Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And the Winner is…..


If you have been following the Distance Derby Leader Board, most of us were left in the dust early in January by Christine of Team 15 Purple and Juanita Team 41.  Who rides 200 miles in January anyway?  Well, these two women do and did.  And it has been fun to see their progress through the year. 




Both women, Juanita and Christine are from Iowa and both have husbands who supported their craziness.  They became riding buddies when they could and it has been fun watching them exchange not only smack but encouragement along the way.  I think I said many times it could go either way and up until the last miles came in, I wasn’t betting on a winner.  Looking at the monthly stats, you can see why.  Its especially cool to see that they both pushed it the extreme this last month; really down to the last week and the last few days. 




The winner of the 2012 Distance Derby goes to Juanita, Team 41 with an impressive 2,160.42 miles.  Congratulations, Juanita.  You ran a good, fun race as well as providing encouragement and support to your fellow Derby riders.  I admire your dedication and ambition and want to be you when I grown up.  Hats off to you!


Second place goes to Christine of Team 15, logging 2,110.40 miles.  It could have easily gone the other way.  The camaraderie and friendships you and Juanita have shared along the way, I am sure has been a bonus through this all.  You ran a good race.  Congrats to you, Christine, and thank you for supporting the Derby and the contestants. 


Third place goes to Brenda Messick of Team #14 who logged 1,351.07 miles, mostly on her good quarter horse, Shaggy.  Brenda has since taken on a new challenge, training endurance horses and we will most likely see her on Arabs this coming spring.  Congratulations, Brenda.


And an ever so close Fourth place goes to Janette Kimes, Team #49.  A long time Trail Time participant, Janette now found herself chasing miles instead of hours and really beat the trail.  Just a tad over 4 miles shy of claiming that Third place victory.  It was that close!  Congratulations, Janette. 


The Leader Board has been updated to reflect those “for sure” wins in green.  There are a few placings shown in yellow that are too close to call, pending additional miles which could yet be submitted. 


I want to thank all the contestants for their participation in our first Distance Derby.  Your smiles, enthusiasm, honor and sportsmanship have been evident as you raced and supported your fellow riders, always mindful that the horse or mule comes first.  I’m proud of you all. 




trailridingwoman said...

Congrats to Juanita and Christine. Thanks again Tammy for putting this together and keeping track of everything! Everyone is fired up for the new year!

Luvriden said...

Congrats to everyone for making the DD 2012 so much fun for everyone :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tammy V. for coming up with this idea and doing all the tracking and logging of miles. You made this fun to be involved in.

Leigh said...

Wow! Now that was a race! Congrats to both of you - both winners for sure!


Jamie said...

Totally! 2013 is already looking fun at my house because of the DD too. lol We were still taking it easy yesterday, but Jayda (team Silver Spur) already went out this am aand got in almost .2 bareback. Too bad she's got school tomorrow and her brother will be in daycare, muwahaha!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a good start for 2013. Looks like there's a lot fun for this year. Congrats to Juanita and Christine.

Goodluck DD