Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crazy About Riding


The Leaderboard is updated and despite the chilly weather, some of the more crazy dedicated Derby riders have been getting after it!  Taking advantage of a little nicer weather, Cheryl from Team 13 Taylor spent some time down in Texas and was able to log some miles down there before returning to our artic blast and those Georgia Girls, Gretchen of Team 11 OTTB and Jessica with Team 40 Ridgeway have been cantering fools lately!  And they say its cold in Georgia!  The top three, Purple, Half-Assed and Juanita, are still carrying the torch.


Our Montana rider, Peggy Ann of Team 60 Montana Spots is not getting any break from the weather either.  She recently posted;  “It was ZERO degrees most of the day, so when the temp jumped up to FIVE ABOVE, I decided to take a short ride around the pasture. 10 below with wind chill. Left the dogs inside while I saddled Pate (App); went back in to warm up; then headed out w/dogs. Wore the usual warm stuff, but had to keep my fingers (& the reins) on Pate's neck whenever possible to warm my fingers. Stayed out about 30 minutes - about 10 minutes too long! Had to go in to warm my skin before I could go back out & unsaddle! Nice ride, though!”




The group is at 1,868 miles.  That is a lot of miles.  As the crow flies, over halfway across the country!  I wonder which team crossed those mountain ranges!


I am continuing to heal and although there is improvement every day, by nighttime, I am pretty sore.  The weather doesn’t look too good this weekend so I might have to just take a few more days off from riding.  I’ll have a lot of miles to go to catch up with some of you!  Run, pony, run!





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juanita said...

Tammy on the last update i was 109 plus miles on jan 20th i rode 5.78 and on jan 21 i rode 2.39. i think you missed the 5.78 when you updated today.
juanita now i am out to ride.