Monday, January 16, 2012

The 100 Mile Marker


12 riding bunny


The Distance Derby riders have logged 1,651 miles so far in January with three riders reaching 100+ miles.  (Team 10: Half-Assed above).  I am holding steady in my #7 position but have that 100 mile marker in mind as my next goal.  I cut back on miles yesterday, sidelined somewhat by this injury.  There is not much kindness in the weather forecast this week but the outlook for the weekend is promising.  More drugs and I should be good as new by then. 


Some of the riders have subscribed to the Distance Derby email list.  The following was posted by Cindy of Team 5, talking about her ride with daughter, Sierra of Team 44: Sonador:

The best kind! I had told myself no matter what, today I was getting the Christmas decorations down and in boxes.  Sierra went out to ride in the arena, and I just couldn't stay inside as I looked at the sunshine and temps rising! She got a head start. I thought I'd go out, and just play/ride in the arena with her and at least get a little time in before going to work tonight. She normally only rides Sonador (her show horse) in the arena, working on dressage. The older horse we just lost, Lacey, was her trail horse. Soon Sierra asked if we could do a little trail ride to test out Sonador on the trails. Hmmm...Christmas decorations have waited this long, they can wait a little longer! So we went into our back pasture and around the pond.  Next she asked if we could ride the fields. I haven't been into the fields near our house since I had my accident with broken pelvis 7 years ago.  Sonador looked calm as a cucumber, and seemed to be enjoying the outing. I said, "this ride is for Lacey, lets see if she has passed the baton on to Sonador". So we headed out.  Had an absolutely beautiful ride. My Tracks told me 12.23 miles total. (that was my ride from the time started in the arena, we cantered, and long trotted nearly an hour there before we started on the trail, wow that adds up quickly when you pick up the speed!.) The horses were great, even with a little wind. Sunshine on our faces. Best of all Sonador picked up that baton like a queen.  Yep, my Christmas decorations have still not hopped into the boxes by themselves.  So that will be for a day too cold to ride.
Cindy N.  (Team 5)


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