing nothing for a week, I otherwise felt great loping through the bean field. 




Caitlin said...

Wow, 2200 miles... give it another week or two and you guys will have had enough miles to ride from one end of the country to the other. I'm from the other distance race, BBBDR, but following you guys here because I'm just so darn curious how much other people really get out and ride out there. For the record logged over 150 in sleet and mud. No snow though, thank goodness. Keep up the miles!

Good Hands said...

Very cool to go in and read about the teams on the other distance derby! Lots of blogs to look into and follow! So many Arabs and endurance riders, I bet there are a world of fun stories over thataway :-)