Sunday, November 18, 2012



The Distance Derby has been quite an event for many of us these past eleven months.  It is fun to see notations made about our little race on Facebook and hear about it in conversation.  Last week, I invited you to share what the Distance Derby has meant to you.  Our leader, Juanita Team #41, shared the following: 


“Thanks to you and Christine for doing this derby; it saved my sanity when my husband was slowly dying.  He is not all fixed up but his motor is running better.  I was like the lil old lady that goes into a trance at the slot machine; helped me so with the stress to just trot at a fast pace.  It helped clear my head so I could function.  I got into it at someone else’s suggestion.  I'm not really a person that gets into group things.  I had lots of folks contact me about FB friends due to this and Christine was one who I have so enjoyed riding with.”


This was very touching to read and I am so glad it helped Juanita through a very dark time in her life.  And we are so glad to see Ray back in the saddle again.  Thanks for sharing, Juanita.  You have made the Derby so much fun.


New Mile Markers

  • #14 Messick at 1,300 miles
  • #10 Leigh of Half-Assed at 1,200 miles
  • #2 Chastain at 600 miles
  • #56 Robin of Nore Acres at 300 miles
  • #52 Jenny of Lazy A at 200 miles
  • #33 Brenda of Team Blitz at 200 miles

Congrats to all!


If you can attend the awards ceremony, please take the poll in the sidebar above indicating what date works the best for you. 


Happy Thanksgiving.



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