Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turkey Trots


It was great to have a long weekend albeit the weather wasn’t all that wonderful.  I still managed to get some rides in, joining a few other Derby riders; Corie of #47 Pinky and the Boys and Leigh of #10 Half-Assed at Branched Oak today. 




Saw some great pictures on Facebook.  Peggy #60 Montana Spots once again goes all out in costume.  Her horse sports LED battery-operated lights duct-taped to the leg wraps or sitting in the saddle bags. The dogs have reflective collars in addition to their lights. “Everyone needs a Dalmatian to go with their Appaloosa!” says Peggy. 




I also saw this picture of Christine #15 Team Purple on her good mare, Bling.  This picture captured what yesterday looked like in these parts.  Gray and windy.  But despite the weather, this is a beautiful shot. 


Mile Marker Updates

  • Juanita Team 41 hit 1,900 miles
  • #72 Fox Trotter reached 300 miles


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  Five full weeks of the Derby yet to go. 



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